The announcement of the heads of the blocs to dissolve the House of Representatives one day before the date of the elections

Time: 03/20/2021 19:55:46 Read: 1,768 times

{Politics: Euphrates News} The heads of the blocs announced, on Saturday, the submission of an official request for the signatures of more than 172 deputies to dissolve the House of Representatives one day before the date of the early elections, which are scheduled to take place on the 10th of next October.

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The head of the Alliance of the Sawers’ Alliance, Nabil al-Tarfi, said in a joint press conference that “it is not clear to everyone what Iraq is witnessing in terms of accelerating events, important variables and political and social turns that have cast their shadows on the political and social scene, which made the political forces face great responsibilities that require them to embark on a national road map that puts the interest of Iraq.” Above all partisan or personal interests, considerations, and convictions, the decision was to go to early elections to start a new phase of political work. ” 

He added, “Where the parliament had actual steps to prepare the appropriate ground for early elections, the most important of which is an independent election law that gives wide trauma to the academic elites for broad participation in the elections and amending the Federal Court law, leaving only the last step of dissolving the House of Representatives.”

This historic step must be carried out bearing in mind all the data and challenges that Iraq is going through, so based on the provisions of Article 64 / First of the Iraqi constitution, which permitted a third of parliament members to submit a request to dissolve the House of Representatives.

He pointed out that “a request signed by more than 172 deputies has been submitted.” To dissolve the House of Representatives in its fourth session on October 9, 2021, provided that the elections will take place on the date set for the next October 10. ”

He called on the President of the Republic to“ issue a republican decree to set the date above. The vote will be taken on the dissolution of Parliament in the next session devoted to passing the budget. ” To “the unanimity of components and blocs to dissolve parliament.”

Wafa Al-Fatlawi


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