The Hakim Alliance reveals a forthcoming parliamentary session to pass the election law and confirms: Parliament is ready for early

Baghdad / news

Today, Monday, an Iraqi coalition led by Ammar Al-Hakim revealed a forthcoming parliamentary session to approve the election law in accordance with the multiple constituencies, while noting that the parliament is ready to dissolve itself and hold early elections.

“There is a forthcoming session for the House of Representatives that will be held soon to pass the multi-constituency issue in the electoral law and fix the date for early elections,” Hassan al-Khalati, a member of the al-Hikma stream in the Iraqi Alliance, told Al-Ikhbaria.

He added that “Parliament will hold a session within the next few days, immediately after the end of the holiday, in order to approve the multiple constituencies in the election law and distribute them.”

 Khallati pointed out that “the approval of the multiple constituencies will contribute greatly to determining the date of the elections and will present the government and parliament in the next steps towards the elections.”

He stressed that “Parliament does not object to the result of early elections and is ready to legislate any budget of its own or to legislate any law that supported it.”

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has set the date for early elections on the sixth of June next year, while the Speaker of Parliament has called for early elections, in accordance with the constitutional conditions for dissolving the House of Representatives.