Isis confirms death of hugely popular ‘minister of war’ Omar al-Shishani


Isis confirms death of hugely popular 'minister of war' Omar al-Shishani

Thursday, 14 July 2016 02:14

The militant leader was hugely popular within the group and his loss is expected to be a significant blow

Abu Omar al-Shishani, a high ranking Isis commander, has been confirmed as dead by pro-Isis propaganda outlets.

The Chechen-born, hugely popular ‘minister of war’ was killed in fighting close the the beleaguered Iraqi city of Mosul.

His death – purportedly at the hands of the US – was falsely reported in the past but the claim is now being supported by a number of analysts and pro-Isis social media accounts. However, The Independent has not been able to verify the information.

Isis media outlet Amaq announced the news on Wednesday evening, saying al-Shishani was killed in combat in the Iraqi city of Shirqat, south of Mosul.

Shishani, also known as Omar the Chechen, ranked among America’s most wanted militants under a US programme that offered up to $5 million for information to help remove him from the battlefield.

Born in 1986 in Georgia, then still part of the Soviet Union, the red-bearded Shishani had a reputation as a close military adviser to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was said by followers to have relied heavily on Shishani.

In March, the Pentagon said Shishani had likely been killed in a U.S. air strike in Syria

Sadr from Tahrir Square: we will go and demonstrations will be peaceful


The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr during the conference in Tahrir Square, Wednesday July 13, 2016

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Long-Presse / Baghdad

He said the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Wednesday, moving the demonstrations in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, despite the pleas of the Iraqi Council of Ministers to be postponed, and this was rejected by the attack on the security forces, the promise of a breach of the security of Baghdad, “Cursed”, he considered his visit to Baghdad, “reassurance to the population a message” .

Sadr said in a press conference held by Liberation Square in central Baghdad and attended (range Press), “The demonstration will be on next Friday in Tahrir Square, and will be peaceful,” rejecting any attack on security forces by the demonstrators. “

Sadr promised everyone that disturbs the peace in the capital, “Cursed” and urged not to wear military Zein in the demonstrations and prevent the armed manifestations, “following up” that I came to Baghdad is the message of reassurance to the population of the capital. “

He said the cleric said Baghdad must be secure, stable and must be maintained on the blood of their people. “

The Iraqi cabinet on Tuesday called for, to postpone to prevent the country into chaos.


Kurdish deputies are leaving Baghdad for “security reasons.”



By Ziad alHaidari 3 hours ago
مجلس النواب العراقي
Iraqi Council of Representatives

Roudao- Arbil

After their participation in the Iraqi Council ofRepresentatives in the first legislative term of the third legislative year, Parliament decided to Kurds in the Iraqi parliament to leave Baghdad and return to the Kurdistan Region, because of the deteriorating security situation.

The head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Muthana Amin, told the network Roudao media, that “the Kurds of Representatives have begun to return to the Kurdistan region since noon on Wednesday, after the lifting of the Iraqi parliament session.”

He explained Amin, “that the reason for our return to the Kurdistan Region is due to the deterioration of the security situation, especially after the announcement of the millions upcoming demonstrations called by the cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr on Friday, and also to the lack of hearings in parliament in the coming days.”

The Iraqi capital Baghdad, has seen, on Tuesday, and a sudden preparations for a military review by the Iraqi army and the popular crowd residence on Thursday believed.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, had called on Tuesday to postpone the demonstrations millions in order to avoid chaos in the country.

A top US general for Abedi: bankruptcy Daash reached maximum range after the bombing of Karrada


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News received Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, at his office this afternoon Wednesday, July 13, 2016, Gen. Joseph Votal {}, commander of US Central Command in the US military and his accompanying delegation.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of it today . “During the meeting , which was attended by the Ambassador of the United States in Baghdad {Stuart Jones} review the nature of military cooperation between the two countries, going to liberate the city of Mosul and efforts, and the role of the international coalition to help Iraq the next phase, as well as the nature of the developments and military stance against Daash terrorist.
He continued , “Gen. showed Votal admiration for the great triumphs of the Iraqi forces in Fallujah and Qayyarah, expressing his country ‘s readiness to provide all kinds of possible support for Iraq during the next stage.”
He added that “Gen. Votal , you may also condolences to the incident of thecriminal bombing in Karada, stressing that the bankruptcy of terrorist organizations has reached the maximum range, and it is necessary to collaborate international effort with Iraqi efforts to finish off the organization Daash terrorist. ”
and saw the Karrada district of central Baghdad last week, a suicide terrorist great, carried out a car bomb loaded with a quarter of a ton of high explosives led to a central burning shopping in the area, killing 292 people and injuring 200 others, according to government reports from the Health Ministry and theBaghdad operations command and criminal evidence.
it condemned the religious authority in the words of its representative in the holy city of Karbala , Mr. Ahmad Safi Friday, Karrada bombing targeting the shrine ofMr. Muhammad peace be upon him in Balad, criticizing the government not taking the necessary measures to address security breaches, noting that “complacency with spoilers and losers on the blood of citizens account is unbearable , ” .anthy


The imposition of a curfew in Baghdad from 12 o’clock until six in the morning


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News security forces decided to impose a ban on night-roaming in the city of Baghdad.
According to an informed source told {Euphrates News} “The secretary troops would impose roaming from 12 o’clock at night ban until six o’clock in the morning,” .anthy



Urgent US Central Command chief arrives in Baghdad

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

arrived in the Central Command , the US military commander General Joseph Votal, on Wednesday evening to the capital Baghdad.

The visit comes two days after a similar visit by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to Baghdad during which he announced the intention to send 560 advisers to Iraq after the US.