Two ways for Al-Kazemi to Washington: bowing to those who object, or advancing Iraq and a diplomatic presence, and invoking the strategic partnership.

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

As soon as the Prime Minister’s Office announced, on August 8, 2020, the details of his upcoming visit to the United States of America, and political parties and circles learned that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will meet with Washington at the White House US President Donald Trump on the twentieth of this month, until claims, threats and threats were flooded .

A statement by Al-Kazemi’s office said that the Prime Minister will have an official visit at the head of a government delegation, which will include discussing the files of bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, issues of common interest, and joint cooperation in the fields of security, energy, health, economy and investment, and ways to enhance them, in addition to the file to address the Corona pandemic, And bilateral cooperation in a way that serves the common interests of the two countries. However, some parties, especially the state ones, took the lead in opposing the visit and said if it did not produce tangible results regarding the removal of US forces from Iraq, the visit would not be beneficial.

In this regard, a researcher on Middle East issues and a specialist in Iraqi and Iranian affairs and the files of extremism, Ahmed al-Yasiri, said to Al-Ikhbariya, “Al-Kazemi’s visit to America is a step to attend and recall… attending the Iraqi diplomacy’s effectiveness after a period of absence due to the interactions of the internal and regional situation … and invoking partnership The strategy between the two countries that has been affected by the US-Iranian differences. ”

He added that “Al-Kazemi has an opportunity to resolve the argument of lineups and invest the visit in different directions,” pointing out that “those who object to the visit of Al-Kazemi from the state parties do not tolerate seeing Al-Kazemi bisecting the White House chairs with Trump, as they are accustomed to seeing Iraqi politicians barefoot on Iranian carpets.”

It is expected that Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington will spark widespread controversy within Iraqi circles, especially the parties that strongly support the American withdrawal from Iraq, especially since the Iraqi and American statements did not include a reference to discussing the issue of withdrawal.

Professor of National Security at Nahrain University, Dr. Hussein Allawi, said in a statement that “the Americans find that Iraqi-American relations must move towards a new horizon, starting from where the branches of the relationship tree froze on the economic and energy side in addition to the security and political side,” explaining that “the government Al-Iraqiya is thinking about how to overcome crises in the economy and the Corona pandemic, build new infrastructure in the field of electricity and water, and use military technology in the face of ISIS remnants and local threats to internal security.

Allawi pointed out that “in the corridors of the political forces behind the scenes everyone wants a good relationship with the United States of America that helps the country and pushes things towards a new horizon, but between these visions you find the current of resistance rejecting the development of Iraqi-American relations as a result of the American-Iranian conflict that rejects this path.” .

He pointed out that “the messages of the special factions are continuing through sporadic attacks on American interests in Iraq, and therefore we need a two-way dialogue and path in order for the Iraqi government to know the extent of the relationship and the factors of connection because we have inherited a strange custom from previous governments, which is not to disclose in a transparent manner the course of Iraqi-American relations.” Stressing that “whenever the Iraqi government is clear in its tracks, it will be supported by the various forces.”

In turn, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Imad Bajlan, told Al-Ikhbariya, “It is very evident that the pro-state parties oppose the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Washington and the opening of Iraq to the West, including America, and it is very natural because whoever sees the Iraqi scene realistically looks at him without arrogance and antagonism. That did not and will not even kill a fly. ”

He added that “Iraq is facing a dead end. As for America, it helps Iraq get out of the accumulated economic, health, security, and military crises, the interference of neighboring countries and the loss of sovereignty, and without that, Iraq is going towards the unknown because the situation is exacerbating day after day,” explaining that “Iraq is in a state of affairs.” The non-state and the control of the armed factions over the sovereign decisions and the fate of the country, and we reached the point where the prime minister does not know how to run the country amid these interventions. ”

Bajalan pointed out that “Al-Kazemi has become between a hammer and an anvil, between the militias and outlaw factions, and between the demonstrators and the people demanding services and the simplest necessities of life that previous governments and Shiite Islamic governments failed to provide the simplest services to the Shia,” pointing out that “it is very obvious that The state parties should oppose Al-Kazemi’s visit to Washington. ”

For his part, a responsible political source, who preferred not to be named, confirmed that “the files that will be discussed during the visit, at the sectoral level are the economy and energy, and the prime minister will seek to request the American government to urge American companies to work in Iraq and support Iraq in building an independent energy policy, especially in issues.” The associated gas will be matched by the urgent demand from the US administration, which is that there be a response to protect investors and provide them with social safety, in addition to reforming legislation, the visa system and the banking system.

He added that “there are security and political matters between the two sides. Iraqi-American relations are based on the security aspect in combating terrorism and building the capabilities of the armed forces. As for the political side, Iraq’s commitment to democratic values and Al-Kazemi’s step to develop the quality of democracy and the system of government through early elections in which the American side finds a part.” From a fundamental pillar that the United States of America sponsored through the democratic system, the constitution, periodic elections, and the peaceful transfer of power. ”

To that, the head of the Iraqi advisory council, Farhad Alaeddin, affirmed that “this visit is important for the Iraqi and American governments, especially that what is discussed will determine the course of bilateral and regional relations for Iraq,” explaining that “the visit will affect political events in the next stage.”

 He added, “At a time when this visit is expected to define the role of America and the international coalition forces in Iraq, it will cause a great internal debate among those opposed to dialogue with America, especially the parties loyal to Iran.”


Al-Kazemi announces an agreement with Saleh and Al-Halbousi to approve the election law in the first upcoming session


13-08-2020 08:32 PM

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced, on Thursday, during his meeting with members of the Electoral Commission, in the presence of a number of ministers and security leaders, on an agreement with Saleh and Al-Halbousi to approve the election law in the first upcoming session.

In a speech received by Al-Akhbariya, Al-Kazemi stated that he “agreed with the presidents of the republic and parliament to vote on the election law in the first upcoming session, and to refer it to the president of the republic for approval.”

He indicated, “Work to find a solution soon to fill the void spaces of the Federal Court, to be prepared for a case that provides the conditions for the work of the Electoral Commission.”

He stressed the need to “look for companies that examine the election process that are sober and known for their integrity, and companies that were questioned in the last session should be avoided.”

He continued, “The train wheel has set off, and we have to prepare for the elections as if they will take place tomorrow, in order to be committed to our promise that we have made. The elections are a popular demand and the demand of the rational authority, as well as the demand of the political forces, and it is unreasonable that we have a chance to succeed and waste it.”

And between “we need cooperation with the United Nations to oversee the upcoming election process to be credible.”

He pointed out the importance of “that the same previous mistakes not be repeated in the upcoming elections, and we must give citizens confidence in them.”

He said, “The ministers instructed us to respond to any book issued by the Electoral Commission within 72 hours, at the maximum level, and there must be firmness in this matter, in order to overcome the obstacles facing the election commission.”

He added, “Iraq is recovering by holding elections and introducing a government that meets the needs and needs of the people, and this is a historic responsibility.”

He noted that “the upcoming elections are pivotal elections in building Iraq, because it is the people’s demand.”

He pointed out that “the elections will be held on June 6 next year, because it is a popular demand of the citizens, and we must work together to support these elections to advance the country, and to emerge in a new phase in the history of Iraq.”

Saleh issues a statement on the discussions of the federal government and the region and begins a series of contacts to besiege the crisis

Political | 07:51 – 08/13/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, issued, on Thursday, a statement regarding the discussions of the federal government and the Kurdistan region, while stressing the start of a series of contacts to restore matters to normal.

The Presidency of the Republic stated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of, that “Saleh followed the official reactions from the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Ministry of Finance regarding the results of the continuous discussions between the two parties for about two months to reach a financial settlement that allows the release of financial payments from the region’s budget.”

Saleh stressed that he “was supportive and constantly following the course of the discussions to reach a fair legal settlement on this issue, and that many obstacles were overcome in recent days through dialogue.”

The President of the Republic expressed his “surprise at the appearance of signs of tension in media statements that do not reflect reality of the discussions, which it was hoped would have concluded before the end of this week, which represents a just and legal solution that preserves the rights of the Iraqi people, including the rights of citizens, both employees and retirees, in the Kurdistan region.” “.

He pointed out, “his support from the outset to reach a settlement that guarantees the arrival of federal budget funds and the region’s resources to the region’s citizens, and emphasizes the adoption of the principle of transparency and openness and the adoption of sound legal contexts that leave no room for corruption or manipulation.”

He pointed out, “Securing the salaries of Iraqi citizens, including citizens of the region, is a constitutional right, and that the concerned authorities must secure this right and not be dependent on political considerations or illegal and illegal self-interests.”

He stressed, “The impact of the ongoing disputes on financial issues between Baghdad and Erbil on the legal entitlements of the citizens of the Kurdistan region is unacceptable, and the serious suffering of the citizens of the region as a result of the current crisis must be remedied,” calling for “to return to the negotiating table as soon as possible, and for the citizens’ interests to be put before the interests.” Subjective or political. ”

And he stressed “the initiation of a series of communications to besiege this emerging crisis, and to restore matters to their legal status quo in order to preserve the public interest.”

Al-Kazemi: The government will work with all its capabilities to hold the elections as scheduled

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed, on Thursday, that the government will work with all its capabilities in order to hold the elections as scheduled .

“The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, held a meeting today with the Chairman and members of the Council of the Independent High Electoral Commission, in the presence of a number of ministers and security leaders, to discuss the technical preparations for holding early elections as scheduled, on the sixth of June of the year. Next . ”

According to the statement, Al-Kazemi stressed that “the current government is determined to hold elections on the date it has approved, based on the fact that it is a popular demand, and is consistent with the directives of the rational authority and the desire of political forces, as well as being one of the priorities of the government program, and it is committed to it .”

Al-Kazemi urged the Election Commission to “intensify its efforts to complete its preparations for the elections, and stressed that the government will work with all its capabilities in order to hold the elections on schedule .”

Al-Kazemi directed all ministries and departments to “overcome obstacles and facilitate the necessary procedures before the Independent High Commission, to work with all means to hold the elections on time.”

The joint operations comment on the Turkish aggression in Erbil and confirm the consultations with the Kurdistan region

security 08/11/2020 20:56 500    

Baghdad today – Baghdad 

Today, Tuesday, the Joint Operations Command commented on the Turkish attack that targeted a military vehicle of the Border Guard in the Sedkan area of Erbil Governorate, and resulted in the martyrdom of two senior Border Guard officers.

The spokesman for the Operations Command, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, said in press statements that “what happened today is a Turkish attack via a drone, which is a dangerous development,” indicating that “the accident led to the martyrdom of two senior officers and there are other details that will be consulted with the brothers in the region.” Kurdistan, to find out how the targeting was carried out and what prompted the Turkish side. ”

The Security Media Cell confirmed, on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, the Turkish attack on Sedkan, north of Erbil.

The cell said in a statement, “Turkey’s blatant attack took place through a drone that targeted a military vehicle of border guards in the Sidakan area and caused the martyrdom of the commander of the Second Brigade, Border Guards of the First District and the command of the Third Regiment / Second Brigade and the driver of the wheel.”

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, a security source revealed the names of the two officers who were among the victims of the bombing of a drone north of Erbil.

The source said, “The bombing that targeted a meeting of Iraqi security leaders with members of the Workers’ Party resulted in the killing of Brigadier General Muhammad Rashid, the commander of the Second Brigade of the Border Guard Force, as well as the commander of the third regiment of the Border Guard, Brigadier General Zubair Hali.”

The exchange of accusations threatens the upcoming round of dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil

Arab Reports


Aktham Saifuddin

13 August 2020

The joint coordination between the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga has returned to the issue of fighting “ISIS” (Uzen Jula / Anatolia)

The governments of Baghdad and Erbil have escalated their rhetoric with mutual accusations of disavowing common understandings and failure to fulfill the obligations that took place between the two parties regarding the pending issues, which were supposed to be discussed in a close round of dialogue, which officials considered “hasty” that will affect the possibility of launching the joint dialogue between the two sides.

The public exchange of accusations between the Al-Kazemi and Barzani governments is the first of its kind, after the two governments, during the previous period, followed diplomatic methods in dispelling obstacles to joint dialogue, which is intended to solve pending files since the periods of governments that preceded the Al-Kazemi government , related to salaries of regional employees and security coordination. In the disputed areas, and the agreement on a mechanism for exporting oil from the region’s fields, and imports of border crossings in Kurdistan , and others.

The escalation followed a strongly-worded statement by the regional government, in which it confirmed that it “agreed to all the conditions of Baghdad within the framework of the constitution, but it (Baghdad) did not show, and for more than three months, any willingness to send the part of the salaries that it was sending,” which led to The regional government’s inability to disburse dues to its employees, ”calling on the Baghdad government to“ respect the constitutional rights and entitlements of the region, and fulfill its constitutional obligations towards it. ”

On the other hand, the Iraqi Ministry of Finance responded to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s statement, expressing its astonishment at the accusations it contained, at a time when the dialogue “made advanced strides”, affirming that “Baghdad started since the beginning of the dialogue from the concern for the rights of the citizens of Kurdistan and ensuring their salaries are secured.” Noting that, “it became clear to her that the financial payments sent to the Ministry of Finance of the region did not reach all the beneficiaries, and we have received signed requests from tens of thousands of district employees to achieve linkage of their salaries through banking mechanisms.”

She emphasized that “the regional government’s statement lacked the required precision in determining the basis of the problem, especially with the great flexibility provided by the federal government to facilitate reaching an agreement that serves the people of Kurdistan,” accusing the regional government of “not showing flexibility towards securing control over border crossings in the region, and from Then the attempt to blame Baghdad for the financial payments before resolving the import-related aspects, which represents an unacceptable disclaimer of responsibility.

And considered that “the basis on which the joint talks were launched came within the framework of the letter sent by the Ministry of Finance to the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government on May 19, which includes Baghdad paying 400 billion Iraqi dinars for the same month, and entering into intensive meetings to reach a final settlement between the two sides within A period of one month with the adoption of the Federal Financial Management Law as a basis for it, provided that non-oil imports to the region are counted and audited before sending any additional financial payments.

And she stressed “the need for the regional government to speed up fulfilling its constitutional obligations and duties, and to return to the negotiating table in the service of the public interest.”

Iraqi officials did not rule out that the escalation would affect the possibility of holding a new round of dialogue between the two parties, and an official in the Baghdad government told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that “the regional government’s accusations against Baghdad are unjustified and unexpected, at a time when joint understandings on the military side have taken place . And the return of joint coordination between the army and the peshmerga with the issue of fighting ISIS.

He stressed that “the accusations return the possibility of starting the dialogue round to square one, and today we are facing accusations that must be discussed and settled before any round of dialogue,” criticizing what he called “the haste to throw the accusations without justification.”

The Kurdish side had previously expressed optimism about resolving the outstanding disputes with Baghdad, relying on the Kurds’ relationship with Kazemi, and they provided him with support to take over the prime minister, according to specific understandings related to those files.

Parliament Presidency of the Governments of Baghdad and Kurdistan: Return to the dialogue table

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

The Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad, called on the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to return to the dialogue table and resume discussions to resolve the outstanding issues between the two parties in accordance with the constitution.

Al-Haddad said in a statement that, “In light of the two statements issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and the Federal Ministry of Finance recently regarding the region’s relationship with the federal government and the constitutional obligations of the two parties, we call on the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to expedite the return to the dialogue table and resume and complete the talks and agree in accordance with the constitutional and legal mechanisms. To solve all outstanding issues and files between the two parties. ”

He pointed out that “the citizen in the region is affected by the results of the delay in the talks and the failure to reach an agreement.”

He explained that “the federal government is obligated to secure financial dues and to secure the salaries of the region’s employees and retirees, similar to the rest of the Iraqi provinces, and in return, the region must fulfill its constitutional obligations and reach common solutions to enhance cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil.”