Tomorrow .. starting a new round of talks between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund


6/3/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Alaa al – Taie
revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the launch of a new round of special review of the implementation of the Stand -By Agreement talks in Amman on Tuesday , under which Iraq will receive five billion and US $ 300 million soft loan to support the budget during the period from 2016 – 2019 , mostly for reconstruction and economic development.
Said Saleh, a member of the negotiating team of the Iraqi delegation, in an interview for »Sabah»: The «There are 13 round of talks , or what is known as the second revision pertaining to implementation of the standby credit between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund is scheduled convention that kicks off in Amman this week, to complete the first round which was held in Amman in early September », adding that« the talks will focus on the special standby credit arrangements with a loan five billion and $ 300 to support the budget million dollars, what has been implemented of the economic reforms of public finance and governance, and all ready credit program ».
Saleh added that « the commitments are part of the agreement between Iraq and theInternational Monetary Fund», adding that «Iraq received the amount of one billion and 250 million dollars during the year 2016 is due to receive early 2017 Batch represent half of the amount mentioned in addition to Article IV of the Fund Agreement consultations to assess economic situation of the member countries regardless of the Fund program ».
He said the financial advisor to the prime minister that «talks take two weeks this March and will start on 7 thereof and includes talks with officials in the financial sector and theservice ministries and various economic aspects and then launched in the latter part of the discussions with those responsible for fiscal and monetary policies».
And Saleh said that « the first stage consultation with the Fund took place in Amman early last September and addressed the implementation of the standby credit arrangements under which Iraq will receive five billion and $ 300 million agreement, as asoft loan to support the budget, during the period from 2016 to 2019», indicating that « the loan Iraq will allow the international financial umbrella of the dolly and support form ofsoft loans to bridge the funding gap of at least $ 15 billion spent mostly for reconstruction and economic development. »
Saleh pointed out that «after the end of each round of talks conducted by Iraq with theInternational Monetary Fund called a part of the amount of the Fund ‘s loan of $ 5 billion and $ 300 million was launched the first batch after the Executive Council ‘s approval ofthe agreement between Iraq and the Fund in the July 7, amounting to $ 634 million, and received Iraq billion and $ 250 million in 2016 », pointing out that« after the end of thesecond round of the review will be released half of the amount received Iraq in 2016 of one billion and $ 250 million , or approximately $ 800 million ».

and Security Council ministerial Abadi meet and are taking decisions on airport security in Iraq


Abadi and Ministerial Security Council meet and are taking decisions on airport security in Iraq
5 hours ago

Twilight News / Iraqi government has taken on Sunday evening a number of decisions on the security necessary for the provision of airports in the country.

According to a statement issued by the government, the Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi chaired the ministerial council for national security meeting today.

The statement added that the council discussed the progress of the battle to liberate the right side and victories achieved and to emphasize the importance sustain the momentum of victories achieved to resolve the battle and achieve the ultimate victory.

The statement noted that it was discussed to provide the Directorate of criminal evidence, the DNA data to take advantage of them security, he was persisting well as discuss the issue of customs checkpoints and procedures for the passage of trucks.

The statement continued that it was approved the draft of the National Center for the management of spatial data and the formation of the Higher Coordinating Committee of Spatial Data Portal Iraq geographical consisting of specialists members of the institutions concerned to proceed to complete and implement this national project is important and show assistance to the cadres working order and facilitate the implementation of the recommendations procedures in different institutions.

And it finished the statement said the council also discussed the measures taken with regard to airport security, noting that he has been making a series of decisions.

The government did not say in its statement the nature of those decisions.

The statement concluded that during the meeting was to discuss and follow up on previous decisions and directives as well as a number of other topics on the agenda.


Urgent .. the leadership of the armed forces in the Kurdistan Region calls for the PKK to evacuate Sinjar and the surrounding areas



4 hours ago


Twilight News / command of the armed forces called for in the Kurdistan region of Iraq on Sunday evening PKK elements to vacate the district of Sinjar, and the surrounding areas.

The command said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, “The Sinjar and the surrounding areas are part of Kurdistan, since the length of the Pkk had sent many troops to it.”

The statement said that “bringing the troops of the party is against the aspirations of the Kurds Yazidis,” pointing out that “the elements of the PKK in Sinjar receive their salaries from the popular crowd.”

And confirmed leadership in its statement that “the management officials in Sinjar, and the Shura Council spiritual Yezidi had demanded the PKK to evacuate the area.”

To maintain security in the judiciary announced that the leadership of the armed forces in the Kurdistan Region has decided to send 8,000 Yazidi fighters in the ranks of the Peshmerga forces to Sinjar in order to achieve security and stability.

{Euphrates News} publish the new table for the distribution of the region salaries

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the government of the Kurdistan region, Sunday, a new table for the distribution of employees’ salaries to ensure ministries and government bodies in the region.

According to a ministry statement, seen by the agency {Euphrates News}, “will be the distribution of salaries for the month of January of 2017 , the following ministries and agencies: it will distribute salaries on the seventh of March the current staff of the Ministries of Education {outside city centers}, and Wednesday will be distributed to the staff of the Ministries of Education { } within the city centers, and Thursday will be distributed to the families of martyrs and Anfal political prisoners salaries, and the salaries of the Ministry of martyrs and Anfal staff. ” 

He explained, will be distributed next Sunday which falls 12 of this March, “salary of staff in the Office of the Ministry of Peshmerga brigades affiliate, and Monday the distribution of forces {80 and 70 salaries} of the Ministry of Peshmerga, and Wednesday will be the distribution of salaries, the Council of the security forces {brave}, and forces Peshmerga Zervana, defense forces and emergency police, will be distributed as of Thursday 16 March salaries, public security institution, the Ministry of Finance and economy, the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research. ” 

He pointed out that “on 19 March {Sunday} will be the Ministry of Interior staff salaries distribution, and Monday will be the distribution of salaries, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as will be distributed by the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism salaries, and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of nature resources, the Ministry of planning, the Board of Supreme Audit, and the human rights Commission, and the regions of Kurdistan emerging for the administration of the territory, and the board of the environment, the investment Authority, and the board of mines, and the board of integrity, the Supreme Commission for elections Kurdistan in March 26 “. 

The statement continued, will be distributed in the “March disabilities of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs , the salaries of 27, and the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, as well as to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs staff salaries, and in 28 of the same month will be distributed salaries, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, and the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, The judicial Council, the presidency of the region, and the presidency of the parliament, and the prime minister. ” 

And between, will be in ” the third of April next year, the distribution of salaries, pensioners of the Peshmerga forces, and in the fourth and fifth of the salary will be distributed in April, retired civilian retirees” .anthy


Abu Dhabi to host course in monetary policy andIslamic banking



(Independent) .. opened in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, “monetary policy and Islamic banking course in the binary system”, convened by the Economic Policy Institute, the Arab Monetary Fund, in cooperation with the Islamic Research and Training Institute of the Islamic Development Bank.

The Director-General Chairman of the Arab Monetary Fund, Abdulrahman Al Hamidi in his opening speech that the session, which lasts five days, discussed the general framework of monetary policy in the binary system, and the tools of monetary policy in the traditional Islamic and order system, and decades of monetary policy in the Islamic system, the basic principles to manage liquidity and risks in Islamic banks.

He added that Islamic banks are able to achieve successes and clear at the regional and global levels through the growing number of these banks and the widening geographical spread, which has become widespread in more than 60 countries.

He stressed that this sector witnessed a growth of between 15-20% per annum in the current decade, and rose Islamic banks’ assets to about $ 1.5 trillion at the end of 2015. He pointed out that this great development in the volume of Islamic banking requires paying the safety and durability of this sector the necessary importance of in order to maintain financial stability in the economies in which it operates these institutions.

He explained: The extent of the speed and the continuation of this development depends primarily on Islamic banks will be unable to continue to provide quality Islamic products high distinguish them from others, and the keenness of the monetary authorities in a number of countries where these banks activities spread out on the development of banking legislation to enable these banks exercise their financial activities efficiently, and through the development of monetary policy as management tools that helps in influencing the levels of liquidity and credit to the show.

He pointed out that monetary policy has played an important role in the economies of the countries, it being one of the factors affecting the macro-economic policy, which is often resorting to tools to address economic imbalances in order to maintain a balance and economic stability and the reduction of inflationary gaps.

He said that represents Islamic banking one of the most important financial components of the system, especially in Arab countries, and contribute to driving economic growth through monetary policy developer tools in light of the perception of the Islamic finance mechanisms as a component of financial stability and avoidance resulting from the accumulation of financial risk implications, which pay some institutions in Western countries to call conventional banks to study Islamic finance and take advantage of them to restore investor confidence mechanisms.

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