Abadi: check our new victories and time very soon to declare victory

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BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:Said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday that the time is very close to the final declaration of victory over the terrorist gangs Daesh, noting that the heroic forces are fighting to achieve new victories even during the days of Eid.

Ebadi said in a statement received by the Office of “Tomorrow ‘s Press”, said that it came during a speech during his inspection tour in a number of charitable and humanitarian institutions concerned with family and social care in the city of Kadhimiya. 

He said Abadi , according to the statement, that “Aldoaash are trying to inflict great destruction and to commit the most heinous crimes against civilians in another spot trapped them in Mosul , ” he said, adding that ” the world is witnessing to our handling of human excellence,” he said . “We seek to liberate man before the ground.” 

He added that “not for the blood of the martyrs and the wounded to what these victories achieved remarkable.” 

Abadi was distributed according to the statement, during his gifts to the children who are orphans, congratulating Eid Al – Fitr, also briefed on the ongoing business and construction projects for future humanitarian institutions, and praised its role in the service of society and the efforts of existing and supervisors.


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