Parliamentary Finance reassures employees: There is no excuse for the government to delay salaries


Parliamentary Finance


2020-08-11 11:54

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Shafaq News / Today, Tuesday, a member of the Finance Committee, Representative Jamal Cougar reassured the employees about their salaries, stressing that the government has no excuse not to pay them after the borrowing law and the oil increase were approved.

Cougar told Shafaq News, “The government announced that it currently owns the borrowing law previously approved by Parliament, and therefore it has the ability to pay salaries, and it can no longer claim its inability to pay the salaries of employees.”

Cougar added that “the rise in oil prices once again has provided the government with more financial returns and will help it skip the stage in providing money for operational expenditures,” adding that if “there are other reasons or arguments in the inability to provide these salaries, they should declare them and announce them to the concerned authorities, either.” Parliament or officials were directly concerned with the salary issue. ”

It is noteworthy that, on June 24, parliament approved a bill presented by the government for internal and external borrowing. 

The government had submitted the bill, which includes foreign borrowing of $ 5 billion, and internal borrowing of $ 15 trillion to bridge the country’s fiscal deficit.

The Iraqi government is struggling to secure employee salaries and other operating expenses due to the collapse in oil prices due to the Corona pandemic, which has crippled large sectors of the world economy. The country relies on revenues from selling crude to finance 95 percent of state expenditures.


Parliament session next week amid tight health measures and demands for “restoring prestige” to the legislative authority

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

The House of Representatives will hold a regular session next week, amid strict health measures, while the gathering of 100 signatures of parliamentarians has been revealed, demanding that the parliament sessions be “regular and without long delays” so that the legislative authority will return to its prestige.

The deputy for the victory coalition, Nada Shaker Jawdat, told Al-Akhbariya that, “It is likely that the House of Representatives will hold its expected session next week amid strict health measures in anticipation of infection with the Coronavirus.”

She added that “holding Parliament sessions has become an urgent necessity amid government calls for early elections,” indicating that “legal amendments related to the elections will be discussed, as well as discussing the government’s performance and activating the work of the House of Representatives during the coming period.”

Jawdat indicated that “there are more than 100 parliamentary signatures to hold the next sessions regularly and without any delay, to restore the prestige of the legislative authority,” as she said.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had set June 6, 2021, as the date for early elections, while the Speaker of Parliament called for earlier elections and the parliament to be dissolved in accordance with the constitution.

The stock market revives in the first session after the Eid Al-Adha holiday

Iraq Stock Exchange


Economy News – Baghdad

The stock market index jumped, on Tuesday, in the first session after the Eid Al-Adha holiday, in conjunction with the lifting of the comprehensive ban in Iraq and the adoption of a partial ban.

Yesterday, Monday, the Stock Exchange announced that the first session to be held in August will be today Tuesday, attributing the reason for the delay to the sessions to “technical reasons for restarting the electronic system.”

The index rose by 4.04% after the circulation of 880.5 million shares, worth 934.8 million dinars.

The number of shares rose 19 shares, led by the shares of the Iraqi Islamic Bank by 10.00% and the shares of the Middle East Bank by 9.09%.

While the number of declining shares reached three shares, led by the Holding Bank shares by 17.24% and the Baghdad Hotel by 1.96%.

The number of shares sold by foreign investors reached 7 million, the remaining 5 million dinars.

Prior to the resumption of the talks, Erbil sends a message through its representative in Baghdad




2020-08-11 06:43

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Shafaq News / The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s representation in Baghdad, Faris Issa, met with the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Hamid Naim al-Ghazi, as the first renewed the position of Erbil’s full readiness to resolve the differences and pending issues with Baghdad.

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, announced a few days ago in a telegram on the occasion of Eid al-Adha that the talks between the two sides would soon resume.

According to a statement issued by the regional government representation in Baghdad, Issa visited Ghazi and discussed the conditions of the Corona epidemic and the economic conditions in the region and Iraq.

The statement added that the two sides affirmed the cooperation and joint coordination between the federal government and the regional government.

The statement quoted a representative of the regional government as saying that “the salaries and food of the region’s employees should not be mixed with political problems and conflicts, and the federal government must solve this issue.”

On resolving differences and outstanding issues, Faris Issa said that the Kurdistan Regional Government has shown its willingness to solve the outstanding disputes in accordance with the constitution.

A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will soon visit the capital, Baghdad, to resume negotiations between salaries and the region’s share of the budget.