After Al-Kazemi’s visit … the White House issues a statement on US-Iraqi relations

Alhurra – Washington

August 21, 2020

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi with US President Donald Trump at the White House – 20 August 2020

In a statement issued Thursday, the White House described the US-Iraqi relations as a “strategic partnership” between the two countries.

The statement, which followed a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi at the White House, said that the partnership is based on “a common desire for security and prosperity.”

The statement mentioned the role of the international coalition in defeating ISIS on the ground in Iraq, led by the United States and Iraqi security forces together.

The statement concluded with the two sides pledging to continue efforts and close coordination to ensure that the organization does not form any new foci. 

And US President Donald Trump said earlier Thursday that US forces are in Iraq to confront any possible Iranian move, during his meeting at the White House in Kazemi.

Trump added, “The United States has a limited number of troops in Iraq, and we look forward to the day when the need for our soldiers to stay there ends.”

Trump said that the United States has developed a relationship with this man (Al-Kazemi) and he will be strong with regard to Iraq.

Commenting on the repeated attacks against US interests in Iraq, Trump said, “At some point, it is clear that we will leave Iraq. We deal with the attacks easily. Nobody has the weapons that we have. When someone hits us, we hit them hard.”

American Energy: US companies signed agreements with Iraq worth 8 billion dollars

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Economy News – Baghdad

The US Energy Department announced that US energy companies signed agreements with Iraq worth $ 8 billion in the fields of oil and electricity.

The US Energy Department said in a statement that Honeywell International, Baker Hughes, General Electric, Steller Energy and Chevron have signed trade agreements worth up to eight billion dollars with the Iraqi ministers of oil and electricity .

The Iraqi economy was affected due to the general closure measures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus and due to the decline in oil prices. Protests that erupted last year led to the resignation of the former prime minister .


“These agreements are important for the future of energy in Iraq, and I am confident that the same companies that have enabled the United States to achieve energy independence will use their vast experience to help Iraq achieve its full potential in the energy sector, ” US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillett said in a statement .


The agreements were signed after the Iraqi ministers of oil and electricity met with Brouillette, and after a round-table meeting in Washington on Wednesday with the Prime Minister of Iraq and the US energy industry .


In a separate interview with reporters before the Energy Department statement, a senior US administration official said that the officials would also discuss national security issues in addition to economic cooperation .


20 Aug 2020

Washington – ALsharqiya, August 20: Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi met in Washington with a number of members of the American Businessmen Forum and the American Chamber of Commerce, in the presence of US Energy Secretary Dan Proelt.

Al-Kazemi said that investment opportunities are available to American businessmen and companies, and called on American banks to cooperate in the development of the Iraqi banking system, to keep pace with international banks as the basis for a major economic openness.

 Al-Kazemi pointed to the importance of sustainable strategic cooperation with the United States and with American companies and banks, and stressed the government’s willingness to remove all obstacles to the work of American companies in Iraq.

Sairoun: Parliament sessions will resume on the third of next September

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The Saeron Alliance announced, on Thursday, that the House of Representatives will resume its sessions on the third of next September to discuss the election law and the Federal Court.

The deputy of the coalition, Badr Al-Sayegh, said, “The legislative recess for the House of Representatives is about to end, and the House of Representatives will begin to hold its sessions on the third of next September.”

He added that “the first sessions will be devoted to discussing election laws, the Federal Court and the Turkish attacks,” noting that “the blocs will discuss during the session the election date set by the prime minister and the possibility of advancing the date.”

He explained, “There is almost unanimity in the parliament to advance the election date set by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.”

Trump: Our forces are in Iraq to confront any Iranian move … Al-Kazemi: We will not allow Turkish intervention





2020-08-20 11:53

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Trump: Our forces are in Iraq to confront any Iranian move … Al-Kazemi: We will not allow Turkish intervention

Iraq is open for U.S. business, prime minister says; Trump eyes oil prospects

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday said U.S. companies were involved in many prospects in Iraq’s oil business, as Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi declared his country open for American business and investment.

Trump told reporters before a meeting with the Iraqi leader that the U.S. military had very few troops left in Iraq, but was there to help the country if neighboring Iran should do anything.

Reporting by Jeff Mason; writing by Andrea Shalal; editing by Diane Craft