Abadi planned to attend a military parade of the army in Tahrir Square


Tuesday, July 12, 2016 18:14

Abadi planned to attend a military parade of the army in Tahrir Square

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. intends Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, attend a military parade of the army in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad on Thursday and Friday.


This review comes at a time when the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called on his followers to go out demonstrations “majestic” in Tahrir Square on Friday to condemn the deteriorating security situation and rampant corruption.

Municipality official eastern door boycotted Salim Chaoui said in an interview with / Baghdadi News /, “The secretariat of Baghdad governing the effectiveness of the review of the Iraqi People’s Army and the crowd on the anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Iraq,” noting that “the event will be attended by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.”

He Chaoui, that “the review will be on Thursday and Friday,” pointing out that “the Baghdad Municipality has taken action on efficiency.”

The security forces had proceeded to cut off most of the roads of the capital Baghdad on Tuesday morning, in a surprise move, and that justified the preparations for a military parade, to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Iraq on the 14th of Tamoz.anthy 21 / t


A major meeting of the international coalition against Daash in America


Abu Dhabi – Sky News Arabia

It announced the US Department of Defense, Tuesday, the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and senior officials from other countries in the coalition, which is fighting Daash will meet near Washington, DC, on July 20 to discuss the military campaign against the organization. The ministry said in a statement that it has been invited to four and thirty countries, in addition to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to participate in the second meeting of its kind of defense ministers of the countries that contribute troops or bases in the alliance.
The Pentagon said that the meeting be held at a military base in Maryland, it comes at an important time in fighting militants after a visit by Carter to Baghdad, where he announced an increase in support to help accelerate the campaign.
Carter was announced in Baghdad that the United States would send an additional 560 soldiers to Iraq to help in the fight against the terrorist organization Daash.


Sadr emphasizes his followers to demonstrate peacefully and not to wear a military uniform


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[Oan- Baghdad]
stressed cleric Moqtada al – Sadr on his followers to demonstrate in a peaceful demonstration called her next Friday Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.
Sadr said in a statement that ” the heroic security forces call on to protect the demonstrators on Friday and the protesters abide Bslmah pretend not to wear a military uniform it is strictly prohibited.”
As al- Sadr , “called on the demonstrators to cooperate with the security forces and non – infringement on them and assaulted some lurking them to you . ” .
the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr, had yesterday called his followers to go out a demonstration he described as “majestic” next Friday in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.
Sadr said in a statement : “We call out a demonstration in Tahrir Square , without names or images or slogans do not sing of patriotism and the removal of a nightmare and the specter of corruption and in support of our military hero and consolation for the blood of the martyrs and to demand the resignation of all Alvesadin and negligence in both files, ministries and all positions. ”


 In conjunction with the demonstrations .. paralysis in the capital, accompanied by preparations for the review of the Army



Since 12/07/2016 19:29 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

The capital, Baghdad, on Tuesday, a total interruption of private roads leading to the streets to the center of the capital, Karrada and bridges leading to the Green Zone, a complete paralysis in the movement, while the spread of military convoys of the army reinforced with guns and heavy weapons, at a time when security sources indicated that the government intends to organize a military parade in the yard editing on the occasion of July 14 on Thursday and Friday in conjunction with al-Sadr calls for demonstration Friday in Tahrir Square.

Security forces have cut off the streets and fight al-Saadoun and Karrada Street and the main parts of the Abu Nawas Street feeder roads leading into Karrada.

A reporter / balances News /, “The security forces prevented the passage of vehicles on bridges Jadiriyah Republic and Sinak leading to the Green Zone, while resorted to prevent the conduct of citizens on foot near Tahrir Square in central Baghdad and the starting place demonstrations.

He added, “The Karrada district has seen the proliferation of military columns extending from remote areas access to Karrada in central Baghdad reinforced with guns, machine guns, the” RPK “, armor and showers and many heavy weapons, as well as the proliferation of checkpoints which irked the citizens and spread panic among them.”

On his part, said the reporter, “The traffic in the capital has seen a complete paralysis of the traffic between the wheels and another area after linking roads, including parts, as well as a complete interruption of communication between both sides of the Iraqi capital, al-Karkh and Rusafa.”

Meanwhile, security sources drew L / balance News /, that “the government intends to organize a military parade commemorating July 14 in Tahrir Square on Thursday and Friday in conjunction with the calls by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to organize a demonstration in Tahrir Square Friday.”

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called on Monday, Iraqis to get out massive demonstrations in all of Iraq’s provinces to denounce corruption and demand accountability of the security chiefs responsible for security breaches.

The al-Sadr met, yesterday, with the leaders of Saraya peace, including Associate jihadist him Doaa Abu al-Issawi, the second man of the Sadrist Salim Ayyash.

Trading and bloggers on social networking sites pictures of his recent statement issued after a military uniform with the leaders of Saraya peace which promise that many of al-Sadr attend a big thing for the Iraqi government, triggering fears.

It is said that the Council of Ministers called for the day, Iraqis to postpone the demonstrations for busy security forces war Daash.anthy 29/33 h


Sadr’s visit Karrada bombing site

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

visited the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr, on Tuesday evening, the terrorist bombing witnessed in the Karrada district of central Baghdad last week site.

Sadr has arrived in Baghdad late Wednesday from Najaf two days of organizing popular demonstrations in Tahrir Square , the center of the capital before he had called her yesterday to demand the implementation of reforms and the fight against corruption. 

Sadr said in a statement today that it is seeking to open an international investigation into the bombing “after the despair of government and will provide it. ” 

the Karrada district may have seen on the third of July of this explosion , a car bomb targeted a shopping mall is the deadliest in Iraq since 2003 , in which 292 people were martyred and wounded more than 200 others , according to official statistics. 

the cabinet decided, in Ahtmall today the formation of a committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the province of Baghdad and the martyrs Foundation and a representative of the private sector shall compensate the families of the martyrs of Karrada and reconstruction Madmrh terrorism. 


Strategic stability in the financial system and banking reform

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Samir Abbas Alnasiri
Member of the Forum of Baghdad Economic Advisory Council
CBI launched its strategy for the years 2016-2020 in conjunction with calls for fundamental and comprehensive change issued by the Prime Minister and the House of Representatives and the political blocs to form a new government of technocrats disagree everyone views different from the specifications and competencies minister Almarjoyen view. What concerns us Kmokhtchin economic affairs and banking is what new mechanisms and policies that could be adopted by the central bank and government and private banks and relevant authorities with regard to the banking reform, according to a method fundamental change desired for the Iraqi economy in the next phase, which constitutes the banking sector and the first core in which the ring.
The central bank’s strategy has identified and painted the way for reform of the banking and according to the following key objectives:
1. support and achieve financial stability.
2. activating the role of financial institutions and the banking sector.
3. The development of the organizational structure and the organizational structure.
4. developing human capital.
5. activation and integration of internal and external relationships.

Since these strategic goals has been to identify the time period their applications to five years to achieve the target of 23 sub-derived which is based on the achievement of financial stability and the stability of the financial system and uncles financial inclusion and access to the institutional and structural reform of the banking sector in Iraq. But through the mechanics of analysis and action points to achieve the above objectives we note that the strategy has set clear priorities to achieve reform and certainly that these Protozoa been diagnosed in light of the challenges faced by the banking sector due to the severe economic and financial crisis that has plagued Iraq currently own reasons and objectivity displayed and no need of re mentioned.
Where it can be diagnosed with the priorities of the suffering of the banking sector, which requires the Central Bank of Iraq and the relevant government agencies to draw and to develop mechanisms and procedures addressed during the year 2016 and not to wait for five years to come, which are as follows:

1. Re citizens and customers in the banking sector in particular and the Iraqi private banks’ confidence.
2. Work to increase the proportion of savings banks in proportion to the compactness outside banks reaching 23% savings ratio and compactness 77%.
3. Completion of the structural and technical underpinnings of pre-emptive censorship.
4. establishment of institutions and the issuance of guarantee deposits and credit laws.
5. Review and evaluate the results of the banks and re-classified as certified by international companies. And to identify weak banks that need the intervention of the Central Bank of Iraq to restore its activity and bankruptcy protection.
6. assist and support the banks, which have been hurt in the provinces income Daash.
7. address the currency sale and try to find alternatives window instead entirely and leave.
8. strengthen the central bank in the financing of small and medium-sized projects and initiatives which contribute to the revitalization of the economic cycle and the diversification of the general budget for 2016 resources.
Therefore, for the purpose of making a fundamental change to the method of the banking reform as stated strategy in accordance with the insight into the priorities and challenges facing the Iraqi banking sector suggest the implementation and application of these visions and ideas:

First, the central bank to study and analyze the reality of the government and private banks by reviewing, evaluating and rating these banks based on their financial statements and the results of its operations for 2015 and the adoption of an evaluation indicators and clear and based to force banks and international law and standards.

And assigning a specialized team in financial analysis and Thdedmaeijer efficient performance of the banks in all areas of banking administrative and banking and credit work and prefers that this team is international independent and impartial, keeping in mind the results of the US evaluation system for the years 2013 and 2014.
Second: The Central Bank of Iraq full control and supervision of the banking movement in Iraq by focusing on the electronic pre-emptive censorship office and field and a programmer and outline and identify irregularities and lapses and excesses of the executive management of bank and take corrective measures.
Third – the application of the Council of the Iraqi Central Bank decision on the administration controls the nomination of board members and staff leaders in the banking and focus on professional competence and functional integrity and reputation of personal, commercial and specialist expertise.
Fourth – restructuring of State-owned banks and work to be privatized in accordance with the memorandum signed with the World Bank with a focus on its contribution with some discreet banks in the private banking sector, and by no more than 25% on these banks managed the mentality of the market economy and is regulated by the Office of control and decision-studied to establish a development bank steps the investment involved capitalizing the state by no more than about 25%, and is managed by the private banking sector and the state will undertake the guidance and supervision of the accounts to monitor and audit BSA subject.

Fifth: – The Central Bank of Iraq to reconsider its policy for control of monetary policy, specifically its mechanisms and tools related to maintaining the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies and this requires the study of the subject of an auction and sell the currency and the bank to secure the Iraqi dinar to the Ministry of Finance and the possibility of financial role and dealing in foreign currency do .oatba style of documentary credits instead of foreign remittances currently approved in order to preserve the integrity of the foreign exchange.
Sixth: the central bank to form an advisory committee in conjunction with the Association of Banks, experts and advisers economists and bankers from the private sector provides advice and expertise to the Board of Directors of the Bank and their Circles competent and before important decisions on monetary policy industry and its impact on the economic situation in implementation of the recommendations of the Third Iraqi banking conference held at the end of 2015 .

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Council Baghdad: We do not know anything aboutthe deploymentoftroops in Baghdad



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Long-Presse / Baghdad

He expressed the Baghdad Provincial Council, on Tuesday, Tvajoh spread of the Iraqi army in the streets of Baghdad, and among the decision to deploy the troops came at the request of the General Commander of the Armed Forces, stressed that the recent deployment of troops came in preparation for a military review.

He said Baghdad provincial council member Mohammed al-Rubaie said in an interview to the (long-Presse) he surprised what is happening from the spread of the pieces of the Ministry of Defence Army in a number of the streets of Baghdad, which make being a number of contacts to find out what is happening and thus the result is the intention of the work of the review of the Iraqi army in the streets of Baghdad during the next two days. “

Rubaie said that “what is happening is not our own, and I think that the decision to deploy the troops came at the request of the commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, a to do a parade through the fifteenth of this month and we do not have any knowledge if you continue Alqtoat during the two days or not.”

A source in the Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that security forces cut off bridges Republic and Sinak toward the Green Zone, the four roads leading to Tahrir Square, the center of the capital, Baghdad.

A senior security source said, on the first Sunday, that some of the streets of the capital was cut off for security practices in preparation for the review of military cuts will take place at the 14th of July, to commemorate the founding of the Republic of Iraq.



Urgent ..cil Minister calls for postponement of events to avoid the country falling into chaos



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Council of Ministers in its meeting today called for the postponement of events to avoid the country falling into chaos and more challenges and distracting the security effort in side crashes problems editorial plans and lead to serve the goals of the enemy and its terrorism follows ..