Parliamentary Finance reveals the fate of state employees’ salaries for the coming months


Monday 31 August 2020 | 07:18 pm

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The Parliamentary Finance Committee clarified, on Monday, the fate of employees ’salaries after the end of next September .

Committee member Abdul Hadi Al-Saeedi said that “the external and internal borrowing law voted by the House of Representatives will pass until the end of this year,” pointing out that “the government has not yet gone towards external loan .”

He added that “the loan will continue until the end of the year, as the government has not used it fully, as a ceiling for loans has been set at $ 5 billion and this cannot be exceeded,” noting that “the revenue generated from oil is not sufficient to meet salaries .”

And the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, earlier, that the general budget for 2020 will be brief and will focus on the operational side, while it indicated that the next budget will be different.


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