Al-Kazemi government announces the achievement of “advanced percentages” in moving projects delayed

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Shafaq News / The General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers announced, on Sunday, that advanced rates have been achieved in moving the lagging investment projects in Baghdad and the provinces.

The secretariat stated in a statement received by Shafaq News, that “the Diwaniya Order No. 6 of 2017 in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, concerned with this file, has received great support, capabilities and powers that have enabled it to diagnose the most important obstacles and obstacles facing the investment file in Iraq.”

She explained that this was done through “continuous follow-ups and periodic meetings, with the aim of bypassing the bureaucracy, in order to shorten the effort and time, which enabled it to find solutions and remedies.”

According to the statement, the committee held “(107) sessions in which it issued (777) recommendations and directives, adopting the highest degree of professionalism and quality, through which advanced achievement rates were achieved. Intersections between the relevant official authorities.

The sectors covered by the committee included, according to the statement, “(residential, commercial, tourism and entertainment, industrial, agricultural, health, and educational), where the share of Baghdad governorate included (153) projects, and (291) projects distributed over the rest of the governorates.

The committee diagnosed, “the most important obstacles facing the investment file in Iraq, despite the exceptional circumstances that the country witnessed, such as the Corona pandemic and the reduction in the working hours of employees in official institutions, and worked on continuous communication with the general managers in the relevant departments, to resolve issues radically, with decisions.” And the recommendations and directives issued by the committee. “


Al-Kaabi, a UN official: The government is able to manage the electoral file and protect the security of voters

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Al-Kaabi, a UN official: The government is able to manage the electoral file and protect the security of voters

{Politics: Al Furat News} The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi, discussed today, Sunday, with the Deputy Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Angebjurg Solron Gisladottir and her accompanying delegation, preparations and challenges facing the upcoming elections. 

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Al-Kaabi noted, according to the statement, “Al Furat News” received a copy of it, that “the government is very capable of managing the electoral file, securing polling stations, and protecting the security of voters and participants in the upcoming elections.”
He called on the political forces to “cooperate with the government to create an appropriate environment for holding the elections on time, away from violence and suspicion, and to abide by the provisions of the electoral code of ethics that was drawn up by the United Nations Mission in coordination with the Electoral Commission, in a way that reflects the extent of the commitment of all blocs to provide the appropriate climate for the elections.”
Al-Kaabi stated that “the Iraqi people have a great opportunity to change reality for the better and preserve the democratic process through broad participation in these elections scheduled to take place on the tenth of this October,” considering that “international monitoring of them is a message of reassurance to the people that will push them to broad participation.” And to give confidence to the political partners, in a manner that guarantees the integrity and impartiality of the elections and not to question their outcomes. ”
As he indicated, “The House of Representatives has completed the system of legislation guaranteeing the holding of elections at an early date,” stressing that “the upcoming elections must be better than their previous ones and have integrity and credibility, especially as they are monitored by the United Nations.”
On her part, Gisladottir expressed the support of the UN mission of the Iraqi government and the Independent High Electoral Commission to provide all legal capabilities and provide technical assistance and advice in a way that contributes to its success and to ensure its transparency and integrity.
Wafa Al-Fatlawi

The Kurds pin their hopes on the government delegation’s visit to Baghdad: salaries before oil

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The government delegation representing the Kurdistan region arrives today, in the federal capital, Baghdad, to discuss several files, including the salaries of employees and the region’s share of the current year’s budget.
The Kurds attach their hopes to the visit, which is the first after the budget is approved, and the delegation has files and data on the region’s oil exports, the number of employees, their salaries, and the dues for operating the oil fields.
A member of the Democratic Party, Shakhwan Abdullah, says, “The problems between Baghdad and Erbil are technical, not administrative, and that the Kurds are afraid to deliver oil without obtaining financial dues, as happened during Haider al-Abadi’s premiership in 2015, when the region handed over oil and did not receive salaries.”
Abdullah suggests that the federal government dispose of the region’s dues for a month, and in the event that the region’s oil is not delivered, it will be cut off in the following month.
The federal government has set several conditions in exchange for implementing the budget clause for the Kurdistan region, and one of these conditions, according to sources who spoke to us, is that “oil is delivered and half of the revenues of the border outlets and after that the salaries are disbursed, but the region wants salaries before delivering its oil.”
There is also a problem related to calculating the cost of producing the region’s oil. The latter wants it to be at the expense of the federal government, while Baghdad refuses that, but the technical dispute that the Democratic Party member spoke about relates to the fields ’inability to produce 250 thousand barrels per day, in addition to local production This dispute, the Kurdish delegation seeks to resolve during the visit.
Member of the Kurdistan Alliance, MP Ahmad Al-Saffar, spoke about the arrival of the delegation today to Baghdad, while noting that the aim of the visit is to follow up the implementation of Article 11 of the Budget Law for the Kurdistan Region’s share, and there will be three parties present: the Federal Ministries of Finance and Oil, and the Office of Financial Supervision. H

A large Kurdish delegation arrives in Baghdad to monitor the implementation of the region’s share of the budget

2021.05.30 – 16:58
A large Kurdish delegation arrives in Baghdad to monitor the implementation of the region’s share of the budget

Baghdad – People  Member of the Kurdistan Alliance, MP Ahmad Al-Saffar, confirmed, on Sunday, the arrival of a large Kurdish government delegation to Baghdad today.

The “people” channel on Telegram … our last updates, always Al-Saffar told the official agency, and “people” followed him (May 30, 2021), that “a large government delegation from the region will arrive today to Baghdad to meet government officials exclusively.”He explained that “the purpose of the visit is to meet to follow up the implementation of Article 11 of the Budget Law on the share of the Kurdistan region, and there will be three parties present: the Federal Ministries of Finance and Oil, and the Office of Financial Supervision.”The Kurdistan Democratic Alliance had confirmed, last Friday, that the Kurdistan Regional Government had handed over all data on the numbers of employees, oil, revenues and outlets to the federal government

The withdrawal of the military armor deployed in Baghdad

On Sunday (May 30, 2021), a security source reported that the armored vehicles that were deployed earlier in the capital, Baghdad, had withdrawn .The source said, “The armored vehicles and mortars that were deployed earlier, in a number of areas of the capital, Baghdad, withdrew today,” adding, “however, the armored vehicles deployed near the intelligence agency building did not withdraw

The region’s delegation in Baghdad to implement the budget agreement and communicate the formula for delivering oil to the federal government

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2021/05/30 11:48

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Member of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, Othman Karim, on Sunday May 30, 2021, revealed the most important files that the Kurdish delegation will discuss during its visit to Baghdad.

In an interview received by Al-Masalla, Karim said that the files that the delegation, which includes a group of ministers, will discuss is the implementation of the budget agreement, reaching a formula regarding the delivery of the region’s oil to Baghdad, and also sending the federal government the sums allocated to Kurdistan.

He added that the other files will focus on managing border crossings, financial revenues, customs tariffs, and sending the salaries of employees in the region who have a direct link with the federal government.

He pointed out that the issue of Peshmerga and its redeployment in the disputed areas is not the prerogative of the current delegation. Rather, there are military delegations that will visit Baghdad soon to discuss this file and complete coordination with the Iraqi army.

The agreement signed last December stipulates that Kurdistan will be granted a budget share of 12.6% in return for handing over 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to the region, and half of the revenues from the border crossings to Baghdad.

And the political blocs in the Iraqi parliament rejected the agreement that was included in the draft budget, at a time when the government of the blocks objecting to the draft law complains that the government of Erbil should hand over the entire oil management file to the federal government in return for Kurdistan to get its share in the budget.

The issue of the region’s share is not the only point of contention between Baghdad and Erbil. There are other points. Article 140 is still pending, and it is a constitutional issue that has not yet been implemented. With one package to solve all outstanding problems.

The region’s delegation arrives in Baghdad today … and an explanation of the reasons for the visit

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The region’s delegation arrives in Baghdad today ... and an explanation of the reasons for the visit

{Politics: Al Furat News} A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will arrive in the capital, Baghdad, on Sunday. 

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The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s representative office in Baghdad, Faris Issa, said that, in a press statement, “a high-ranking delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit the capital, Baghdad, today, Sunday, to meet with federal government officials to discuss the implementation of the provisions of the budget law for the current year.”
He stated, “The delegation headed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Qubad Talabani, will arrive in Baghdad this evening and will start from tomorrow, Monday, to hold meetings to discuss sending the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget.”
He pointed out, “The meetings will be limited to government officials only, and not include political parties and parties.”
The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazimi, said on May 9, that “the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil today is in its” golden age “due to the amount of trust that exists between the federal government and the regional government. We have a historical relationship with the Kurds and we have relations with all Kurdish leaders in Sulaymaniyah and Erbil. Excellent, and we tried to deconstruct some of the elements of tension. I went to Erbil, I went to Sulaymaniyah, and I met with the political leaders, and we worked to dismantle many of the misunderstandings. ”
And that “this is what contributed to the success in approving the budget, paragraph 11 of the Iraqi budget in which there is a clear agreement between the federal government and the regional government and it was approved by Parliament. We have obtained parliamentary support and we are in the stage of overcoming many obstacles regarding the issue of salaries and trust,” adding : “We are now in the final stage of approving and distributing the budget sections, and it will arrive in the region soon.”
It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted on the budget law on March 31, after months of intense debate and a series of meetings held by the negotiating delegation for the Kurdistan region headed by Qubad Talabani about the region’s share, with federal government officials, heads of parliamentary blocs, leaders and leaders of political parties.
Ammar Al-Masoudi

Kurdistan Region Ministry of Finance publishes a new salary distribution schedule

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Shafaq News / The Ministry of Finance and Economy in Kurdistan Region published on Sunday a new schedule for the distribution of salaries to employees and workers in the public sector.

According to a statement issued by the ministry, on Monday, 5-31-2021, the salaries of the Ministry of Interior and the General Nationality Directorate will be distributed.

On Tuesday, 6-1-2021, the salaries of the Zirvani forces and the Oil and Gas Protection Brigade will be distributed in the region, the statement said.

And the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Region announced on Friday that it will start distributing salaries to all employees and workers in the public sector, starting from the beginning of this week.