Tension between Baghdad and Kurdistan: cooperation against “Daash” threatened

Tension between Baghdad and Kurdistan: cooperation against "Daash" threatened

2016-07-24 |Thenew Erbil Arab

After experiencing a military coordination between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region as a positive development over the past months, especially the support of the province to the Iraqi army in front of inebriated Qayyarah, in preparation for the Liberation of Nineveh province, he returned Relations are strained in the wake of a statement to the Defence Minister Khaled al – Obeidi , and the leaders of a number of militias, targeting the role of the Peshmerga forces . Obeidi said he refuses to enter the city of Mosul, peshmerga forces to participate in the editing, though Iraqi forces with high probability to engage the militias will be so. Lord region the words of al-Obeidi, threatened to halt cooperation and coordination with the army, refusing to be a decision to participate in the battle of Baghdad, Mosul, however.
The Iraqi defense minister, who does not have the already broad powers in the leadership of the battles on the ground, had said from the United States, during his participation in a meeting of defense ministers of participating in the international coalition countries, he refuses to enter the peshmerga into the city of Mosul (400 km north of Baghdad) during participation in the liberation battles. While opening the door to enter the militias, saying that the decision to post the militias affiliated to the “popular crowd” is contained and is up to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, is known as the other limited impact on the armed militias that up to more than fifty-faction.
This explains the words of al-Obeidi, about the involvement of militias in the battle for the position that support the militias against the desire of the Kurdistan region and much of the Sunni leadership, which refuses to engage the militias for fear of a repeat of the many violations carried out by the “popular crowd” in Anbar, Salahuddin and areas of Baghdad belt.
Moral of the Secretary of Defense statement is not known, although it would like sending a political message from Baghdad to the Kurdistan region after a positive morale boost received by the region following the signing of the US Department of Defense official note is the first of the territory with any US destination. And included a note that was signed on July 12 current and clear signals to the essential role of the peshmerga forces in the liberation of the province of Nineveh battles and address of the “Islamic State” (Daash), set forth in that of preparing the troops and arming and financing the salaries and equipment, and like any narrowing of Baghdad on the role of the Peshmerga in Nineveh battles to put that note in the re-evaluation of the position.
A statement from the Ministry of Peshmerga released on Sunday, in response to the words of al-Obeidi and the official statement of the Ministry of Defense about the battle of Mosul and the Kurdish role in which: “It was a peshmerga will take part in the battle paid Mali, with the consent of the Iraqi army and withdraw the behest army, the right is that the Peshmerga forces will withdraw from the liberated areas during operations edit Nineveh, according to a timetable, and consensus between the governments of the province and Baghdad, this does not mean that the peshmerga will withdraw from the areas liberated during the past two years, but the withdrawal process will include only the city of Mosul. “
Kurdistan and threatened in a statement to stop the coordination and cooperation with the Iraqi army due to receive treatment, she said she was “not up to the level of sacrifices.” She said that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense published a statement in which it pointed out that the Peshmerga forces will take part in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul in exchange for financial support and will withdraw from the sites be introduced at the behest of the Iraqi army, “You should know all the parties that the peshmerga gun is not for rent and that their participation in the fighting made a decision of the Kurdish people and not at the behest of any other party. “

In the latest development in a series of tensions between Baghdad and Kurdistan, The President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, displeasure of dealing “inappropriate by the Iraqi government about the peshmerga, and the indifference of the coalition countries regarding the participation of the Kurdistan region delegation in the meeting held in Washington to counter-terrorism conference.” A statement of the presidency of the region for Barzani as saying during a meeting with a delegation from the US Embassy in Baghdad: “While the peshmerga were fundamental force in the war against terrorists in Daash in the past two years, will remain the troops sacrificed bravely Boruahha, has been able to break down and defeat the terrorists Daash defense of land and dignity The Supreme people and human values, without giving them any financial support from any party. “ “The peshmerga fighting for decades for a just cause and to protect this country and can not be valuing a drop of blood of any member of the peshmerga anything was.”
In an attempt to contain the tension, spokesman for the Ministry of Peshmerga, Jabbar Yawar, that al-Obeidi’s remarks were transferred incorrectly. Yawar said in a press statement: “He did not say he would not allow the participation of the peshmerga liberalization processes Mosul,” he said, adding: “There are political parties are trying to prevent the participation of the peshmerga in the battle of Mosul, fearing its survival into the connector after its liberation.”
In conjunction with attempts to curtail the role of the Peshmerga, political parties in Baghdad sought to highlight the role of the militias, “the popular crowd,” as it calls for a lot of influential politicians need to engage those militias in the Battle of Mosul. The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, has ordered for “Peace Brigades” of him, to go to the north to fight the “Daash” south of Mosul. Military spokesman militia “League of the Righteous,” Jawad Tlabawi he said, in a statement, said that “factions of the popular crowd the battle of liberation of Mosul involvement will help to accelerate the achievement of victory and will miss the opportunity to greedy land of Mosul.” He warned “against the approval of the involvement of the peshmerga battle of liberation of Mosul.”
In practice is most effective in ground combat peshmerga compared Iraqi forces, has fought many battles against the militants, “Daash” was able to recover through which large areas of insurgents in the north of the city of Mosul. And it led those successes peshmerga forces to surround the city of Mosul on both sides of the east and north, and stand at distances ranging between 15 and 40 kilometers from the city, while separating the Iraqi Army and Mosul front of the South more than 70 kilometers. And he led the Peshmerga battles with “Daash” to undergo areas classified as being disputed northern Nineveh, for the management of the Kurdistan region, and refuse the territory ceded after the expulsion of “Daash” process.



Urgent .. surrender of a number of terrorist forces in the center of Kirkuk Alپeshmrگh


Sunday 24-07-2016 | 10:32:35

M m r / d p

M m r / d p

Twilight News / A source in Alپeshmrگh Kurdish forces in Kirkuk, on Sunday, for the surrender of six of the terrorists organization “Daash” Alپeshmrگh forces stationed in the south-west of the city of Kirkuk.

The source, who asked not to be identified, for Twilight News, said the six members of the organization Daash terrorist, in the district of Hawija, west of Kirkuk, they make surrender to Alپeshmrگh forces stationed in this region.

He added that the troops had to evacuate these terrorists to the rear lines to be later transferred to a police station to investigate them, explaining that with the increased military pressure on them become terrorists “Daash” living in a state of panic and extreme confusion in the area and began many of them to flee and leave the area or surrender to forces Alپeshmrگh or security forces stationed in the region.


Japan agree to give Iraq a loan of two billion dollars to develop and rehabilitate the Basra oil refinery


Sunday 24-07-2016 | 11:30:40

J p


J p

Twilight News / Chairman of the Commission on oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad Knight said on Sunday that the Japanese government agreed to give Iraq a loan of two billion and a $ 100 million dollars to implement a range of rehabilitation projects in the Basra oil refinery, adding that the interest of the proportion of this the loan amounting to 2% and repayable over a period of 40 years.

Said Knight in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said that “these funds will be allocated to implement a range of vital and strategic projects in the Mustafa Basra venture (hydrogenation gas oil) card (20) thousand barrels per day, in addition to project and cracker unit Catalytic (FCC), which is the largest of its its kind within the liquidation projects, “pointing out that these projects will be the termination of them by 2020.”

He continued, “This project goalscoring to develop the refinery mentioned and bring it to a daily production of an estimated 4500 tons of reformulated gasoline and 27,000 barrels of fuel oil and (40,000) barrels of hydrogenated gas oil, which is produced for the first time in Iraq, according to international standards in addition to the production of 500 tons of liquid gas which enhances the actual need of the country. ”

Among Knight “to obtain the Japanese loan came after the great efforts made by the Iraqi Oil Ministry to persuade the Japanese side to agree to give Iraq a financial loan, which will contribute positively to develop the Basra refinery oil amount.”

اليابان توافق على منح العراق قرضا بقيمة ملياري دولار لتطوير وتأهيل مصفاة البصرة النفطي

Baghdad province: stopped 30% of the contract (k9) and we received 64 dogs


A trained dogs to detect explosives


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Declared the province of Baghdad, on Sunday, stopped 30% of the contract for the purchase dogs the (k9), which contracted to purchase from the US company because of the financial crunch, as indicated it is seeking self-sufficiency through the purchase of a couple of this type of reproduction, presented these dogs for stress and work confirmed overloaded at checkpoints.

The deputy governor of Baghdad, Jassim Alboukhata in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “the province completed about 70% of the contract k9 imported from a US company in Texas City.”

Alboukhata He added that “30% of the contract stopped due to financial distress experienced by Iraq and influenced in all projects and contracts for the province,” noting that “the province received 64 dogs were delivered to the Baghdad police were deployed in the inspection and maintain points waiting for the arrival of the amounts in order to complete the rest of the decade the k9 “.

He pointed Alboukhata that “the province brought dogs, male and female, from the quality of the (k 9) for reproduction in Baghdad and reach self-sufficiency with subjecting newborn to intensive training by the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Interior,” pointing to the graduation of the first meal of them. ” .

He denied Alboukhata “raised about the ineffectiveness of these dogs,” saying that it “from Albalijm, which can be adapted to the type of atmosphere Iraq.”

Vice Baghdad province and continued that “the dogs of k9 exposed to stress more than capacity Vtaml for six hours continuously while you should be working two hours with a break for up to four hours with a failure to provide an appropriate environment for dogs and leave them in the sun by their handlers, causing a lack of efficiency.”

Alboukhata stressed that “the prime component of the Ministry of Interior delegation to contract with the American company and we put the dogs for tests and we chose the best ones according to consider the age and quality that fit our circumstances the air.”

Regarding the car sonar, among Alboukhata that “the province has eight cars were awarded part of them to the threshold of Kadhimiya, while we tried to put the other part in some of the checkpoints, but financial circumstances prevented it.”

The Committee on Security and Defence parliamentary revealed (12 July 2016) that the car that exploded in the Karrada district came from Diyala province, as showed that sniffer dogs (k9) searched the wheel after being suspected Bnaqlha in Khalis district, confirmed that Baghdad witnessed 181 terrorist operation since the beginning of the current year.

The management of the province of Baghdad announced (early November 2014) on the arrival of 25 sniffer dogs first of the contract signed with the US company as a down payment, and confirmed that the contract amounted to two billion dinars, pointed out that these dogs will be deployed at the entrances to the capital, the mission and administrative units.

The governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi said in a press statement (13 May 2014) that “it was contracted to buy K9 at more than five billion.”

The security situation in the capital, Baghdad, have been tense since mid-2013, it announced that the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), in (the first of July present), killing and injuring 2119 Iraqis as a result of acts of violence in the country during the month of June last, registered reduction over recorded during the month of May, a renewed emphasis on the capital, Baghdad, was the “most affected”.


IMF agreement test for Iraq


7/23/2016 0:00

 Edmund O’Sullivan / Torgomh- Khalid Qasim
IMF has developed a tremendous program to rewrite Iraq’s ailing economy. The fund issued on July 14 and the current document consisting of 34 pages constitute the most ambitious attempt to remake the economy of one of the Middle East.
Paint a document program that Iraq agreed upon to ensure a loan from the Fund valued at $ 4.5 billion in order to bridge the gap revenues of the government resulting from thedecline in oil prices . The document also contains assurances demanded by international creditors and who will have to provide additional loans soon. These loans include billion bonds government of the United States included in the billion – euro bond dollars isexpected to be issued before the end of this year, and one billion other dollars from theWorld Bank and more than $ 3 billion in loans projects.
Says IMF: that Iraq needs to borrow $ 56 billion until the year 2019, this estimate comes at the top of the current debt of the country , which she mentions the fund amounted to $ 67 billion until the end of last year, equivalent to about 45 percent of the projected budget for the current year. The main objective of the agreement is the fiscal deficit of thegovernment, which has risen to 14 percent of gross domestic product last year. It is likely to increase more during this year, with oil prices so far amounted to an average 75 percent from their level of a year earlier as a whole.
Baghdad and agreed on the need to reduce the deficit to 1 percent of GDP in 2021, and achieved part of that goal over the high price of oil which is expected arrival level of $ 70 a barrel by the end of the decade.
but the bulk of the settlement will come through spending cuts and government reforms.This includes for the current year to increase taxes and cut salaries of employees and retirees and reduce the capital and the financial allocations for the Kurdistan region spending. The government has promised to complete 85 percent of the president spending the non – oil authorized in the current year budget. Is
expected to provide value – added tax and work to increase the efficiency of the 176 state – owned company outside the financial sector employs 550 thousand people, and mentions the agreement with the IMF that half of those Vaidon need.
Prepare this program is tremendous, and increases the size of the challenges faced by Iraq because of the military operations against the «Daash» and dealing with more than four million displaced people in the northern areas since June 2014. He fled about aquarter of a million Syrians into Iraq since the outbreak of the civil war there in 2011. the
world offers a real help to Baghdad to protect the Iraqi people from terrorism and external threats, but they are in need of hope on their ability to prosper as well. If achieved theIMF agreement this goal is a positive agreement, but there are economic and social costs must be paid before then.

Abadi Office reveals American power tasks that will be sent to Iraq


Khandan – the media office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi detection experts and advisers Americans to be sent to Iraq as part of a final understanding with the US side tasks, and among that this force will be rehabilitated Qayyarah Air Base , the maximum to their importance in the liberation of Mosul process, said it would provide more support for troops Iraq through the provision ofcounseling and logistical support. Saad al – Sabri , spokesman for the press office of the Iraqi Prime Minister at the press briefing, said that “Iraq is the front line in the war against terrorism and interest, wisdom and justice that we use the international and regional support in this war , and to Anharb alone in war all humanity, and take advantage of all the support provided to Iraq in this war as long as they do not conflict with national sovereignty and are in full coordination with theIraqi government , especially with the fact that this support and assistance to contribute to accelerating the processes of liberalization and minimize losses among our fighters and protect civilians. ”  he said Sabri was” in this context comes the last of understanding with the American side where he will be sent less than two hundred experts and technicians American consultant with crews accompanying service for them – and this supported the tradition of the US military action – to assume contribute to the rehabilitation ofQayyarah air Base , the maximum to their importance in the liberation of Mosul process, and to provide greater support Iraqi forces , and through the provision of counseling and logistical support for our troops in the advance towards Mosul and to provide more air support and the provision of air and an active and direct Iraqi troops fighting on the ground cover. ”  Sabri said , and explained , ” this force will be no combat missions ground for not need Iraq to foreign combat troops On the ground”.


The Ministry of Justice announces loans industrial, agricultural and residential projects Help


Views 63 viewsBAGHDAD / SNG – Ministry of Justice announced the special loans, industrial, agricultural and residential projects) instructions, and included lending conditions and the adoption of the deliberative meeting the recommendations of the assurances given by the Iraqi banks.

The flags of the Ministry of Justice in a press statement that “the Ministry of Finance, to ensure the decisions of the crisis cell in its meeting held on (27.06.2016), the text of the following:

(A) approve the work plan and to require specialized banks and the adoption of the plan prepared by the Higher Committee for loans CBI.

(B) adoption of the assurances given by the Iraqi banks deliberative meeting’s recommendations.

1. The Ministry of Finance, represented by its subsidiary banks and real estate registration department to take precautionary measures to ensure the lack of any kind of manipulation.

2. Adoption of the force in the departments of real estate registration controls for the purposes of determining the ownership transfer fees in the estimation of real estate mortgage subject with the addition of 30% on the value of the land only, with respect to commercial real estate and (10%) with respect to residential property that does not exceed the estimated value of any aBOUT prices prevailing in the market, estimate time and the adoption of these mechanisms as collateral in connection with mortgage loans granted by all banks, and does not do any directives in conflict with these recommendations.

3. The Bank on request additional collateral if the need arises, according to the rules of procedure for each bank and the validity of the Board of Directors.

The resolution also included many of the points that will help facilitate the procedures in this regard and checking on lending mechanisms to keep public money and so the largest number of entrepreneurs from the funds allocated for this purpose benefit.


Jaafari: amounts donor conference will be spent on the reconstruction of infrastructure


Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Counting Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari, on Sunday, the level of attendance at the donors ‘ conference held recently in Washington to support Aeraguen as “good”, pointing out that aspects of expenditure of funds collected from the conference is the reconstruction of the infrastructure destroyed by the gangs . ” Daash “terrorist. Jaafari said Like 0 7/24/2016 Tomorrow Press – Jaafari: amounts donor conference will be spent on the reconstruction of infrastructure  during a press remarks on the sidelines of the international coalition meetings against the ” Daash “gangs of terror in Washington, according to a statement his office” tomorrow press “received a copy of it, that” attendance at the donors ‘ conference level was good, was attended by a large number of Foreign ministers from around the world, and there was no disagreement on what to put in the meeting , “noting that” those present expressed their joy for the triumphs of the Iraqi armed forces in various configurations, and promised that victory in Iraq a victory for all of them. ” He added that” the amount of Donations reached two billion and 200 million uS dollars, an amount just is not, but it does not rise to the ceiling of the need, what we need still more, we endured the brunt, and gave blood, and hit our cities vandalized, it is not so much on Iraq to get this amount, but we grow old them, and thank them for this initiative, and we hope to be followed by other initiatives, more aid. ” Jaafari said that” from the aspects of exchange of funds collected is the reconstruction of the infrastructure destroyed by Daash gangs terrorist, noting that ” the international coalition at the heart of the ” .Iraqi confrontation process, not hand sitting on the hill


American Consul to leave Basra: Goodbye to the south in the heart of tearful



Since 24/07/2016 18:34 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Let the United States Consul in Basra Steve Walker, the people of the south with a compelling message EE “Farewell to the south tearful heart,” speaking of the historical and cultural richness of the region by drawing borders poetically of the ziggurat to the Imam Ali Mosque, and the marshes to the tomb of the Prophet Uzayr.

Walker said, “beloved, the people of southern Iraq, Basra leaving next week for a new job in Washington. I would like you to Balchukraldzel for the warm reception and hospitality to me and my team during the past year.”

He added, “Before I came here I heard that the people of southern Iraq over the peoples of the world the generosity and hospitality, and here I am today southern Iraq assure the health of it.”

He went on Walker, a consul, who caused a sensation statements and positions, “My work as Consul General was an important part of my career. I worked hard in order to represent my country and correcting misunderstandings about US policy in Iraq. I hope he knows the southern Iraqi people that the United States US steady partner for Iraq in its war against Daash, the war that Iraq achieves the victories. ”

He added, “What binds us is a long-term strategy and that the United States always stand with Iraq.”

He spoke of his gratitude to identify the variety of the people of southern Iraq Talal, academics, businessmen and government officials, and civil society activists, and religious leaders, journalists and tribal elders.

“I am humbled by the extent of the durability of the Iraqi people and their commitment to a democratic Iraq that strong.”

Also he pointed out that “work on the expansion of ties between the Iraqi people and the American people was the favorite part of my job.”

In regard to this matter, Walker said, “I am proud and especially what we have achieved together in a twinning project between the cities of Basra and the Houston agreement.”

“I hope that this agreement provides a framework for a permanent work of educational, cultural and economic ties between the people of southern Iraq and the people of the United States.”

“I was privileged to visit the provinces of Muthanna and Dhi Qar, Maysan and Basra. The south of Iraq, of the ziggurat to the Imam Ali Mosque, and the marshes to the tomb of the Prophet Uzayr, full of cultural and historical riches.”

And on the annexation of the marshes to the World Heritage List Walker he said: “I was pleased to hear the news of the approval of UNESCO, at the beginning of this week, to include other areas of the marshes of southern Iraq to the list of World Heritage sites. Congratulations on this achievement.”

He concluded by saying: “I am sad because I left Basra and in particular the port beloved club (Emenaia)” past to emphasize the ability of his successor, he said, “but I am aware that my successor Consul General Wen Dayton will be a great job being one of the best diplomats we have and is now looking forward to get into Basra,” .anthy 29 / tc n


The escape of large numbers of Aldoaash outside Sharqat

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{Salahuddin: Euphrates News} escaped a large number of gangs Daash Alahrabah outside Sharqat yet provided the security forces and the cooperation of the people of eliminating them.
According to a security source from within Sharqat told {Euphrates News} “that the security forces found large numbers of weapons and ammunition that were in possession of Daash gangs terrorist after inspection of the sites that were holed up by action.” 

He added that ” the cooperation of the people of the judiciary with us produced the outcome of the escape of those gangs criminal were obtained intelligence information on the high importance of the objectives will deal with them thoroughly , which will help to liberate the province of Nineveh. process 

a security source had said earlier for {Euphrates News} that the people in Aljehlh village of spend Sharqat Ludlow value for Daash gangs information criminal resulted in such information for the killing of a senior commander in the terrorist Daash {} Libyan Abu al – Harith. “ended