Ministers and the international coalition defense against Daash agree on the adoption of the work and intensive support mechanisms in accordance with the requirements of Iraq


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ministers conference of the international coalition against Daash agreed, on the adoption of a clear and intensive support mechanisms in accordance with the requirements of the Iraqi agenda during the coming period.
According to a defense ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday , “Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi , the Conference of Ministers of the international coalition against Daash held in Washington DC in the presence of defense ministers of more than 35 state , ” was attended by asserting that “During the Conference review of the efforts of the international coalition in the war against Daash in Iraq and Syria, and evaluation of the coalition ‘s efforts, and try to improve the mechanisms of work and to ensure the defeat of terrorist organizations. ”
the statement continued that” the conferees greeted quality victories and decisive achieved by the Iraqi armed forces “, stressing pride in their performance and deep perception, the vital role played by Iraq to protect the vital interests of the world, and that scientific Palmdrick first line of defense for humanity, calling and designers on the need to support Iraq by all means available and in accordance with the methodology ofmechanisms have been developed which have been intensified to the efforts to support the Iraqi forces, particularly since the preparations for the Liberation of Mosul peaking. ”
the statement noted that “the human side, and the resulting battle the effects relating to the functions ofrelief and humanitarian support and reconstruction of liberated areas received considerable space of discussion and agreement on the need to intensify assistance to the Iraqi government in this area , ” Mnohna ” the meeting stressed that the battle to liberate Mosul will be successful and defeat the final Daash on the land of Iraq. ”
the statement added that” al – Obeidi said in a speech at the conference on the importance of theinternational community to intensify efforts to assign Iraq in military and humanitarian fields , “stressing that” Aldaasha terrorism initiative has been lost and that victory is settled in battle of Mosul for the benefit of the people of Iraq and its armed forces, reviewing the extent and significance of the great victory achieved in the battle to liberate Fallujah.
the Utaba statement that ” the Iraqi defense minister stressed the need to intensify the support and support to Iraqi forces and secure its requirements in arming, equipping and logistical support and air strikes , ” calling at the same time to the need for the international community mobilizes to support the humanitarian issue and the reconstruction of liberated areas, especially as the battle to liberate Mosul just around thecorner. ”
He went statement that” al – Obeidi stressed the need to have Iraqi cities , security against terrorist attacks Aldaashah carry weight especially since Daash terrorist baptizing to hit civilian targets with a succession ofdefeats reprehensible , “he is referring to the large criminal bombing in the Karrada district after the battle toliberate Fallujah.

Iraq issued the second his cargo of liquid gas quantity of 1,500 tonnes next week

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[Oan- Baghdad]
media director of the Basra Gas Company Darraji Shaalan announced the company ‘s intention to export aconsignment of gas liquid substance [cooking gas] up to 1500 tons next week.
He said Darraji in a press statement, said that ” the company is serious bridging the local need of gas material liquid to the citizens, adding that the company next month will organize the export process on aregular basis and thus adding a new and take financial income for the country.”
The Oil Ministry announced on the second of July ongoing, exported two thousand tons as the first shipment of liquid gas through the port of Umm Qasr.
He described the deputy minister for the gas industry Hamid Younis, the export process during a ceremony held on this occasion , ” the accomplishment historical economic and oil and event for Iraq , ” noting that “access to self – sufficiency in gas production fluid where the daily production rate of 5,000 tons per day. “

Macgork: edit Mosul Daash is soon now


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[Oan- up]
Brett Macgork US envoy to the international coalition against al Daash said Thursday that the liberation of thecity of Mosul , the control of the organization ” is now an achievable goal.”
He stressed Macgork for about 30 of the defense and foreign ministers in the coalition countries during their meeting in Washington to discuss the battle that the US – led anti – Daash “that the ” liberation of Mosul is near now must be done to prepare for this carefully. ”
He said the US official, that” the detailed planning is to ensure that relief organizations are moving quickly to provide food, shelter and other means of assistance to nearly one million people living in the city under therule of the organization. ”

Height of Iraq’s oil exports for the month of July



One of Iraq’s oil export ports


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Detecting oil commercial source, on Thursday, a rise of Iraq’s oil exports rate, during the 20th day of the month of July present compared to what was exported during last June, indicating that the loading docks in the port of Basra recorded until now exported 3.28 million barrels per day.

The agency said Rotarz, in a news item published, and I followed (the long-Presse), said that “a trade source oil detection height of Iraq’s oil exports during the 20 days of the current month of July, following a drop in production rates during the past two months.”

The source added that “loading docks in the port of Basra registered until now in the month of July, the export of 3.28 million barrels daily,” pointing out that “Iraq’s oil exports for the month of June stood at 3.18 million barrels a rate.”

The source noted, that “the increase in production rates are not affected by the interruption of two berths in the port of Basra for download for two days, as a result of a leak in one of the oil pipeline shipping.”

The agency American specialized energy affairs, suggested in the (11 July 2016), Iraq’s oil exports declined in July present to the “lowest rate” her 2016 th, attributed to the export-stop for up to three days as a result of leakage from a pipeline pumping at loading ports in Basra.

It is said that the Ministry of Oil, announced in (the first of July present), exporting to more than 95 million barrels of oil during June 2016, from Central and South fields, stressing the high fiscal revenue earned during that month compared Bayar, while a source at the South Oil Company , lower crude exports from the southern port rate in the same month, attributing this to the high demand and domestic consumption rate.

US embassy: we support the vision of al-Abadi in reform and respect the right to peaceful protest


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Said US Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones, said Thursday his country’s support for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his vision for reform and respect for the right of the masses to demonstrate, and among the Iraqi government is facing a huge crisis and the defeat (Daash), he hoped to start editing Mosul process and end as soon as .

Jones said in an interview with a number of media, including the (long-Presse), at the US embassy in central Baghdad, “We support Abadi and his vision regarding reform and respect the right of the masses of peaceful demonstrations.”

Jones added that “the Iraqi government is facing a huge crisis, and the focus on defeating (Daash), and we achieve the aspirations of the next generation and Abadi do it.”

Jones said he “I hope to start a campaign of Mosul and ends at the earliest,” pointing to “the start of the campaign preparatory operations and restore Qayyarah base.”


US Defense Secretary: Eradicate Daash in Iraq will make our homelands safe


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said during a conference of the international coalition in Washington that “the elimination of Daash in Iraq will make our homelands Omnh..itba ..

Defense Minister: Victory in Mosul has become affordable



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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said “Victory in Mosul has become affordable.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of the “Defense Minister Khaled al – Obeidi met , accompanied by Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari , the Iraqi community in the United States minister delivered during the meeting , a statement reviewing the reconstruction of thearmed forces and upgrading efforts, as well as the conduct of battles on thebattlefront against Daash, the great lesson that emerged from the Fallujah victory of the great as well as the ongoing preparations for the Liberation of thecity of Mosul.
He said al – Obeidi said “victory in Mosul has become in hand, praising the same time , the sacrifices dear to our people and our armed forces, calling on the Iraqi community in America to support valiant troops and our people all possible support, especially media support and explain the fair people in the circles Alomrakih.anthy issues

Allkash demanding Abadi Petrhik ministerial cabin to {12} Ministry


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP from the Bloc citizen Mohammed Allkash Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Petrhik ministerial cabin to {12} Ministry instead of {22} and choose ministers qualified for the next stage.
He Allkash in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of which was “The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi feminine next ministerial his booth and keep the federal ministries and the reduction of ministries that were transferred its powers to the provincial Ministry of the regions and provinces, which includes the directorates general federal agriculture and municipalities, housing, youth and health and the environment, education, financial and labor affairs Alajtmaih.anthy

Interior Minister Poland: we will not welcome the refugees anymore


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{International: Euphrates News} Mark and Polish Interior Minister Marius Blachak the recent tragic events in Europe as a “lesson” to Poland, should be depending on them not to accept refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.
According to Blachak Thursday, “the presence of such large numbers of refugees from these areas is the result of the policy of Western countries” … As the “Poland will not agree to the adoption of a quota system for the distribution of refugees, which would lead to more waves of immigration and lead to an increase in potential threats “…” Based on these facts, we decided to not accept these people, because the risk is too high anticipated. “
Blachak also pointed to the experience of the Polish border guards, who have clashed repeatedly with false documents carried by those Almhagron.anthy

Abadi discuss with the US commander training Iraqi forces to support the Baghdad Security


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Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi discussed with the commander of the US military administration and management of the team foil artificial threats first Michael Shields train Iraqi forces to improve the security ofBaghdad.
A statement by the Information Office of the Prime Minister received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of ” Theprime minister received at his office on Thursday, Shields and his accompanying delegation, were held during the meeting to discuss what can be provided security support in Baghdad with regard to anti -explosive belts and explosive devices and car bombs through training to help Iraqi forces to accomplish theirtasks in this area. ”
the capital , Baghdad time ago a series of terrorist bombings have killed large numbers of innocent people and injured others.