Next Saturday .. Parliamentary finance to host the Minister of Oil to discuss oil exports and imports



Information / special … 
Parliamentary Finance Committee, announced Thursday, will host the oil minister on Saturday to discuss Iraq ‘s oil exports and imports and the work of oil companies and foreign companies and rounds of licenses within 2019. budget 
, he said committee member Siham Oqaili’s / information /, ” The Committee decided to host the Minister Oil meeting next Saturday within the table of its hosting before the vote on the budget and make amendments to it. 
She added that “the committee will discuss with the minister the rate of oil exports and production capacity of Iraqi oil fields and imports and exports of oil region allocations of the ministry and the doors of disbursement allocations.” 
She explained that “the meeting will discuss the work of oil companies in the rounds of licenses and other matters before the start of the amendments to the budget for the second reading.”

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