How many employees in Kurdistan? What are the reasons for the delay in their salaries? .. Parliamentary Finance answers

Political| 04:02 – 12/05/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, on Wednesday, the determination of the number of employees in the Kurdistan region in the budget, while it revealed the reasons for the delay in the payment of their salaries.
A member of the Finance Committee, MP, Ahmed Al-Hajj, said, according to the official agency, that “the reasons for the delay in paying the salaries of the region’s employees on time and without any cut are due to the fact that the paragraphs pertaining to the region in the budget law are not applicable, as they were established only to give legal cover to sell oil in the region.” , Indicating that “the defect exists on both sides, Baghdad and Erbil.”
He added that “the region’s oil sales are supposed to be evaluated to be deducted from the Kurdistan’s share and the rest is sent by Baghdad, but it has not been sent,” noting that “the region has not also sent 50% of its non-oil imports to Baghdad.”
Al-Hajj pointed out that “the budget specified the number of the region’s employees at 682 thousand employees, but the region says that the number of those who receive salaries is (one million two hundred fifty-five thousand)”, pointing out that “the best solution is everyone’s commitment to the budget law and its implementation.”

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