ATM mechanism for users of card (Master Card)


5/11/2017 0:00

 Baghdad / Isra al – Samarrai coordinated the Ministry of Communications to set up ATM users card (MasterCard) through its outlets in post offices in Baghdad and the provinces. The Director of the courier company and save the ministry, Zainab Abdul -Sahib in a statement the “morning”: that her company has coordinated with the Central Bank of Iraq and in cooperation with local companies and one of the Iranian companies, to set up ATMs at post offices and savings distributed between Baghdad and the provinces of the country. She said her company has prepared a plan to complete your electronic payment project with (MasterCard), working on issuing these cards to employees in the governmental and non – governmental institutions, and hoped that the project will be completed in the next few period after the completion of the final approvals for implementation of the terms of legally. She continued Abdul – Sahib , the Iranian listed company, will provide e – 300 travel offices throughout the country, automatic Babav which will achieve the desired goals of the project, as well as specialists who will train the cadres of the ministry in post offices and savings on the mechanism of using the ATM properly. She noted that the project will be implemented through partnership and investment contracts in coordination with the parties mentioned, while the work her company on the interconnected network connection between the post offices and savings, indicating that the project will serve e – commerce and marketing e – card, as electronic payment will provide postal and financial transactions for all citizens and will allow the possibility of receiving salaries through postal offices , which bring comfort and security to the citizen.

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