America hopes to raise more than two billion dollars from donors for Iraq


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Twilight News / senior official with the US State Department said the United States expects to raise more than two billion dollars from donor countries to cover the needs of Iraq during the donors’ conference held in Washington this week.
The official told reporters the day before the conference, “We hope to collect more than two billion dollars through the effort of the undertaking (aid) lasts about six and a half weeks.”
Iraq complains of a financial crisis as a result of the erosion of oil prices over the past two years and increase the cost of the war to organize Daash.
Iraq also needs a lot of money for the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the fighting and grinding war between Iraqi forces and the militant organization Daash, as well as relief fleeing battles and house them until they return to their home areas.


Iraq’s marshes named world heritage site


JULY 18, 20166:36AM

A wetland in southeast Iraq, thought to be the biblical Garden of Eden and almost completely drained during Saddam Hussein’s rule, has become a UNESCO world heritage site, Iraqi authorities say.
Fed by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the marshlands of Mesopotamia are spawning grounds for Gulf fisheries and home to bird species such as the sacred ibis.
They also provide a resting spot for thousands of wildfowl migrating between Siberia and Africa.
Saddam Hussein, who accused the region’s Marsh Arab inhabitants of treachery during the 1980-1988 war with Iran, dammed and drained the marshes in the 1990s to flush out rebels hiding in the reeds.
After his overthrow by the US-led invasion in 2003, locals wrecked many of the dams to let water rush back in, and foreign environmental agencies helped breathe life back into the marshes.
The marshes, which covered 9,000 square kilometres in the 1970s, had shrunk to just 760 sq km by 2002 before regaining some 40 per cent of the original area by 2005.
Iraq has said it aims to recover a total of 6000 sq km.
Vast, remote and bordering Iran, the marshes have been used in recent years for drugs and arms smuggling, receiving stolen goods and keeping hostages for ransom.
The Marsh Arabs have lived in the wetlands for millennia, but are on the fringes of Iraqi society.

A study put their population at 400,000 in the 1950s but several hundred thousand fled Saddam’s repression or become economic migrants.
Estimates of the numbers returning vary wildly. Many Marsh Arabs are illiterate and have struggled to find work outside the marshes.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday praised UNESCO’s decision, which he said “coincides with the consecutive military victories in the war against” Islamic State.
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Eni Iraq BV UAE company to be granted a secondary contract worth $ 61.5 million



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Baghdad balances News

Granted (ENI Iraq BV) Italy, on Monday, a secondary contract at the Zubair field worth $ 61.5 million to an Emirati company specialized integrated engineering designs for the projects of oil and gas systems.

The “I am Iraq BV” (ENI Iraq BV) Contractor president for “Zubair project” and one of the companies responsible for the construction and development operations, which include its side, each of the “Occidental Pvt Ltd” (Occidental of Iraq LLC) and “Kogas Iraq BV .In “(KOGAS Iraq BV), which currently is responsible for the redevelopment of” oil Zubair field. ”

And won the UAE company DSI (Drake & Scull International), specialized integrated engineering design, mechanical and electrical construction and infrastructure projects, oil and gas, which is based in the emirate of Dubai-based systems, to hold a secondary in favor of the company (ENI Iraq BV) Italian working in the Zubair oil field valued at $ 61.5 million, to create a water pump network in the Zubair oil field project system in Basra, which is supervised by the Italian company, according to the website (Trade Arabia) economic news topics.

Under the terms of the new contract, will (DSI) subsidiary company’s (DSI PJSC), the functions of supervising the work of “engineering, procurement and construction” of the system piping gas supply lines to the power station, as well as systems water pressure, which include water pipes and pipe flow and major assembly plants and acts of control valves in wells, in order to ensure enhanced oil extraction operations. And it began installing equipment operations and the transfer of manpower to the project site, to be completed in early 2018.

Commenting on the new contract, Wael Allan, Chief Operating Officer, said in (DSI) in a statement on the company’s website, “is to win the final contract is an important addition to the portfolio (DSI) of new projects, amounting currently 570 million dirhams, and that we managed to win despite the difficult economic conditions in the global markets.

“We are confident that our major business with margins and high profitability, especially oil and gas, railways, infrastructure, engineering, and will have a prominent role in driving sustainable growth march that we pursue in line with the ambitious strategy, which is aimed primarily at improving profitability levels and increased levels of liquidity “.

As general manager of the company said (DSI) for oil and gas Faris Khatib as saying that “winning a contract Zubair oil field is an important addition to the quality of the series of the company’s projects in the area, which falls within the framework of the secondary cooperation with the company (ENI Iraq BV) Italian.”

He said Khatib, “The contract is the second with the Italian company in the Zubair field after a decade in 2012 accomplished through a project to extend pipeline was completed in 2015 on time to him,” she returned to “experience the previous successful experience with the Italian oil company ENI in Zubair, It will represent a solid pillar for the completion of the new contract form in which it amounted to the highest levels and the deadline him with the beginning of the year 2018 “.anthy 29 / tc n

Lieutenant pilot skims more than “100” billion Iraqi dinars from one government banks (Details)


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Orbit News –

Said Inspector General of the Interior Ministry office in Baghdad Police Directorate, on Monday, the arrest of an officer rank of major in the Directorate had embezzled more than 100 billion Iraqi dinars from a State – owned banks by falsifying lists unaffiliated with fictitious names in order to take advantage of the advance of 50 million dinars , which was launched central bank.
The office said in a statement received ‘orbit News’ copy of it, he was arrested on an officer rank of major after receiving information to the Office of the Inspector General reports by the Rasheed Bank claim the ministry to pay financial deductions from beneficiaries of the advance of the (50) million as a result of the failure of associate been attributed to the Directorate Baghdad police pay premiums discharged, and after verification of the beneficiaries names of advances show that does not exist in the district, prompting the formation of a committee headed by the Director of the Office of the Inspector General at the Baghdad police Directorate General Abbas Zamili to follow up on the merits of the confusion made in the claims and names phantom.

The statement added, that after the follow – up and checking out the officer rank of major works in the Directorate accounts rigging complete transactions and fictitious names from the Baghdad Police Directorate and submit them to the bank and receive amounts fundamentalist, prompting the arrest of the officer who embezzled nearly 100 billion Iraqi dinars and fictitious names claiming affiliation to Baghdad police headquarters.

The statement stressed, that the Inspector General of the Ministry ordered the formation of an investigative board right of the accused who has been arrest now by court order to investigate his case and expose those involved with the crime.

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Maliki Talabani: We hope Bagkm with the change to solve the problems between the center and the region



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[Oan- Baghdad]
met the president of a coalition of state law , the secretary general of the Islamic Dawa Party Nuri al – Maliki on Monday evening in a visit to Sulaimaniya , secretary general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK )Former President Jalal Talabani at his residence in the province of Sulaymaniyah.
He expressed al – Maliki , according to a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was “pleased with the development and improvement of the health of President Talabani, calling his longevity and durability of health and wellness
Park and president of a coalition of state law , the agreement signed between the Patriotic Union ofKurdistan ( PUK ) and the Movement for Change, “stressing ” the challenges faced by the country , requiring everyone to unite efforts to overcome them, and expressed his desire to contribute to the rapprochement between the political forces in Kurdistan to resolve the outstanding problems between the federal government on the one hand and the territorial government on the other hand.”
he has arrived at noon today to the province of Sulaymaniyah is likely to meet with the leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) , and Coordinator General of the MDC Nushirwan Mustafa.

.. A public hearing to vote on a legal Federal Court, amnesty next week (details)


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Orbit News –

Parliamentary Legal Committee, announced on Monday, the Federal Court for legal inclusion of general amnesty to vote on the parliamentary agenda next week, indicating that the vote will be made public.

The committee member said Ibtisam al- Hilali in a press statement, that ‘the House of Representatives plans to vote on important laws that serve the Iraqi people directly and there is a consensus in parliament on it’, adding that ‘ the National Guard Law by major differences and it is difficult to pass in the coming period. “

And it showed Hilali said ‘next week will vote on the legal and amnesty of the Federal Court, but federal law requires the presence of a third of the members of the House of Representatives and the quorum is difficult to achieve’, adding that ‘parliament speaker promised to broadcast the vote on the federal law, amnesty in public hearing in order to know the Iraqis of the political forces that refuse to vote. ‘

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Iraq receives {170} million dollars from China in aid for the displaced

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed signed the minutes of receipt and delivery of humanitarian aid provided by the Chinese government to displaced families in Iraq.

Said Mohammed at a press conference held today at the headquarters of the ministry with the Chinese Ambassador to Iraq Chen Wei King , “it was receiving humanitarian aid from the Government of China contained {3020} thousands Caravan and devices medical equipments and medicines as well as educational materials included computers and paintings teach.” 

He continued that ” assistance from the Chinese government valued at {17} million dollars and not {170} million dollars also dealt with a number of media in the days leading up to the Chinese government denied that it has provided assistance amounting to $ 170 million , and more correct is $ 17 million. 

For his part , Ambassador of the Republic PRC to Iraq Chen Wei King said this aid is a new starting point to deepen bilateral relations between the two countries , Iraq and China point, pointing out that his government will increase its assistance to the displaced families and provide the necessary support to be upgraded at all levels .anthy

Zebari looking with applicable Nasraoui and financial needs of Bozrah


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[Where – Baghdad]
Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Monday with the head of the parliamentary finance committee Faleh force and the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui service conditions in the province and its financial needs.
A statement by the Ministry of Finance received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Zebari met with President of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh force and the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui and his accompanying delegation During the meeting they exchanged views on the importance of communication and consultation between the ministry and the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and approve the proposed draft laws It was search service in the city of Basra and its financial needs. ”

International loan economic measures of the government eased the financial distress


Money in one of the private banks


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Affirmed the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, on Monday, that a modern and Planning Minister on Iraq overcome the economic crisis came against the backdrop of the high flexibility of its security agreement with the International Monetary Fund and government actions to redefine its priorities to cope with the lack of material resources, they returned to it, “softens” of financial distress and “it does not mean its completion.”

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “what the Minister of Planning and member of the cell, the governmental crisis, Salman al-Jumaili, concerning the infringement phase of the economic crisis, it is true as expressing the government’s vision to the implementation of economic policies,” returned to “Jumaili was intended The recent agreement with the international Monetary Fund provided a high flexibility of the Iraqi economy to face any shortage of resources Balnho which relieves financial distress him and not its completion. “

Saleh added that “financial distress still exist, but the risks I said as a result of the availability of easy paths and ways of financing through borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, and the restructuring of the budget and the retrenchment and re-prioritization,” noting that it “eased the burden and the security of the government flexibility in the management of economic activity fiscal deficits around better. “

The Minister of Planning, said in (the 11th of July present in 2016), that Iraq has overcome the economic stage more dangerous after the first half of 2016 ended, they returned to the world’s confidence in Iraq has become stronger and encouraged the international community to deal positively with him after receiving a loan from the International Monetary Fund.

The financial advisor to the prime minister, it was revealed, in (27 May 2016), for Iraq, for “” an international financial umbrella of the convergence of twenty billion dollars, as a .result of its agreement with the International Monetary Fund.