America’s adoption of five military bases in the territory Korddstan and trains and funds Alپeshmrگh for ten years


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Twilight News / detect the location of any Kord Daily mail, that the United States will establish five military bases in Kurdistan province under military protocol signed between Erbil and Washington, indicating that the United States pledged to train and qualify and pay the salaries of Alپeshmrگh forces for ten years.

Took place in Erbil on Tuesday July 12 this signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry Alپeshmrگh and the US Department of Aldavaa Bachertv ceremony and the presence of the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, and signed by the Kurdish side and Minister Alپeshmrگh proxy Karim Sinjari and on the US side Deputy Defense Minister Elisa Slotkin.

He said the location of any English-language Daily Kurds that the agreement saw the light after a telephone conversation between the region’s president, Massoud Barzani and US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

According to the site, America will build five military bases in Kurdistan province under military protocol signed between Erbil and Washington

The Web site said the five military bases spread over the provinces of Arbil, Dahuk and two in silk Arbil and Dahuk one in Atrush.

In addition, as mentioned, the site suggests that the military protocol of cooperation between the province and the United States aimed at eliminating the organization “Daash” terrorist, but he also stressed that America will under the agreement to train and qualify Alپeshmrگh forces for ten years with awarded its members’ salaries.


Urgent Washington: Donors ‘ Conference for Iraq to collect more than two billion dollars


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John Kirby , spokesman for the US State Department said that the donors ‘ conference for Iraq on Wednesday to collect more than $ 2.1 billion to exceed the barrier of two billion dollars , which organizers expect to achieve.
Kirby said in a statement : ” The conference brought together more than $ 2.1 billion , with additional pledges not yet complete.”
He met with ministers of defense and foreign 24 countries in Washington in order to collect funds to help Iraq in the battle against al Daash.


Video .. oil flows to the earth’s surface from southern Iraq field


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West Qurna 2 field in southern Iraq .. m m r - p p

West Qurna 2 field in southern Iraq .. m m r – p p

Twilight News / Iraqi trading on social networks, on Wednesday, a video clip of crude oil flows on the surface of the earth due to high temperatures appear.
He said bloggers that section was photographed in the west of the Horn field in Basra province , the far south of Iraq.
And exceeded the temperature 50 degrees Celsius this summer in central and southern Iraq.
the Iraqi government announced, yesterday, disable always in official circles on Wednesday and Thursday due to high temperatures.
the West Qurna field -2 , one of the largest oil fields in Iraq. Handles Russia’s LUKOIL development, The field is currently producing 450 thousand barrels per day.

Urgent Britain has doubled its troops in Iraq to 500 with the approaching battle Mosul


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the British Ministry of Defense announced that it has decided to double the number of British troops in Iraq to 500 troops.
The British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, said on 30 June that his country would send “about 200 extra troops to Iraq , ” noting that this increase comes “with the continuation of Iraqi forces regain territory and begin major operation to liberate Mosul; it is important to continue the coalition forces to provide support to allow them to achieve further progress. ”
He stressed at the same time that” Britain would provide for the Peshmerga forces ammunition worth 1.4 million pounds.
the British Ministry of Defence at the end of June, that ” the extra power and a team of engineers will raise the total of British troops in Iraq to 1,100 troops.”
but after this new increase the number of British soldiers in Iraq 1,400 troops.


Carter: We will not be a substitute for local forces and obsession referee after defeat Daash


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US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said at a news conference on Wednesday, he said that ” the biggest obsession for countries that are fighting organization Daash is stability and rule after the military campaign against the organization, it is ” important for our discussions to focus on these issues , “according to his words .
He added Carter on the sidelines of the second meeting of the international coalition that the US – led fight Daash that the destruction of this organization in Syria and Iraq ” an important but not enough, and our partners on the ground have what they need to defeat Daash.”
Between, ” The Kurdish forces [peshmerga] are surrounded Mosul from the north, the Syrian Arab forces fighting in Manbej fiercely against the stronghold of al Daash. ”
He stressed” the need to destroy the idea of a state based on ideology Daash the campaign will also include Afghanistan, Libya, and every place where there are active organization. ”
said US Secretary of defense, that” Iraqis all social Perigord need for a better life after the defeat Daash. ”
Carter explained that” the work of the international coalition is focused on supporting local forces because they need to keep on the ground, and the alliance would not be a substitute for the local forces, “stressing that” the work will focus on providing support with all the elements to get to the stability and reconstruction phase. ”
the US defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in a visit to Baghdad on 11 July of this sending 560 additional US troops to Iraq, bringing many US troops in the country to the 4647 military , ” noting that “these forces that are part of the international coalition and will provide support for the Iraqi security forces, including infrastructure and logistics capabilities. ”
the Carter said the troops” will strengthen the Iraqi security forces capabilities in the liberation of Mosul process , “declaring that” the United States will use Qayyarah liberated by Iraqi forces recently southern base Mosul to join the process of liberalization of Nineveh. ” for
its part the Iraqi Ministry of defense, for preliminary approval for the arrival of these advisers.
he said media adviser and civil ministry spokesman Naseer Nouri, l [where] that” advisers will contribute toprovide logistics services for combat forces , whether land or air they are in anyway combat troops are not at all will be called up to the urgent need , “noting that” in principle approved the proposal but thedeployment and operations of their arrival will be according to Iraqi needs. ”

Gen. Votal: well prepared for the battle of Mosul and Beyond



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{INTERNATIONAL: Euphrates News} said the US Central Command, General Joseph Votal “to prepare for the process of liberalization of Mosul going well there, as well as preparations for after the battle of liberation.
He said Votal at a joint news conference with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, he said that ” the battle to liberate Mosul will have good preparations, as well as there are measures beyond the liberation of the city.”
Turn Carter said, we are working with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani , on coordination to resolve the battle of Mosul , the military aspects, as well as looking to evacuate the displaced process, even after the liberalization process and the reconstruction of liberated areas. ”
He noted that” there is ready to support the war against Daash states, declaring send the intention of France to send an aircraft carrier to the region to fight Daash
he said . ” UK to send more trainers to Iraq brass “.anthy

With the participation of Iraq .. the ministers of defense and foreign coalition meeting in Washington

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meet defense ministers and foreign more than 30 countries in Washington on Wednesday to discuss theconduct of operations against gangs Daash and planning for the next stages in the war against terrorism.
US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter will also discuss with his counterparts ways to campaign and raise momentum to accelerate, especially in Iraq.
The meeting of defense ministers at Andrews Air Force Base, outside Washington , DC, is the fourth of its kind that the state includes participation in the war against Daash.
, Said a Pentagon spokesman, Peter Cook, Carter will talk about the military campaign and ways toaccelerate and hosts Carter on Thursday, for the first time, a common defense ministers and foreign coalition countries meeting is expected to spin discussions about coordination of military and diplomatic efforts, including funding for counter – terrorism operations, and anti – foreign influx of refugees and stability cities and towns that have been freed from the grip of the organization of the Islamic state.
the meeting comes in the wake of the NATO summit in Warsaw earlier this month, in which allies pledged toincrease targeted support for fighting al Daash.
and resides in Washington , ministers of defense, foreign affairs two Iraqis Khalid al – Obeidi , and Ibrahim al -Jaafari to attend the meeting.



The start of a meeting of defense ministers and senior officials from the countries of the international coalition against Daash


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} appeared shortly before the defense ministers meeting of senior international coalition countries and officials against Daash headed by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to discuss the conduct of military action against Daash.
The Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi, arrived on Tuesday to the United States, to attend the defense ministers of the international coalition countries conference to fight Daash gangs.
A statement of the Ministry of Defense, received {Euphrates News}, will be discussed during the conference several files the most important, arming and training Iraqi forces file, and file the battle to liberate Mosul, and file thedisplaced, and Maittalbh preparations to relieve their suffering and help them to return to areas Sknahm.anthy

Mkourk: edit Mosul and ensure the stability of the greatest challenge of the international coalition against Daash offline


The bombing of the World Alliance for building the Central Bank and the premises of three banks in the city of Mosul


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Confirmed the US presidential envoy to the international coalition in Iraq, said on Wednesday that (Daash) lost more than 50 percent of the land that was occupied in Iraq, which allowed room for the return of 700 thousand Iraqis to their homes where ,, While counting that the liberation of Mosul was “the biggest challenge” alliance currently, between the Washington conference will focus on the fight against the organization in Iraq, Syria and financing efforts to bring stability to Iraq liberated areas and train police forces to catch the ground and secure the return of the people to it.

Brett said Mkourk, in a press briefing today, I followed (range Press), “The alliance is facing an unprecedented challenge Bdaash terrorist where the flow on Syria over the past four years, more than 40 thousand foreign to join the organization,” noting that “many weak who we fought in Afghanistan during the eighties, he called the US president, Barack Obama, to the formation of the international coalition against Daash in the summer of 2014 the past. “

He Mkourk, that “the coalition meeting on Thursday, will bring together defense ministers and foreign member countries will be an important event in the international campaign against Daash,” noting that “the meeting will include military aspects in the fight against the organization in Iraq, Syria and financing to bring stability to the liberated areas in Iraq’s efforts, training police forces, which will assume the task of keeping the earth and secure the return of people to it. “

He said presidential envoy, that “more than 50 percent of the land occupied by the Daash in Iraq has been liberated with the return of about 700 thousand Iraqis to their homes where,” stressing that “the coalition now looks to Mosul, which will be his greatest challenge yet.”

He said Mkourk, that “most of the focus meeting of foreign and defense ministers at the meeting tomorrow will revolve around Mosul, to discuss ways to successfully complete the liberation of the city, (405 north of the capital Baghdad), with a plan to sustain stability and the allocation of adequate funding for that,” following up “The meeting will focus also on another axis to the prosecution networks recruiting foreign militants around the world by gathering intelligence information about them and prosecution, as well as ways to prosecute other armed groups affiliated to the organization Daash formations around the world, particularly in Libya. “

The foreign and defense ministers conference of the international coalition against (Daash), began on Wednesday in Washington DC, and lasts for two days, and represent Iraq at the foreign and defense ministers conference, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and Khaled al-Obeidi.

The State Department spokesman, John Kirby, announced, in (the 23 of June 2016), Washington hosted in (the twentieth of July present), an international donors’ conference aims to support the Iraqi government in the process of restoring stability to the liberated areas, and help the Iraqi people overcome the humanitarian crisis The devastation caused by the organization (Daash).

The State Department, suggested on Tuesday (the 19th of July present), collecting two billion dollars to help Iraq during the donors’ conference to be held in Washington with the participation of 24 countries, indicating that it will be allocated to meet the four needs and challenges of “urgent” related to the removal of mines from the liberated areas and to facilitate the return of displaced persons her and stability, as well as secure the humanitarian needs of the internally displaced and displaced persons with the start of liberalization of Mosul operations.