A special body for banks

7/31/2016 0:00
Baghdad morning

saw a financial expert , Thamer al – Azzawi , the founding body for banks is necessary to serve the banking sector , both public and private.
He said al – Azzawi in a statement »Sabah» that this kind of practice in all countries of the world bodies, as it will be responsible for national banks to develop, communicate and deal with international banks, as well as their contribution to the resolutions and mechanisms that support the economy.
The expert also pointed out that the developmental processes of public and private banks are a specialty of this type of Aoalheiiat institutions, either formulating monetary policy in the country is located on the responsibility of the central bank.
Among al – Azzawi , that this type of institution has the greatest impact on trade and economic development of the country, through the facilities and bank credits provided to customers, shareholders and investors


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