Al-Sadr’s minister calls for “million” demonstrations in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad

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 2022-08-13 12:38A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The “Minister of the Leader” who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on all Iraqis, on Saturday, to go out in “million peaceful” demonstrations in Tahrir Square in the center of the capital, Baghdad “against corruption, militias and corrupt authoritarian parties.”

This came in a blog published by the “Minister of the Leader” on social networking sites “Facebook”, and attributed to Al-Sadr.

And he, close to Al-Sadr, said in his publication, “This is my last call (..) After the protest was divided into two camps, it became imperative for me to investigate which of the camps is more numerous and sympathetic to the Iraqi people, regardless of their affiliations.”

Al-Sadr addressed all the Iraqi people, “with their clans, segments, sects and women, young and old, and children,” saying, “Today, I count on you to advocate for Iraq for reform and save what is left of it so that you will not be a prey to corruption, injustice, militias, dependency, and the whims of corrupt and authoritarian parties.”

He went on to address the Iraqis, “Yes, I am counting on you and I feel brave and not let down by you, for it is (the end of the last chance), through a united (peaceful) (million) demonstration from all Iraq’s governorates, regions, villages and neighborhoods, and even from all its alleys and homes to head to the beloved capital, Baghdad. And to Tahrir Square, then to your protesting brothers to support reform for the love of Iraq, with a majestic (two million) march carrying the flags of Iraq and the banners of reform and banners of liberation and with your loud voices that shake the thrones of the miserable, then return to your homes safely and securely.

The leader of the Sadrist movement continued by saying, “Let us send a million-popular message to the whole world that: Iraq is with reform, and reform is with Iraq, and there is no place for corruption and the corrupt.”

A leader in the framework reveals a “dissension” within his leaders due to the sit-in in front of the Green Zone

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 2022-08-13 08:07A-AA+

Shafaq News/ A leader in the coordination framework, which brings together Shiite forces with the exception of the Sadrist movement, revealed on Saturday that there is a split in opinion among the leaders of the framework about the sit-in of its masses in front of the Green Zone, indicating that only three forces participated in the sit-in.

The leader told Shafaq News Agency, “Some leaders of the coordination framework rejected the idea of ​​a sit-in in front of the Green Zone gate, and that taking such a step would cause a new crisis with the Sadrist movement, especially since there are attempts to resolve the crisis with the leader of the movement Muqtada al-Sadr in a friendly and understanding away from the language of street”.

He pointed out that “most of those who demonstrated yesterday, Friday, near the Muallaq Bridge, are supporters of the Al-Bashaer movement affiliated with the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, and the Movement of Wisdom, with the support and invitation of their leaders.”

He added that “other leaders and political parties within the coordinating framework did not officially announce their support for the demonstrations and sit-ins, and did not invite their supporters to participate.”

And the leader in the framework, said that “the large number of demonstrations and sit-ins will cause the street to ignite the political and economic crisis, as well as affect the security situation and may lead to Shiite Shiite fighting.”

The framework leader said, “The religious authority in Najaf must intervene to save the country and extinguish the fire of sedition before the crisis gets out of control.”

Yesterday, Friday, supporters of the coordination framework demonstrated at the entrance to the Green Zone in central Baghdad in protest against the Sadrist movement’s storming of the fortified area and their closure of the House of Representatives building, in refusal to nominate a prime minister for the new government by the framework. Forming a national service government with full powers in accordance with constitutional contexts to restore the state’s prestige and address the problems of the Iraqi citizen.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party announces its support for holding early elections with “3” conditions

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 2022-08-13 07:41A-AA+

Shafaq News/ Today, Saturday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party announced its support for holding “early elections” according to three conditions to ensure their success, while calling on political forces to enter into negotiations “based on the constitution.” 

The political office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party said, in a statement issued today, regarding the calls for early elections, received by Shafak News Agency, that “the party had expressed its concern from the beginning about the current situation in Iraq and the political blockage that the country is going through.”

“We ask all political forces to enter into fruitful negotiations on the basis of the constitution, based on the principle of the supreme interest of the Iraqi people,” he added.

He continued, “It is possible to repeat the elections in Iraq, but this comes after the agreement of the political forces and ensuring that they accept their final results and that the previous elections in Iraq will not be re-experienced.”

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, calls for the dissolution of parliament and the holding of early elections, while his rival, the Shiite coordination framework, confirms his intention to proceed with forming a new government.

A Legal Expert Sets The Date For Stopping Expenses And Employee Salaries

08/13/2022 43 

Earth News/ Legal expert Jamal Al-Asadi set today, Saturday, the date for stopping expenses and employee salaries, while stating that there is no text in the Financial Management Law that allows spending any amounts of spending units to finance budget expenditures after the end of the fiscal year that does not have a budget in the first place.