International Alliance: oil revenues Daash fell half


July 06 .2016

Iraqi soldiers guarding an oil pipeline in southern Iraq's Basra

Iraqi soldiers guarding an oil pipeline in southern Iraq’s Basra

Led raids by the international coalition since the fall on oil facilities controlled by the organization of the Islamic State “Daash,” to cut its oil revenues jihadists in half, according to the international coalition.

And continue the process of “Taadl Wave 2” contribute to “reduce revenues Daash regulation of oil and gas activities,” according to said US Lieutenant Colonel Chris Garver, a military spokesman for the coalition, who was speaking via videolink from Baghdad.

Garver said: “We believe that the process allowed us to reduce” revenue halved since fall, ie, “to about $ 15 million a month now.”

And began the process of “Taidal Wave 2” in the fall and targeting especially oil installations to organize Daash.

Garver said the alliance launched 193 raids since the start of the process, and launched another aircraft raids Monday and destroyed the barrels of six oil wells of the organization.

The United States and the coalition tried to initially limit of raids targeting oil installations in Syria and Iraq, in order to avoid the elimination of the resource will return later with money on the legitimacy of the government.

But they decided to accelerate in the fall Khtoathma with the need to move in the military operation against Daash.

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Have an idea to prevent ‘violent extremism’? You could be eligible for up to $2 million to make it happen.


By Abigail Hauslohner July 6 at 4:53 PM

A crowd stands in solidarity during a candlelight vigil in Orlando, Fla., following the Pulse shooting. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)
Any school district, university, county government or nonprofit with an idea for how to counter “violent extremism” in America could be eligible for up to $2 million in federal grant money to make that idea a reality, the Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday.

The $10 million total in available funding marks the first time the department has solicited “countering violent extremism” project ideas from the larger public. Eligible applicants also include other entities of local, state and Native American tribal government.

The new grant program will support “programs, projects and activities that prevent recruitment or radicalization to violence” by interrupting that recruitment or radicalization; making communities more likely to reject extremist messages; “identifying the early signs of radicalization”; and “providing appropriate interventions through civic organizations, law enforcement or other entities,” according to the department’s notice of funding.
Interested parties have two months to apply.

Civil rights groups and some Muslim leaders have argued that the government’s countering extremism program is inherently discriminatory and stigmatizing and runs the risk of violating civil rights and liberties.

While most of the federal government’s efforts so far to counter violent extremism have focused on Muslim communities, the government has not provided data to suggest that Muslims are more susceptible to violence than any other group. Counter-terrorism experts also say there are no known indicators that someone is going to become a violent extremist.

George Selim, who heads the Obama administration’s Countering Violent Extremism Task Force, testified Wednesday before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee about a shifting world of terrorism and the need to prevent violence by “self-radicalized individuals.” The only terrorist organization Selim named was ISIL, an acronym for the Islamic State extremist group.

But the program will not violate civil rights or liberties, he said. “We’re not even going to score those applications” that appear to be infringing on rights and liberties.

Abigail Hauslohner is a national reporter who covers Islam, Arab affairs and America. Before coming to Washington in 2015, she spent seven years covering war, politics and religion in the Middle East, and served as the Post’s Cairo bureau chief. She has also covered District politics and government.

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Deputy calls for the involvement of international experts to save the Baghdad security


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News carried the Bloc MP for the National Coalition Sabah al-Tamimi security services full responsibility for the bombings in Karrada, demanding the involvement of international experts to save the Baghdad security.
He said al – Tamimi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it today “necessary to involve international experts in the field of security and information technology to take advantage of their expertise to maintain thesecurity of the capital and end the series of bombings that hit the capital Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.
She stressed” that may be questioned and held accountable for negligence and defeatists for Security adjust by the House of Representatives in the coming sessions and reconsider the restructuring of the security services. ”
and I wondered Tamimi on” the role of the intelligence agencies responsible for the accident site and its role in thwarting such breaches before they occur, andexpressed fear of “similar security breaches during the Eid al – Fitr.” It is
noteworthy that Karrada district came to a major terrorist car bombing led to thedeath and wounding a large number of civilians, and great damage to several buildings, but met with the explosion of international denunciations and condemnations and wide as well as Tzamn most of the peoples of the world with Iraq , the impact of this tragedy. And the parliamentary security and defense committee announced the completed request to question ministers and leaders unsuspecting which will be submitted in the first session of the third legislative term on July 12 .anthy


The new US Consul General in Erbil: came to learn many things from the Kurdish people


Wednesday 06-07-2016 | 7:14:58

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Twilight News / sent a new US Consul General in the Kurdistan region of Iraq Ken Cross on Wednesday a cable of congratulations on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

Came in the text of the telegram, the consul, “I hope in my term and as soon as possible to learn many things from the Kurdish people, and to work for the Peshmerga forces,” and expressed hope that contribute to strengthening cooperation between the larger Washington and Erbil.

Former Consul Matthias Mettmann have known the end of last month, the new Consul General in Erbil Ken Cross to the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani.