Parliament confirms to proceed with legislating a law that represents the “most important obstacle” facing early elections


The Iraqi Parliament

Federal Court Act

2021-03-11 10:57

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Shafaq News / The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi confirmed, on Wednesday, that Parliament has proceeded to complete the legislation of the Federal Supreme Court law to end the “most important obstacle” facing early elections, indicating that they will take place as scheduled.

Al-Kaabi’s office said in a statement received by Shafaq News, “The latter received in his office the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blashardt, in the presence of Deputy Enas Al-Maksousi, and during the meeting they discussed ways of close cooperation between Iraq and the United Nations and the electoral team in the mission in a file of success Early parliamentary elections to ensure fair and discreet elections in accordance with international standards and meet the aspiration of the Iraqi street, as well as focusing on the draft Federal Supreme Court bill and amending the draft law on the Human Rights Commission.

Al-Kaabi pointed out, “The House of Representatives will, during the coming days, proceed to vote on the remaining articles of the Federal Supreme Court bill to end the main obstacle to holding early elections in the country, especially since the constitution limits the right to ratify election results in the Federal Court.

He stressed that “early elections must be held on the scheduled date as it is a popular demand, and most of the political blocs are completely in agreement to complete all preparations and requirements related to conducting them on the date set by the government on the tenth of October of this year.”

The deputy speaker called on the UN mission and all political forces to “cooperate with the members of the commission and to show all possible facilities to it, away from political conflicts and in a way that guarantees the success of the electoral process in Iraq and its importance in implementing the required reforms to the people.”

For its part, Blashardt expressed “the mission’s readiness to fully coordinate with the legislative and executive authorities and the committees in charge of the election file, and to harness all capabilities for everything that would lead to the success of all stages of the electoral process and entrust the commission in its duties to complete the tasks entrusted to them.”سیاسة/البرلمان-ي-كد-المضي-بتشريع-قانون-يمثل-هم-عقبة-تواجه-الانتخابات-المبكرة


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