Jawdat: Federal police forces are approaching commercial centers in Mosul Alrsjkhanh Ayman

a wish Since 06/26/2017 19:18 am (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

Federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat a n “declared the Federal Police Department has expanded its operations and opening up several axes to fight in a new door and approached a distance of 250 m from the commercial centers in Aserjkhanh.”

 The face of Jawdat rescue teams competent to evacuate the families suspended in the old city and to provide immediate medical aid for cases of sick.

As he noted in a statement to a n “pieces of federal police took control of the main medical center for Doaash in white door and seize large quantities of drugs.”

It was Lieutenant-General Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi anti-terrorism Iraqi commander on Monday (June 26) The battle of Mosul will end the full control of the city from the organization Daesh within “a very few days, God willing,” after the terrorists failed in an attempt to engage the attacking forces.

He added in an interview with television, “Mosul and it is precisely the old area was left with only a little thing. Now all three axes became one line, and specifically on al-Faruq Street. God willing process is ongoing and will be launched to the final stage. Means the final stage who is the access to the river “.

Abizaid and al-Asadi “Yesterday we got certain elements Bhai neighborhoods who told them Tanak neighborhood Hermat as well as the Yarmouk and some neighborhoods, but was quickly cordoned off and is now under siege.”

It provides an international coalition led by US air and ground cover Iraqi forces in the battle of Mosul, the actual capital of the organization Daesh in Iraq, it has been going on for eight months.

The Iraqi army estimated the number of militants of the terrorist organization trapped in the old city of about 350 fighters holed up in the center of civilians in different homes and multiply from the booby-traps and suicide bombers and sniper fire to slow the progression of the army.

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