What are the red note issued by the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi right leaders Daash


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Revealed the leadership of the popular crowd Jabbar Maamouri, Monday, issuing organization Daash leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Red Notice against 20 leading charges of cowardice and escape from the battlefield.

Said Mamouri that al Daash witnessed during the past few hours the collapse of comprehensive capabilities in Sharqat spend the northern Salahuddin after the escape of the bulk of the armed men with their families toward Mosul, because of the success of the subsidized crowd popular in the battle of progress toward Qayyarah joint security forces and the approaching main supply routes toward the judiciary.

He added that the organization Daash leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued in accordance with the information we have available Red Notice arrest of 20 leading organization in Shirqat Qayyarah charges of cowardice and escape from the battlefield, pointing to the battle to liberate the entire Sharqat are just around the corner from their achievement.

The Sharqat eliminate one of the most important strongholds Daash in Salahuddin province, and under the control of the organization after June 2014.


Cameron: Theresa May will become the Prime Minister of Britain by Wednesday

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British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the Home Secretary Theresa May will take over the presidency of the government by Wednesday.

This came after the announcement of the Minister of State for Energy Andrea Idesom Cameron withdrawal from the succession race for the presidency of the Conservative Party in Britain, for the sake of May.

And Cameron resign after British voters rejected his advice, to choose instead to leave the EU in a referendum last month.

And she withdrew to Idesom after the fuss raised over the weekend about the comments made by the pointed out that being a mother gives it an advantage when taking that position. It is said that Idesom have children, unlike Mai.

It was not clear whether those hype may have affected the decision to withdraw. He simply said it does not believe it has enough support within the party to continue in the race.

“The work needs to be confidence and assurance” in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the EU, which sparked turmoil in the markets, and led to the erosion of the value of the pound sterling.

She said that Britain needs to “quick government action to put what must have seemed an independent framework of the United Kingdom.” “We now need a new prime minister as soon as possible.” It ended 29 / tc n


Iraq reassures the population: passed the most dangerous stage in the economic crisis


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Twilight News / said Iraqi Planning Minister Salman al-Jumaili, said that the confidence of the world, Iraq has become stronger day after the big victories of the armed forces and edit more ground in Iraq from the grip of the organization (Daash) terrorist, as well as having economic elements can be relied upon to maintain the sustainability of the national economy .

He Jumaili, that the economic phase of the most dangerous bypassed Iraq in the first half of 2016 .. He expressed the hope that the second half of the year best, as will Iraq by the end Daash and the return of displaced persons, as well as a positive indication of rising oil prices on the world market in addition to the results of the economic measures taken by the government and processors during the last stage.

Jumaily said in a statement that the increase in the international community’s confidence encouraged him to positively deal with Iraq through the approval of the IMF loan, calling for investment of these positive attitudes in the development in the service of Iraq through the consolidation of positions and renounce the differences side exploited by terror targeting Iraqis as happened bombings in Karrada in central Baghdad and south of the country of Iraq.

He cautioned that the unity of the Iraqi position increases the confidence of the world, pointing out that there is an international will Positive Iraq could be invested to overcome its current crisis .. He pointed out that the US capital Washington will witness an important donor countries meeting in the month of July and it is hoped that Iraq gets grant international good to help restore stability in liberated areas of Daash.

Jumaili stressed the need to focus on institutional work in Iraq, he said the Ministry of Planning is one of the stable ministries and works according to scientific and institutional contexts and clear.


Fallujah Council confirms the start of the work of the service departments to bring life to the city


By Roudao 41 minutes ago

Roudao – Erbil

It met for the district of Fallujah local council, on Monday, to discuss the situation of the city and establish new working mechanism of the Chambers of service to bring life to Fallujah, and the emphasis on reresidents during the next few days.

The head of the district council of Fallujah, a student Hasnaoui, network Roudao media, “The House district of Fallujah seeks to restore people to the city over the next few days,” noting that “the work may start in the service departments in the city to bring life to Fallujah.”

He added that “the Council has adopted several resolutions concerning Fallujah, including praise for some department heads who have continued to work since the liberation of the city, and to exempt some managers who did not have a role after the liberation of the city.”

He explained Hasnaoui, that “to spend Fallujah local council has told all staff to attend to their constituencies, especially the service departments, to do their duty and service to restore the city to its natural and repositioning.”

With regard to the security aspect, Hasnaoui pointed out that the “popular crowd has come out of the city of Fallujah two days ago, and entered the military brigades to Fallujah to purge the city of mines and remnants of war.”


Kurdistan Region to achieve $ 479 million of oil revenues for the month of June


By Roudao 48 minutes ago
شعار وزارة الثروات الطبيعية في إقليم كوردستان
Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region logo

Roudao – Erbil

The Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, on Monday, for the export of about 15 million barrels of crude oil during the month of June, indicating that the oil revenue source totaled $ 479 million.

The ministry said in a statement, seen by Roudao Media Network, he said that “14 million and 997 thousand barrels of crude oil were exported via the Turkish port of Ceyhan during the month of June 2016”.

She added, “The barrel was sold at a price of $ 36.43, with total sales during the month of June 561 000 953 thousand dollars.”

She explained the ministry, that “it was to achieve $ 479 million from the source of oil revenues over the past month,” pointing out that “will provide the Kurdistan Region salaries of oil revenue source.”


Shipping achieved financial revenue for the month of June amounted to more than four billion Iraqi dinars


11-07-2016 11:00 PM


General Company for Maritime Transport has achieved one of the formations and the Ministry of Transport financial revenues for the month of June amounted to four billion, six hundred and eighty seven million nine hundred and four thousand and eighty-two dinars.

He said Director General of the General Maritime Transport Company, Abdulkarim Knhl that the increase in revenue was the result of doubling the employees of the company and serious follow-up by the minister, Abdul-Hussein Abtan effort after a visit by his recent to the province of Basra and brief him on the merits of the company’s work and urged them to make efforts and improve the level of ambition.

Knhl He explained that the increase in financial revenue amounted to fifty million Iraqi dinars, compared with the previous month of May, reaching four billion, six hundred and ninety-two thousand six hundred and nineteen Iraqi dinars.


Carter apologizes for Kurdistan’s visit but says Washington has fulfilled its promises to support the Peshmerga


Observer news / Baghdad

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter for president of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said Washington has fulfilled its promises to support the Peshmerga forces in the war on Daash.

A statement for the presidency of the Kurdistan region, on Monday evening, said the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter told the region’s president, Massoud Barzani that his country had fulfilled its promises to support the Peshmerga forces in the framework of the fight against terrorism.

Carter apologized for not visiting the Kurdistan region of concern, where a visit to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, where he met with senior officials, particularly Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

According to a statement, the presidency of the region Barzani received this evening a phone call from US Secretary of Defense, “which gave an apology for not being able to visit the region because of the business and the intensity of concern.”

The statement added that “Carter told Barzani that the promises made by him on such aid entered into force.”

Carter had pledged in an earlier visit to the Kurdistan region to provide support and assistance to the Peshmerga forces.

And step up US President Barack Obama administration’s military campaign to organize Daash to send more troops to Iraq will be stationed in closer to the front line positions to advise Iraqi forces.

Will provide the Department of Defense (Pentagon) as well as assistance to the tune of $ 415 million for the Peshmerga forces at a time when the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government deficit in the budget.



Kubis for Ebadi: Washington conference this month’s start of a mission to support the displaced people and the reconstruction of their areas


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Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations , Jan Kubiš stressed during a meeting withPrime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Monday evening, the importance of the International Alliance Conference to be held in Washington DC, the end of the month of July.
A statement by the prime minister ‘s office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that al – Abadi , received here Kubiš , who “expressed his condolences deep incidents of criminal in the Karrada area and the shrine of Mr. Mohammed, stressing United Nations support for the efforts of the Iraqi government in the elimination of al Daash terrorist” .
for his part , the Prime Minister expressed “appreciation for the position of Secretary General of the United Nations and the leaders of friendly countries who have expressed their condemnation of the incident treacherous and stand by Iraq.”
as al – Abadi said , “he confirmed Daash after he defeated the evil of defeat in Fallujah, the oldest on the awful Karrada done that offset our people denounced challenge to Agramhm, as our heroes that rose up to the blood of the martyrs to eliminate hundreds of them over the past few days in Znkurh and Qayyarah. “

Ameri refuses to send 560 US soldiers to participate liberation of Mosul

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

head of the Badr Organization and leader of the popular crowd MP Hadi al – Amiri rejected US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter ‘s comments and private sending 560 US soldiers to participate liberalization processes the city of Mosul.

He said al – Amiri said in a statement to the mass Badr parliamentary received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “the ability of Iraqis to liberate their land from terrorism without Berri foreign interference.” 

Amery said: We decided that Iraq does not Daash and Americans place because the Iraqi people reject the replacement Daash terrorist the Americans . ” 

he noted that” the Iraqis are able to liberate Mosul as liberated Baiji, Fallujah, Qayyarah, “noting that” the great experience gained by the crowd the popular security services through military operations against terrorism confirms that the liberation of Mosul a matter of time and that victory is near. ” 

the Minister US defense Ashton Carter said on his visit to Baghdad today to send 560 additional US troops to Iraq, “noting that” these forces that are part of the international coalition will provide support for the Iraqi security forces, including infrastructure and logistics capabilities. ” 

the Carter these forces “will strengthen these additional capabilities of the Iraqi security forces in the liberation of Mosul practical assistance.” 

According to a US official, he said that “this new force to Iraq requested by Gen. Sean MacFarland, commander of the force of the international coalition against al Daash, bringing the total number of US troops in Iraq 4647 soldiers. ”


Liberal’s / balances News /: We will not attend tomorrow’s meeting



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MP for the Bloc Liberal Charter Almoisna, Monday, that the deputy Liberal bloc would not attend the parliamentary session to be held on Tuesday.

He’s Almoisna / balances News /, that “continuing the Liberal bloc in the comments attend the meetings of the Council of Representatives.”

He added, “The Liberal MPs would not attend the parliamentary sessions except in the case of a drawer cabin ministerial discussion within the agenda of the meeting.”

And select the House of Representatives, today, tomorrow, the date for the resumption of meetings of the third legislative year to discuss the bombing of Karrada and vote on pretending Asalma.anthy 29 Law


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