Team Yar God reveals the whereabouts of al-Baghdadi confirms: Coalition forces do not hit any target only agreeing


Team Yar God reveals the whereabouts of al-Baghdadi confirms: Coalition forces do not hit any target only agreeing

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tomorrow Press:
Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Rashid Aarallah confirmed operational commander “of Nineveh are coming,” he can not be any terrorist escape from the city of Mosul, because of the siege from all sides, noting that the international coalition forces led by the United States do not hit any target only with his consent.
The detection of the whereabouts of the terrorist organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, he referred to the killing of more than 2,000 troops from Daesh in Mosul until now, warning that participation in the liberation of the right coast does not exceed four thousand fighters troops.
He Aarallah told the German Press Agency “DPA” on Monday, quoted by the newspaper “Al-Qabas” Kuwaiti, “We have liberated 40% of the right coast, and continuous progress in the city center.”
He declined to set a date, even approximate to the end of the operations, he said, “I’ve done to the organization significant losses at the level of the elements and leaders as a result of blows to the Iraqi Air Force and Air International Alliance of ground operations … but it is certain that their numbers far exceed what monitored by intelligence assessments before the start of the battle.”
He explained, “The estimates indicate the presence of two thousand element of Daesh in the right coast, but the numbers that have been killing affirming the validity of the information of the number killed by the organization so far exceeds the number you provided to us by the intelligence services.”
And the identities of the members of the organization, Zmr that “Western elements make up the majority, who are almost all nationalities, but the citizens of the republics of the former Soviet Union are the most, while the local elements Fddhm very few.”
He described Aarallah battle to liberate the right coast of the city, which began last February as “difficult,” explaining that “despite the fact that the organization has a lot of abilities, the sniper one is able to block the advancement of troops the enemy takes advantage of the narrow streets and the large number of buildings and take the citizens as shields mankind”.
He stressed, “We can not be what we have said to set a date for the completion of even a rough edit right coast operations … After crossing the ancient city of Mosul will change a lot of things and perhaps it becomes easier to fight.”
He called Aarallah the lack of fear of the possibility of success of some terrorist elements to hide in the ranks of the displaced, stressing that “they did not go away from the control of the security and intelligence forces conducting intense security checks among the displaced people based on their possession of lists and databases and will not get away with one of the arrest and then the legal proceedings. “
And he questioned the validity of the rumors about managed a number of the organization’s leaders to escape to some near the Syrian border desert areas or transit actually inside Syria, he said, “can not in any way be able to any act of terrorism, whether domestic or foreign, to flee toward Syria. due to the popular crowd is currently shut down roads and borders. “
He went on saying “perhaps before the road closure was able to some elements of the organization to escape and go to some near the border desert areas where they enjoy popular Bhawwadhan perhaps before the complete closure some left for areas like Baaj, Kairouan (west of Mosul, the Iraqi-Syrian border), but in any case we are watching those moves at the right time we will know how to handle ordered them. “
And about whether the Ninawa Operations Command have any information about the whereabouts Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, he replied, “is said to be the island area near the Syrian border, but do not I have more information since then.”
Asked if there was any security failure that makes the organization is able to strike the left side of the connector that was declared complete edited in last January, he said, “the enemy is located behind the river and what separates the left coasts and the right is the river, currently ranging from a hundred to 300 meters from one region to another, and anyone can from the right to shoot a mortar or moving aircraft aimed bombs … but the progress of the sectors in the right coast, this danger will end. “
He stressed “Daesh became busy defending himself, not to strike the left coast and I personally I toured the left side and assure that the place is a believer that people exercised their life as normal.”
And strongly condemned Aarallah the rumors about the death of thousands of civilians and military personnel and the occurrence of widespread destruction in infrastructure as a result of haste and excessive violence in the framework of operations, and stressed that “this talk is not true at all and troops advancing cautiously to preserve the lives and deaths of civilians be in absolute mostly the result of the bombing Daesh them. “
He added, “With respect to the victims of the forces, it is a very small number, both at the level of the martyrs and the wounded, mainly the number of troops participating in the liberation of the right coast does not exceed four thousand fighters, how we lost thousands? There are a lot of exaggerations.”
He accused the authorities did not identify of trying to tarnish the image of Iraqi combat troops in the battle of Mosul over the accusations to her, “I do not care about whether political parties or countries frequency unfounded accusations to us. It is important we have to liberate the city and go back Mosul to their children, and generally, everyone who visits the left coast He believes that small scale of the destruction and civilian casualties are few and we are using the right coast, the same technique we used on the left coast, in spite of the difficulty of the battle to the large number of buildings and the citizens of civilians. “
He stressed, “We are putting the human side above all other considerations and civilian casualties are a result of targeting Daesh them by mortar shelling and snipers or aircraft march and our troops oversees evacuate and treat the process.”
Aarallah and rejected the claims of some on the American side and the forces of the international coalition responsibility in general for destruction, which is located to the right side through the aerial bombardment that they are doing to pave the ground operations carried out by Iraqi forces, and stressed that “the Iraqi military leadership is the only decision maker in strikes any target, and can not be bypassed. “
He explained, “the American side or the coalition forces do not hit any target only after obtaining my consent and no foreign forces could deal with any target without the consent of the Iraqi leadership and military of leadership coming operations O Nineveh, we define the goals and we are asked to hit.”
He denied the rumors about the involvement of US forces in ground battles, he said, “does not share any ground and foreign troops with Iraqi forces in the battle frees Mosul hundred percent and the international coalition Iraqi forces involved advisers to consult Iraqi leaders with regard to the objectives weather, so that guarantee the accuracy goals to ensure citizens are not exposed or infrastructure of any damage. “
He praised Aarallah the level of cooperation and coordination shown by the people of Mosul with security forces and hardware intelligence, saying that “the format is the left coast well, and now the right coast tells citizens across the communications or messages or Arushdonna when editing their neighborhoods about the characters that have been cooperating with Daesh people of Mosul know that Daesh ended and working with us for the liberation of their city as soon as possible and at the lowest cost. “
He warned of the danger of reliance and sufficiency just as will achieve troops from a military victory over the organization, and stressed that “Daesh must also defeated intellectually, because it is essentially the idea of ideology before they turn into armed organization and must be that the state and the citizens and civil society organizations turn to treat what he left this organization terrorist negative effects on especially the young Iraqi personal. “
Announced the commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, Sunday February 19, 2017 for the start of a new chapter of operations “are coming Aaninoy to” liberate the right side of Mosul, while stressing that the advancing forces working on the “liberation of man before the ground.”

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