Urgent: The Popular Mobilization Forces foils an attempt by “ISIS” to attack the Baghdad-Kirkuk road

08-28-2020 11:54 PM

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya: On

Friday, the forces of the 52nd Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces thwarted an attempt by the terrorist “ISIS” remnants to attack on the Baghdad-Kirkuk road.

A statement by the crowd’s media received by Al-Akhbariya said that a force from the 52nd Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces managed, this evening, to counter the attempt by a group of ISIS terrorist remnants to descend on the Baghdad-Kirkuk road in the eastern sector of the city of Amerli to attack passers-by and protection points.

He added that the heroes of the 52nd Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces were on the lookout for them and forced them to flee.



The Baghdad conflict ends with 8 casualties after the intervention of the army and tribal sheikhs




Clan conflict

2020-08-28 16:55

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Shafaq News / On Friday, a security source stated that the violent clan conflict in the outskirts of Baghdad had been resolved after the intervention of the army and tribal sheikhs, indicating that 8 victims were killed during the conflict between the dead and wounded.

The source told Shafaq News, “The toll of the violent clan conflict that broke out in the Al-Husayniyah neighborhood reached one dead and 7 wounded.”

He added that “the situation is somewhat calm at the present time,” noting that “the sheikhs of the tribes intervened and succeeded in establishing a truce (atwa) between the two conflicting parties.”

The source pointed out that the security forces deployed in the streets and alleys, while the gunmen on both sides were still stationed on the roofs of houses with their weapons.

And on the cause of the outbreak of the conflict, the source said that it was due to one of them detonating a motorcycle in front of Hosseini’s motorcade, which led to a quarrel that developed into a violent conflict with weapons.   

On Friday evening, a violent clan conflict broke out, using light and medium weapons, within the Husseinieh district on the outskirts of Baghdad.

A security source told Shafaq News Agency that a number of homes and wheels were set on fire as a result of the armed conflict, and the conflict’s fire extended to a store containing spare materials due to the launch of a mortar shell by one of the parties to the conflict, while 15 civil defense teams worked to extinguish the fires.

The source also stated that more than 70 military Hummer cars belonging to the 11th division of the army arrived at the scene of the clashes in an attempt to control the conflict.


Britain commends action on Baghdad and Erbil and shows commitment to addressing the broader challenges of Iraq



Kurdistan Region


2020-08-28 10:57

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Shafaq News / Britain praised the measures taken by the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to ensure the safety of citizens while they combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

The UK’s Acting Deputy Head of Mission to the United Nations, Ambassador James Roscoe, said the UK is helping Iraq fight the COVID-19 pandemic, including by providing $ 12 million in aid. However, we are aware of the extent of the challenge posed by the virus in Iraq, according to the briefing provided by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General .

The British ambassador emphasized: The United Kingdom is committed to assisting the government in addressing the broader challenges facing Iraq. The most urgent of these challenges is addressing the economic crisis facing the country, through the introduction of necessary economic reforms. Here, too, the UK can help, including by partnering with Iraq with our technical expertise, on which we agreed this week .

He also welcomed the steps taken by Prime Minister Al-Kazemi to prioritize economic stability. But it is clear that the challenges due to Covid-19, along with the collapse of oil prices and the consequent budget deficit, exacerbate long-standing problems caused by the lack of diversification of the economy in Iraq and rapid population growth. These reforms, though difficult, are necessary for Iraq to achieve long-term economic and social stability .

And he noted that therefore we urge the Council of Ministers to put forward a reform program without delay, and to mobilize parliamentary support for it. The United Kingdom stands ready to help, and has already contributed more than $ 19 million to the World Bank’s fund for reform and reconstruction in Iraq.

The British delegate praised the efforts of Prime Minister Al-Kazemi to consolidate bilateral relations with Kuwait, including strengthening cooperation on missing Kuwaitis and on the property file, and returning what was left of the Kuwaiti National Archives. We call for all outstanding issues to be resolved .

He said: We note the call of Prime Minister Al-Kazimi to hold early elections in June 2021, and urge the House of Representatives to complete the necessary work on the electoral law and related issues .

Ambassador Roscoe concluded by saying: We will work closely with the United Nations Support Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), the Iraqi government and the Independent High Electoral Commission to ensure that the elections, when held, are free and allow the Iraqi people to truly express their voice about their future.


The US Defense Department announces the withdrawal of a third of its forces from Iraq

135 security 08/28/2020 18:02

Baghdad Today – Follow-up 

The Wall Street Journal said, Friday, that the United States will reduce the number of its forces in Iraq by nearly a third, according to US officials.  

The newspaper quoted US officials as saying that the Pentagon decided to reduce the number of US forces in Iraq to about 3,500 soldiers.  

She added that many US officials have confirmed that the Pentagon will reduce troop levels by about a third during the next two to three months.   

That would bring US troop levels back to what they were in 2015 when the United States was in the first phase of its campaign against ISIS, according to the newspaper.  


Al-Haddad reveals a recent visit to a delegation from Kurdistan to discuss 3 important files

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

The second deputy speaker, Bashir Al-Haddad, confirmed today, Friday, that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad soon to complete the dialogues, especially after the high frequency of data between Erbil and Baghdad regarding the salaries of employees in the region.

Al-Haddad told the official agency that “the region’s delegation will discuss with the federal government three important files,” noting that “these files are the Kurdistan region’s share of the upcoming general budget, oil issues and border crossings.”

He explained that, “according to the information he was informed with, a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit the capital, Baghdad, during the next few days to complete the dialogues that had taken place in the past between the two sides, and to reach understandings and agreements on the issue of the budget, oil and border crossings.”

And that “it is not clear whether the delegation will be headed by the President of the Regional Government, Masrour Barzani or not, but what is certain is that the delegation will be governmental.”