SULAIMANI — An MP from the Fatah Alliance, Muain Kadhimi said on Thursday (August 11) the Coordination Framework has started discussions to replace Mohammed Shia al-Sudani the bloc’s candidate for prime minister.

Kadhimi told Iraqi News Agency (INA) that what is important for the Coordination Framework is to form the government and end the suffering of the people. 

He said the framework is discussing a replacement for Sudani in case any talks with the Sadrist Movement hit a deadlock. 

The Fatah Alliance is part of the Coordination Framework along with the State of Law Coalition, the Alliance of National State Forces, the National Wisdom Movement, and the Islamic Virtue Party. 

Kadhimi said the Coordination Framework has formed a committee headed by the leader of the Fatah Alliance, Hadi al-Amri, and the committee has directly contacted the leader of Sadrist Movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, and other Iraqi parties in order to hold a meeting. 

He said the meeting will be to reach a decision on Sadr’s demand to hold early elections and the dissolution of parliament, a decision that would require the agreement of all parties. 

Sadr has demanded parliament be dissolved within ten days. 

(NRT Digital Media)


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