Parliament reveals: The draft budget for 2021 will be ready this month

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, today, Saturday, that the draft budget for 2021 will be ready during the current month, indicating that the resources of the border crossings will be added and Kurdistan is required to hand over its ports .

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Representative Hanin Al-Qaddo, said, “The government is preparing to complete the draft budget for the next fiscal year, this month .”

“The government is required to send the draft law in October, provided that it includes the reform steps that the government undertook during the vote on the external and internal borrowing law, ” he added.

“The budget for next year will be different in several respects, as customs, borders and other resources will be added, as well as obligating the Kurdistan region to hand over the northern ports to the federal government, ” al-Qaddu noted .


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