Parliamentary Finance: The committee agreed not to borrow again

08/08/2020 14:21

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Section : Iraq

Baghdad / Al-Masalla: The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Saturday August 8, 2020, that it is preparing a parliamentary economic reform paper.

The committee’s reporter, MP Ahmed Al-Saffar, said that the committee continues its weekly meetings, indicating that the committee is preparing a parliamentary reform paper.

Al-Saffar added that the committee hopes to meet with the government to unify the two governmental and parliamentary economic papers in order to come up with one reform paper to save the country’s economy and cross it to safety, pointing out that the committee requested hosting the Minister of Finance for the purpose of reviewing the government’s financial plan and other measures.

Al-Saffar called on the government to take measures by maximizing and controlling revenues, indicating that there is an agreement not to agree to borrow again.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee had confirmed the government’s intention to present a paper on radical reforms during the coming period, noting that the Minister of Finance informed the committee that the government will present a paper for radical reforms that includes all economic and financial aspects.


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