Iraq and the war on terror lead the Arab summit


26/3/2017 12:00 am

Jordan / Dead Sea / Esraa Khalifa

The work of the Council of the League of Arab States on the level of delegates to the 28th Arab Summit scheduled for next Wednesday ended in the Dead Sea area of Jordan on Saturday.

The Iraq file and the war on terrorism are at the top of the agenda of the summit, in which the country is represented by Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi. According to the Iraqi ambassador to Egypt and the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the Arab League Habib al-Sadr, «Iraq looks forward to activating the joint Arab action and increasing Arab support for Iraq, “We look at the upcoming Arab summit with optimism and hope,” he said, noting that “the Jordan summit is being held in the midst of challenges, crises and changes that prevail in the Arab region and the world at large. The first of these challenges is The terrorism that is hitting Iraq and the countries of the Arab world, especially Syria, Yemen and Libya, in addition to the decline in the file of the Palestinian issue from the orbit of Arab concerns, and therefore we hope that the Arab summit will say its chapter in these crises ».

Iraqi demands
On the demands of Iraq at the forthcoming summit, Ambassador al-Sadr said: “The summit comes at an important time for the Iraqis, and we bear the promises of victory shown on the elements of” calling “the terrorist, and therefore we need the support and support of our brothers Arab, especially with regard to file reconstruction areas They were destroyed and displaced in the city of Mosul and other areas destroyed during the war on terror, and the return of nearly 3 million displaced Iraqis left their homes, which calls for all Arabs to stand alongside Iraq, which fights terrorism on behalf of
the world”.
The ambassador pointed out that «Iraq is in dire need to support its Arab brothers through the Arab summit for the reconstruction of the areas that have been completely destroyed, as well as the vision of the Arab brothers in the file of the Iraqi national settlement led by the President of the Iraqi National Coalition Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, who seeks with all Iraqi political forces to end All differences that are exploited by some in order to bring strife between sons
“We seek through the summit to support our brothers to take a serious stance on the Turkish intervention in Iraq by occupying its land despite many Arab and international condemnations demanding the withdrawal of these forces to the border and not to interfere again in the territory of Iraq. To Ankara to withdraw its forces », stressing that« Iraq is looking forward to activate the joint Arab action ».

Council of Delegates
The permanent representatives of the Arab League concluded their meeting on Saturday to discuss the items that were submitted to the meeting of the Council of the Arab League at the Arab ministerial level scheduled for Monday to raise them to the Arab leaders at the summit level at its 28th session to be held next Wednesday while Trade Minister Salman Jumaili on Sunday At the meeting of the Arab Economic and Social Council to discuss the items that were raised by senior officials of the Council last Thursday, which includes a set of economic decisions
The agenda of the delegates’ meeting, which was chaired by Ambassador of Jordan to Egypt and its Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ambassador Ali Al-Ayed, who received the chairmanship of the meeting from his Mauritanian counterpart Weddadi Ould Sidi Heibeh, included 30 items dealing with various political, economic and social issues in the Arab world. The work of the Arab foreign ministers and discuss the draft resolutions of the items included in the draft agenda of the Arab Summit at its 28th session.

17 presidents
Al-Sabah also learned from diplomatic sources that the Arab summit to be held in Jordan on the Dead Sea next Wednesday will become one of the summits with the largest Arab representation.
“The participation of about 17 leaders, presidents and kings
The Arabs.
The sources also pointed out that “new Palestinian projects were presented for discussion at the foreign ministers’ meeting on Monday to be adopted within the resolutions on the Palestinian issue and focused mainly on the situation in Gaza and the Israeli siege, and the emphasis on the two-state solution according to the Arab peace initiative and reject any amendments thereto. The policies of the extremist Government of Israel and the end of the blockade imposed on Gaza by Israel in view of the existence of crossings governed by agreements
International ».

Iraqi aviation kills leaders of Daish, most of them Saudis in Mosul


Baghdad – Journal News

Military intelligence announced the killing of three of the most prominent leaders of the Arabs to support an Iraqi air strike west of Mosul.

An intelligence statement said that “based on the information of the Directorate of Military Intelligence, air force planes destroyed a site of leaders, most of them Arab and killed the most prominent leaders, namely the terrorist Abdullah al-Hiaf, nicknamed Abu al-Harith, a Saudi additive additive and Khalid Mohammed Hazza al-Shammari, And the terrorist Abdul Rahman Murad Murad al-Dulah, administrative officer of the Al-Baaj district, with an air strike in the Al-Baaj district, Al-Thawra district, west of Mosul. “

Files Abadi in the Arab summit


Baghdad – Journal News

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is scheduled to participate in the Arab summit in Jordan and will focus on six files according to informed sources.

The sources said on Saturday that “Abadi will focus in his speech at the summit on the victories achieved by the Iraqi army and the popular crowd on the urging and courage of Iraqi forces and the popular crowd

As well as the strength and unity of the people. “

The sources added that “Abadi will also put forward an Iraqi project to coordinate security against terrorism among the Arab countries to replace the joint defense agreement, and to move towards the request for support and contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq after the urging.”

The project will also put forward the Arab economic investment inside Iraq and the networking of Arab relations on an economic basis.”

Security forces storm the neighborhood of “Araba” and liberate a mosque in Mosul


The security scene Saturday 25 March 2017 at 19:45 pm (637 views)
Security forces storm the neighborhood of “Araba” and liberate a mosque in Mosul

BAGHDAD / Sky Press:

The anti-terrorism forces stormed the Orouba neighborhood on Saturday and seized a mosque on the right-hand coast of Mosul, local sources said.

The sources said in special statements to “Sky Press” that “the forces of the anti-terrorism forces stormed the neighborhood of Araba south of the city of Mosul.”

The forces “managed to free the Abu Zayyan mosque and is now fighting battles against remnants of an organization calling for the full restoration of the neighborhood.”