Increase national financial inventories


5/11/2017 0:00

Keywords for {morning}: International Monetary counting Iraqi reserves {assured} Baghdad / Tariq al – Araji  ,
said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords increase in hard foreign currency than it was in the year 2016 reserves, stressing that the IMF said in its latest report that the Iraqi Reserve reassured very.
Keywords and said in the interview with the “morning” dialogue, published later: ” TheCentral Bank, despite the decline in oil resources during the past period by up to 70 percent , he was able to maintain and maintains reserves of foreign level acceptable currency within the international standards, especially that the main criterion for theadequacy of the reserve It is covered by the local currency in the sense of how much we have dinar and the corresponding dollar. ”
He added Keywords that ” the amount of the reserve of foreign hard currency in the bank exceeds the amount of local currency in Iraqi dinars, which is within the standard admissibility of this reserve, prompting the IMF to count Iraq ‘s reserves comfortable and assured by virtue of the standby credit agreement.”
Governor of the Central Bank said that ” the current reserve ranges between 47 billion and $ 49 billion, higher than the level of the reserve for the year 2016», stressing bysaying: «We do not feel concerned about this reserve within the global indicators».
The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi assured citizens on the government ‘s ability to repay its obligations without malfunction.



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