Baghdad security practices in preparation for the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the republic


Review of the Ministry of Interior in the police Festival, on Saturday (January 92 016), shooting (Mahmoud Raouf).


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

According to a senior security source, on Sunday, that some streets of the capital was cut off for security practices in preparation for the review of military cuts will take place at the 14th of July to commemorate the founding of the Republic of Iraq.

The source said in an interview with the (long-Presse), “The cut some streets in the capital came to conduct security practices in preparation for a major military parade in Baghdad on the 14th of July of this celebration of the anniversary of the 1958 revolution July 14 that would bring down the monarchy and the declaration of the Republic of Iraq was made and named after victories achieved by the security forces against Daash. “

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “The review will include some of the Iraqi Army and the Federal Police and the Counter-Terrorism and the local police.”

A source in the Interior Ministry, reported on Sunday that security forces cut off bridges Alawi, 14 Ramadan Street Muthanna airport, while attributing it to replace the convoy automatic “big” will go to Mosul.

The revolution of July 14, 1958, political change led by leader Abdul Karim Kassem founder of the Republic of Iraq, for the overthrow of the monarchy, and continued to rule until the eighth of February 1963, but the Baath party and the participation of a number of military commanders had a military coup against the government of Qasim on the eighth of February in 1963 and who was executed hours after the coup, he and a number of senior officials in his government at the headquarters of state radio and television, to receive the Baath to power in Iraq for the first time, before it receives for the second time in the (July 17, 1968).


Parliamentary Economy: activating the private sector will contribute to move the economic situation


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib confirmed that the activation of the private sector in the country will contribute to move the economic situation.
She said Najib told {Euphrates News} on Sunday that “our economy suffered greatly from a lack of strategy and political will for the purpose of promotion, despite the challenges we face because of the collapse in oil prices.”
She added, “it became necessary to look at the real processors out of the economic crisis in the country by building a strong economy which is no different as the two can not be any economy to grow without resorting to the private sector.”
She continued, saying that “the current government has taken measures to activate the private sector as the security situation as possible to participate in the construction of this vital sector also needs to be legislation to provide laws for the purpose of development because it is very important for the advancement of the country.”
The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, has called on more than one occasion to the necessity of activating the role of the private sector, and the attention to the investment in a realistic way, pointing to the importance of taking advantage of the economic slide, in order to expedite the submission of projects that serve the citizen. is over

Iraqi ports complete the preparations for the work of sonar




Iraqi ports has completed its preparations to set up and configure the radiation screening devices (sonar) in Iraqi ports gates of its examination of the trucks entering and leaving them to organize the smooth flow of movement and inspection of containers and trucks, whether loaded or empty.
To ensure the safety and security measure precaution to maintain the security of ports
and the application of the International Code vocabulary which began our ports since the implementation period to go up with the world ‘s ports and Maouselt him of measures to maintain the security of ships and cargo and sailors coming and the safety of its ports and the work will be done in the coming days after the acts of the monument and operation is complete.
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Kurdistan: the parliament sessions “message” reassurance to the Iraqi street



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Counting the Kurdistan Alliance, Sunday, convening meetings of Parliament a message of reassurance to the Iraqi street, pointing out that the Kurdish Aaketl will hold a hearing to determine topics that you will ask the House of Representatives during the session.

Said Alliance MP Najiba Najib, L / balance News /, said that “the parliament sessions is a message of reassurance to the Iraqi street,” Mrdvh “but Karrada incident has affected everyone, and showed that the state’s priorities should be to provide security to the citizen.”

She added that “the Kurdish groups will attend the upcoming meetings of the parliament, and Kurdish leaders support the first of the political process, and any move that would face war against” Daash “, and any political conflict will not be the interests of any party.”

She Najib, that “the Kurdish groups will hold a meeting to determine the topics that will be raised in the parliament session, and the things that will confirm them during the meeting.”

And showed the Kurdistan Alliance MP, that “we must put into consideration Do quorum will be achieved or not,” explained by saying that “our problems are mostly belonging to political decisions of the government rather than a parliamentary” .anthy

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G20 seeks to enhance trade growth in face of protectionism: China

China's Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng attends a session during the 2016 G20 Trade Ministers Meeting in Shanghai

China’s Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng attends a session during the 2016 G20 Trade Ministers Meeting …


By David Stanway and John Ruwitch

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – In the face of a “worrying” rise in protectionism, trade ministers from the world’s major economies have agreed to cut trade costs, increase policy coordination and enhance financing, China’s Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng said on Sunday.

The Group of 20 trade ministers, who wrapped up a two-day meeting in Shanghai on Sunday, approved a broad trade growth strategy aimed at reversing a slowing in global trade, and backed guiding principles for global investment policymaking.

“The global recovery continues, but it remains uneven and falls short of our ambition for strong, sustainable and balanced growth. Downside risks and vulnerabilities persist,” the ministers said in a joint statement.

“We agree that we need to do more to achieve our common objectives for global growth, stability and prosperity.”

The specter of protectionism has loomed large over global trade amid sluggish economic growth and is a pressing concern for China.

The country’s huge but struggling steel sector has relied on exports to offset the impact of slowing domestic demand, but it has been accused of using unfair pricing to push foreign competitors out of business.

The ministers discussed the need to address overcapacity, particularly in the steel sector, but some disagreed about the need for specific new commitments to resolve the problem, said one senior trade official involved in the talks, declining to be identified because details of the discussions had not been made public.

The joint statement reflected China’s concerns that the country was being singled out for blame for a glut that has led to a collapse in global prices, noting instead that excess capacity in steel and other industries is “a global issue which requires collective responses”, and that subsidies and government support could cause distortions.

The United States has been a vocal critic of China’s excess capacity, saying its pledges have not gone far enough to resolve the problem.

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said in a statement that the G20 had “added to the chorus of voices calling for tackling the root causes of excess capacity for the benefit of both developing and developed countries”.

Chinese trade officials have repeatedly stressed that the country has been the victim of overzealous anti-dumping actions by foreign countries, which fail to take into account Chinese efficiency or its low labor and production costs.

The trade growth strategy adopted by the ministers spelled out broad principles for stimulating trade, including lowering costs, boosting trade finance and stimulating the service sector.

The investment policymaking guiding principles urged governments to avoid protectionism in relation to cross-border investment and establish “non-discriminatory, transparent and predictable” conditions for investment.

Global foreign exchange rates, in flux since Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union, were not mentioned in the joint statement, and the senior trade official involved in the talks said the issue had not been discussed.

On Britain’s exit vote, UK and EU representatives in Shanghai were at pains to stress that they would come up with a “sensible and mature new arrangement”, South Africa’s Minister for Trade and Industry Rob Davies told Reuters on Saturday.

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Iraq will soon receive another meal of Nocturnal hunter] Russian owns 17 of them


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The Ministry of Defense announced that it will take delivery of another batch of Russian helicopters MI28 known by fisherman night] to reach the number received by Iraq 17 helicopter.
He said the official spokesman and media adviser to the Ministry of Defense, Naseer Nouri, in a press statement on Sunday that “Iraq has received two helicopters MI – 28] Russian and expected more of them.”
Mohammed explained, that “helicopters arrived on Saturday, received a boost within the Ministry of the Russian Federation in accordance with the contract between the two countries,” noting that “another batch of two helicopters up to Baghdad in the near future.”
The Iraqi Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that the leadership of the Army Aviation received a new batch of Russian-made helicopters MI28 within the agreement between the ministry and Russian counterpart decade, and it is hoped the arrival of another batch at the end of this week.
On 28 of June the past, Iraq received two helicopters from the same class, bringing the number of helicopters [fisherman night] received by Baghdad so far to 15 helicopters.

G-20 looking to stimulate global trade after exit


Contract and trade ministers of the Group of 20 meeting yesterday in the Chinese city of Shanghai, to discuss ways to enhance cooperation in trade and investment, in light of the risks Britain out of the European Union and the continuing decline in the exchange rates.
It tops the economic situation is declining, trade ministers talks in twenty major economic powers in the world and their delegations participating, during the two-day meeting. Said Gao Hucheng, Chinese Minister of Commerce at the opening of the meeting: «The economic recovery remains fragile, and global trade fluctuates very low levels». But he added that China, the first commercial power in the world, remains «willing to work with all parties with wisdom and courage, through the movements of the process in order to stimulate trade», describing this endeavor as «a daunting task». Saw global trade movement declined, influenced by the financial crisis in 2008, it has not improved steadily since then.
For his part, said Director General of the WTO Roberto Aszewedio, on the sidelines of the meeting of the Group of Twenty, the «Global trade growth may remain below 3% in 2016 for the fifth consecutive year .. and if we exclude the collapse that followed the financial crisis, we have reached the lowest levels three decades ago. » The decision to cast a British exit from the European Union and the turmoil raised in the markets, shadowed by pessimistic expectations.
And it alerted the World Trade Organization early Ueno / June, to Britain out of the European Union has translated nearly seven billion euros of additional customs fees for British exporters, because the United Kingdom is obliged to re-negotiate new trade agreements with the European Union and 58 countries linked by ties of the continental bloc through free trade agreements. The renegotiation of the dilemma will not be resolved easily.While monetary policies reached their borders apparently at the level of the economic recovery, although China is betting everything on trade to stimulate global growth engines.
Said Vice Minister of Commerce Wang showin, in a press statement, he said that Beijing will pay the other members of the Group of Twenty who did not sign after the customs agreement called facilitate trade agreement, to sign before the end of 2016. The needs of this Agreement, which entered into difficulty in late 2013 in Bali, to authenticate two-thirds of WTO members to enter into force. Full implementation of the agreement to facilitate the exchanges of the world trade volume thousand billion dollars a year and could increase.
It has been put on the weekend talks of the many trade disputes faced by China, accused of flooding the steel sector, while raising the prospect of obtaining market economy status in the World Trade Organization, a lot of reservations.

Shell: Britain slow out asset sales plan for $ 30 billion


Ben van Borden, CEO of the company «Royal Dutch Shell» for investors, said that Britain’s decision to leave the EU may slow down a plan to sell assets worth $ 30 billion, especially in the North Sea, where the company is facing difficulties for years to attract buyers.
The comments came – made by the Chief Executive Officer of the company «Royal Dutch Shell» in a meeting with investors and analysts this week – at a time when the company «Bank of America Merrill Lynch» commissioned to find buyers for a number of key assets in the North Sea, including the company’s share in the field Buzzard oil, hoping to reap sales of two billion dollars.
The company «Shell» aimed at the completion of the previous sale of tens of assets around the world by 2018 almost to help finance its acquisition of rival «me. LG »which cost her $ 54 billion, which was completed in February.
And transfer Msttmran attended a meeting with the Borden him as saying: «The uncertainty that prevailed in global markets after Britain’s vote on 23 June in favor of exit from the EU would be an obstacle to the program».
Another source said: «Bin said that after the completion of Britain’s exit sale of assets may require more than three years». He said a third source: «Van Borden said that Britain’s exit will make the completion of the sale of assets more difficult, especially in the North Sea.
A spokesman for «Shell» and said in response: «There is no change in previous statements that we’ve released about the three-year program to exit from investments worth $ 30 billion». And he refused to Bank of America Merrill Lynch to comment. The «Shell», said in June it wanted to get out of the ten countries after the merger with BG to increase the focus on the global gas production and exploration in deep waters in Brazil.


13 billion Iraqi Department of Maritime Affairs revenues for the month of June dinars


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Stood at the Department of Maritime Affairs revenues for the month of June 2016 thirteen billion ninety-four million four hundred and fifty-two thousand seven hundred and eighty three Iraqi dinars,

the spectrum through the extension and mooring and takeoff and services tractors, boats and factions linked to all Iraqi port operations (oil port of Basra and Khor al-Amaya and the ports of Umm Qasrachammala and the southern port of Khor Zubair and Merfoe liquid gas port and the port of Abu Flus stronghold).

A statement issued by the department that these revenues are the product of the effort of all employees of the department in various jobs and work sites.

Kurdish lawmaker for “Light”: our deputies will attend the parliament session scheduled for this week


Kurdish lawmaker's

Nur News / Baghdad
Kurdish lawmaker revealed the participation of Kurdish deputies in the parliament session scheduled for this week, stressing the absence of a decision not to participate in this session, as he pointed to the existence of a large burden on the Parliament, especially at this stage.
The MP said the Kurdistan Islamic Group Zana Roustaa in an interview for “light News” today, that “it is scheduled to parliament holds its sessions in the 12th of the current month initially,” noting that “a significant burden on Parliament, especially at this stage and conflicts are complex.” .
He added that “the parliament comes after the Federal Court issued his decision with regard to the presidential crisis, at a time Fallujah was liberated and the events of Karrada, and increasing numbers of displaced people and near the battle to liberate Mosul and this increases the workload of the parliament.”
And on the participation of the Kurdish deputies in the next parliament session, Roustaa “There is not any decision not to participate by members of the Kurdish groups, and initially we will participate in the meetings of the parliament.”