URGENT Russia: the killing of al – Baghdadi in Raqqa

History of edits:: 2017/6/16 10:21 

{International: Euphrates News} announced that the Russian defense on Friday, killing the leader of Daesh terrorist named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a Russian raid, according to news agency Tass.

Tass quoted the defense minister as saying that the raid that killed al – Baghdadi , targeted a gathering of leaders Daesh in tenderness, a stronghold of the organization in Syria. 

Tass quoted the ministry as saying that the raid may have killed al – Baghdadi, targeted a gathering of leaders Daesh tenderness in the night of 28 May. 

The ministry added, according to the agency, the meeting was looking mechanism to secure a safe passage for the terrorists to get out of tenderness from the southern side. 

The US several reports had spoken previously killed Daesh leader of an Iraqi nationality, before being denied. 

Almost two weeks ago, the source of the Syrian regime , spoke about the killing of al – Baghdadi , in an air strike, without this information is confirmed. 

It is noteworthy that intelligence had reported that al – Baghdadi fled the city of Mosul, a stronghold Daesh in Iraq, tenderness to Syria. 

The news comes at a time when the killing Albgdadaa tightens noose on Daesh in Mosul , where Iraqi forces have managed to restore most of the city. 

In tenderness Daesh stronghold in Syria, Syria ‘s democratic forces, backed by the United States, launched a massive offensive to restore Almedinh.anthy


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