A new explosion targets the coalition supplies in southern Iraq



International Alliance


Explosive device


2020-08-29 18:13

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Shafaq News / A security source said that an explosive device had exploded on Saturday on a convoy of trucks carrying supplies for the international coalition led by America in southern Iraq.

The source told Shafaq News, that “an explosive device that was placed on the highway linking Al-Hilla and Diwaniyah exploded targeting a convoy carrying logistical supplies for the International Coalition.”

The source added that the attack did not result in injuries, without further explanation.

The attack comes a few hours after a missile fell inside the Green Zone in central Baghdad, mostly targeting the US embassy.

Attacks on US-led coalition supplies and military bases housing US soldiers and diplomats have clearly increased in frequency in the past few weeks.

No party has claimed responsibility for those attacks, but Washington points the finger of blame at factions close to Iran, including the Hezbollah Brigades.



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