Al-Amiri confirms his support for the adoption of Al-Kazemi in restoring the prestige of the state

2020/08/31 17:57

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Section : Iraq

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Baghdad / Obelisk: 

The obelisk publishes the text of the statement:


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,    

O dear Iraqi people, may God Almighty glorify your rewards and give you the best consolation in memory of the Eternal Taf Epic in which we recall the testimony of the father of the free and the master of the youth of the 

people of Paradise, Hussein bin Ali and his family, peace be upon them and his pure companions, and we draw them Among them are all the lessons of faith and the timeless lessons that emerged from a firm belief which they gave themselves ..

After reviewing the statement of the respected Prime Minister on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hussein, peace be upon him, we found him taking into account all the points emphasized by the national forces in their last meeting with him on Wednesday 26/8/ 2020 is Muharram 6, and as we affirm the implementation of these important points, we declare our full support for the progress in achieving this curriculum and confirm the following observations: 

1. We believe that the first primary task of this government is to extend security, restore the prestige of the state, and create the appropriate conditions for holding free, fair and just early elections. 

2. There is no room for alternating between the options of state and non-state. We are with one option, which is building a just state that is capable of extending security and ensuring a free and decent life for every Iraqi citizen. 

3. We call for support and strengthening of the security services, as we have no choice but to restore their prestige, respect and strengthen them in order to establish security, enforce the law and rule of justice. Otherwise, the data indicate going towards the unknown and the overwhelming chaos that does not remain or is not neglected, so we emphasize the need to impose severe penalties on Whoever offends or assaults the security services, as well as the employees of these agencies must work according to the laws in force, and the competent authorities must hold accountable those who fail to perform their sacred national duty.

4. Peaceful protest is a right guaranteed by the constitution, and it is one of the means of pressure to find reforms and change paths, but it must be in accordance with legal procedures, and in a way that reflects a sense of responsibility towards the country and its future, by maintaining peace and distinguishing between peaceful demonstrators who have legitimate demands and those with corrupt aims. And infiltrators who want, through this constitutional right, tampering with public security, assaulting public and private funds, disrupting life, preventing work, pressuring state employees and preventing them from carrying out their duties. In accordance with the law and strict judicial procedures, and not tolerating them, and protecting peaceful demonstrators and public order from their mischief and criminality.

5. The government should not tolerate all calls demanding to bear arms and form armed groups, and deal with them firmly in accordance with the law and judicial procedures, because it is a very dangerous gesture towards the state, and an explicit call for violence, fighting and threatening the security of society that requires legal prosecution.

6. The security and judicial agencies must stand firmly and forcefully to end the series of kidnappings, assassinations, and stirring terror among people, behind which there are sinful hands that want to stir up chaos, and that retribution and prosecution of perpetrators and saboteurs is the exclusive right of the judiciary, with whom we stand firmly to achieve this. 

7. We affirm the transition to the stage of actual and rapid implementation of all measures that would address the grave scourge of corruption, and we call for the need for real and serious follow-up to pursue corruption in all parts of the state, because we believe that the phenomenon of corruption is more dangerous than the phenomenon of terrorism, but rather terrorism. It is the pernicious fruit of corruption and one of its byproducts.

8. We appreciate highly the economic problem and the financial situation of the government, but there is a need for a government initiative to achieve social solidarity and alleviate the burdens of the poor classes, and we have a serious initiative that will be launched in Parliament.

9-We stress once again the need to expedite setting a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq at the earliest opportunity, and to achieve full national sovereignty.


Hadi al-Ameri, 

 head of the Al-Fateh Alliance

August 31, 2020


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