Al-Kazemi issues orders to confiscate weapons in tribal conflict areas

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Interior announced the inspection of all areas witnessing tribal conflicts and the confiscation of light and medium weapons, while confirming the existence of broader measures by operations leaders and police directorates, to impose security.

The ministry’s spokesman, Major General Khaled Al-Muhanna, told the official news agency, “There are higher orders issued by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, under the supervision and follow-up of the Minister of Interior, including extensive inspection of all areas where tribal conflicts occur, and the seizure and confiscation of weapons, whether light or medium.” .

He added, “There is a tendency by the government to deter these acts that threaten national security,” noting that “tribal conflicts are one of the serious problems that threaten the fabric of Iraqi society.”

He pointed out that “the next stage will witness broad measures by the operations leaders and police directorates, to impose security and try to control these weapons, which are used to terrorize innocent citizens.”

Regarding the details of the clan conflict that took place in the Husseinieh area – Al Maamel, northeast of the capital, he explained that “the conflict arose against the background of a one-on-one quarrel between two people, as a result of which a person was killed in the altercation.”

“As a result of this incident, a tribal conflict occurred, in which light weapons were used,” he said.

He emphasized that “the security forces were wise in their position, as they stood with a very large military force, on the outskirts of the region, cordoned off the scene, and made contact with sheikhs and tribal leaders, to obtain the so-called deadline, and to stop the conflict until matters are resolved. This is on one side, and the other side was done.” Two people have been arrested so far, in addition to the issuance of eight judicial arrest warrants against those who committed these practices. ”

He pointed out, “There are several measures that will be taken against the background of the incident, including inspecting the area and disarming the population or the tribes in that area.”


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