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SULAIMANI — General Director at the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Trade Nawzad Kamil said on Saturday (May 29) that the federal government has transferred more than 46 billion Iraqi dinars ($31 million) to the Kurdistan Region in payment for wheat sales in 2020.

Kamil told NRT that the ministry will distribute the cash to farmers as soon as possible, likely either this week or next week.

He said that 23.7 billion Iraqi dinars ($16.3 million) of the payment is for farmers in Sulaimani, 11.9 billion ($8.2 million) in Erbil, and 10.7 billion ($7.3 million) in Duhok. 

Kamil added that Baghdad still owes a total of 307 billion dinars ($210 million) in payments for wheat sales in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

The payments were delayed because of financial and budget disagreements between Baghdad and Erbil, with famers who sold their wheat to the federal government caught in the middle.

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Parliament: Paying farmers ’dues within a week

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Shafaq News / The Presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives (Parliament) pledged, on Saturday, that it will work to oblige the finances to pay farmers’ dues within a week.

The media department in the council stated in a statement received by Shafaq News, that “the presidency of the council will follow up with the sectoral committee to oblige the Ministry of Finance to implement the clause of paying farmers’ dues during this week.”


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SULAIMANI — Responding to allegations that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is failing to uphold numerous parts of a recent budget deal, member of Iraq’s Council of Representatives’ Finance Committee Ekhlas Dlemi on Friday (May 28) claimed that the KRG has given the federal government all required data related to oil, customs income, and the number of public sector workers it employs.

On Friday, Change Movement (Gorran) lawmaker in the Council of Representatives Kawa Mohammed told NRT that the KRG had not turned over that data.

A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Dlemi told state-owned Iraqi News Agency (INA) that the federal government challenged some provisions of the law, noting that the law was supposed to be implemented after its publication in the Official Gazette.

On March 31, the Council of Representatives passed Iraq’s annual budget, which included a financial agreement between Erbil and Baghdad.

The KRG is supposed to receive 9.5 trillion Iraqi dinars ($6.5 billion) from the budget, which will be disbursed in monthly increments, in return for submitting 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day to Iraq’s oil marketer SOMO for export and a portion of the income derived from customs duties at international border crossings with Iran and Turkey.

Dlemi added that the federal government has not taken the initiative to determine a method or mechanism to send the Region’s budget share, but failed to mention that the KRG has not sent any oil or customs income.

Mechanisms for sending money from Baghdad to Erbil are well-established and some types of cash transfers between the two governments are ongoing. On Saturday, Baghdad sent 46 billion Iraqi dinars ($31 million) in payments for wheat purchases.

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Iran: Iraq will release our frozen funds

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Shafaq News / The official Iranian media reported, on Saturday, that the country’s Minister of Energy, Reza Ardakanian, said that Iraq had agreed to transfer $ 125 million of frozen Iranian funds to a European bank to buy 16 million doses of a vaccine against the Coronavirus.

Iran, the Middle East country worst affected by the epidemic, complains that US sanctions are preventing it from providing payments for vaccines.

The Islamic Republic News Agency quoted the minister as saying that the money will be directed to purchase vaccines from the Kovacs Vaccine Sharing Program sponsored by the World Health Organization.

No confirmation has yet been received from Iraqi officials of the planned release of Iranian money for vaccines.

During its talks with world powers in Vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran demanded the release of oil revenues of $ 20 billion, which it says are frozen in countries including Iraq, South Korea and China. Because of the US sanctions imposed since 2018.

Kurdistan Democrat: A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad to settle salaries and entitlements

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Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi Parliament confirmed, on Saturday, that a delegation from the regional government will visit Baghdad to settle salaries and arrears and implement the general budget law for 2021.

Deputy for Democrat Sherawan Al-Dobardani told Shafaq News, “A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad, on Sunday, to discuss with officials in the federal government the issue of salaries and entitlements of the region.

He added that “the Kurdish ministerial delegation will discuss with the Federal Ministry of Finance the issue of non-implementation of the budget law and delaying sending Kurdistan Region dues.”

“We hope to resolve the issue of the delay in disbursing the region’s dues for the purpose of disbursing the salaries of the Peshmerga and the employees in Kurdistan.

A Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad tomorrow to discuss these files

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The information / Erbil ..

The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Gutiar Adel, confirmed, on Saturday, that the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation will visit Baghdad tomorrow, Sunday, to discuss the outstanding issues.

Adel said in a statement to / information /, that “the delegation will include a group of ministers and will discuss with the federal government the understanding on a common formula for the implementation of the budget agreement, related to sending Baghdad to the region’s share of financial dues.”

He added that “so far, Baghdad has not sent the agreed share in the budget, while the regional government is fully prepared to implement all of what was mentioned in the voting agreement.”

Adel stressed, “We will not back down from implementing the commitments, and this will be emphasized during the delegation’s visit to Baghdad tomorrow.”

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