The interactions of the hour.. Al-Amiri’s initiative includes changing the framework candidate for prime minister

The interactions of the hour.. Al-Amiri's initiative includes changing the framework candidate for prime minister

Baghdad/The Obelisk: The Obelisk Agency publishes the most prominent interviews via satellite TV channels, 08/18/2022.

State of Law Representative Ahmed Al-Fawaz during a televised interview:

– We believe that there is a real breakthrough to the crisis and we expect the Kurdish file to be resolved within days
– It is not possible to go back to square one and cancel the achievements of the democratic experience
– A government capable of achieving the aspirations of the people must be formed
– A guarantee can only be adopted through the public and the people will not remain silent about grievances and courtesies
– Shiite framework Determined to form a government and not to go into chaos and the unknown
– the framework set outputs before his meeting with political forces and presidencies, including holding a session to form a government
– the brothers in the Kurdish house should resolve the file of their candidate for the presidency before holding a session to assign the prime minister

Kurdistan Democratic Party member Ali Al-Faili during a televised interview:

– The political situation is heading towards calm
– The framework and the trend are not with escalation
– Al-Amiri’s initiative included good points
– Al-Amiri’s initiative includes “changing” the framework candidate for prime minister
– Rejection of the election results loses its value
– Al-Amiri’s initiative emphasizes the commitment of everyone to accept the election results
– We do not count too much on Yesterday’s meeting, but it is a good step
– there is competition to dominate the Shiite position between the current and the framework
– the forces of the Shiite house should benefit from the Lebanese experience
– Plasschaert conveys the messages of the international community to the political forces
– the international community looks with concern on the Iraqi political situation

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