Washington comments on the recent events in Baghdad

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The State Department welcomed every effort the government is making to hold the militias accountable

On Thursday, the United States of America expressed its anger at the “violent and brutal” dealings with peaceful demonstrators in Iraq, and the violation of the country’s sovereignty by militias.

A spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, said in a statement that Washington is “outraged by the confrontation of peaceful Iraqi demonstrators who are demanding reform with threats and brutal violence.”

The statement added that “the violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and the rule of law by armed militias harms all Iraqis and their country.” 

The State Department welcomed every effort made by the government to hold militias, thugs and other armed groups accountable for its attacks against Iraqis who exercise their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, as well as its attacks on the rule of law, according to the statement.

On Tuesday, two demonstrators were killed by security forces in Baghdad after they dispersed a demonstration that launched earlier to demand accountability for the killers of activists against the political system, amid a feeling of frustration and failure with the current government.

Thousands participated in the demonstration, which included people from southern cities such as Nasiriyah and Karbala, who raised pictures of activists who had been assassinated, especially Ihab al-Wazzani, head of the protests coordination in Karbala, who for several years had been warning of the domination of armed factions loyal to Iran and was shot dead by gunmen in front of his house with pistols equipped with silencers. . 

After security forces arrested a leader in the Popular Mobilization Forces on charges of “terrorism,” the Hashd militants penetrated the Green Zone from one of its gates, and threatened to use force to free the arrested leader.



Opening of the Iraq reconstruction and investment exhibition in Erbil

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Opening of the Iraq reconstruction and investment exhibition in Erbil

{Economical: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Trade announced the launch of the Iraq Reconstruction and Investment Exhibition for the period from 26 to 29 May. 

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The exhibition is organized by the Turkish “Sofwar” company for organizing exhibitions and conferences, in cooperation with the Erbil International Fair, in coordination with the Ministry of Trade, and in the presence of a large number of officials, businessmen and a large number of media professionals in the province.
The director general of the Iraqi Exhibitions Company, Sarmad Taha, said in a statement to the ministry that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it.
He stated, “The exhibition is an important step aimed at stimulating the economy, which is witnessing a recovery in Erbil. It is also an important opportunity for investment and encourages Arab and foreign companies to enter into an investment competition to reconstruct the infrastructure and areas damaged by terrorist acts.”
He noted, “The Iraq reconstruction exhibition in Erbil coincides with the opening of the Nineveh Energy, Reconstruction and Investment Exhibition.”
Ammar Al-Masoudi


Representatives announce the completion of the plan of secure borders with Kurdistan

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Baghdad / Al-Masalla: Member of Parliament for Diyala Governorate, MP Abdul Khaleq Al-Azzawi, announced, on Thursday, May 27, 2021, that the border plan with Kurdistan has been completed.

Al-Azzawi said in a press statement, that the security deployment plan on the administrative borders separating Diyala and Sulaymaniyah within the Kurdistan region has completed all its axes and all the spaces previously monitored have been kept, especially in mountainous areas, highlands and valleys.

He added that the borders have been suffering for years from the existence of vacuums that have posed a security threat to the nearby regions and villages, in addition to the security points, pointing out that the completion of the redeployment and holding of the land will have a positive sign in enhancing security stability and pushing it forward.

He pointed out that keeping the administrative borders addressed an important challenge, and we seek to close the rest of the gaps through the ongoing redeployment plans in Diyala.


The World Bank announces important details in its report on Iraq

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The World Bank announces important details in its report on Iraq

{Economist: Al Furat News} A senior expert at the World Bank, Wael Mansour, revealed, on Thursday, important details in his report on Iraq. 

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Mansour said in a televised interview, “Negative GDP growth has reached 10%, which is one of the worst growth that we see after 2003, and we attribute it to the drop in the price of oil, the OPEC Plus agreement that reduced oil production, and the Kurna pandemic that strikes many sectors, including services, religious tourism and others.” . 
He pointed out, “a sharp decline in financial resources, and the government has taken harsh measures, including with regard to reducing all spending outside of wages and salaries, and we have seen a sharp decline in public investment, social benefits and all programs that can support growth and reduce poverty, and a sharp decline in them.” 
Mansour stressed, “The World Bank is very interested in the growth factor and sustainable growth, the need for diversification and job creation outside the oil sector, and a fundamental necessity for the participation of women in the labor market, as Iraq is at the lowest rates in the world in this aspect.” 
He indicated that “if Iraq is able to achieve policies and involve women in the labor market, 2”. 
$ 2.5 billion as a result of burning gas associated with oil extraction and losses in agriculture and water. ” 
Mansour continued,“ The solutions to Iraq’s problems have become a large structural pile up from one government to another, and solutions are not easy and not immediate, and we are talking about problems in the public sector, electricity and infrastructure, and a very small banking sector that does not exist. And not supportive of the public sectors. ”He  
noted,“ We ​​are aware of the importance of the current government’s white paper, which is diagnosed with such accuracy and seriousness and sounds an alarm bell for the Iraqi economic situation and says that the solution is not immediate and there must be short-term measures and all of the reforms need a pause and a political decision in the first place. ”
Mansour concluded, “Not diving into these reforms means recurring problems from one government to another with the low exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar,” adding, “We do not set conditions on Iraq, rather we offer advice to increase imports, and with the improvement in the price of oil it is a good look, but there are 3 risks hidden. The first is the political and security risk that topples all the economic recovery and the risk of fluctuations in the price of oil, and it may drop to 50 or 40 dollars a barrel. The other danger is the absence of reform and the failure to implement the white paper means losing 11 billion dollars to Iraq.

The World Bank expert stressed that “reforms affect salaries, electricity, social protection networks and other government-supported aspects,” noting that “e-government places Iraq in the back ranks in terms of corruption and the effectiveness of management.” 

Wafa Al-Fatlawi


Two of Salim al-Jubouri’s office were wounded in an armed attack in Diyala

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Shafaq News / Two workers in the office of the former parliament speaker, Salim al-Jubouri, were seriously injured on Thursday as a result of an armed attack, according to his office.

The office said in a statement received by Shafaq News, “We condemn and denounce the treacherous targeting attempt that two workers in our office in Diyala governorate were subjected to and were shot by unidentified persons, which resulted in serious injuries to them.”

Al-Jubouri’s office called on the security forces to “open an urgent investigation, uncover the perpetrators, and place them under the penalty of law, to be an example to others who have practiced murder and intimidation, thinking that they are immune to accountability and will not be affected by the hand of law.”

And he added, “This order imposes on the security forces a double responsibility, which is to rein in those who despise the lives of people, especially those who do not believe in honest competition and resort to weapons and violence to intimidate others.”


American readiness to establish electrical projects in the Kurdistan Region

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Shafaq News / Today, Thursday, the United States of America expressed its willingness to participate in the implementation of a number of “important” electrical projects through loans in the Kurdistan Region.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Electricity in the regional government reported to Shafaq News, Minister Kamal Muhammad met with the Consul of the Economic Department at the US Consulate General in the region, Lisa Bodonly, who renewed her country’s support for the Kurdistan government and people, expressing her country’s readiness to participate in the implementation of a number of important electrical projects in the form of Loans in the Kurdistan Region.  

The statement added that the Minister of Electricity in the regional government, for his part, expressed his ministry’s readiness to provide all possible facilities and cooperate with American companies to implement a number of strategic projects, including 400kv stations and implement the electricity production project by making use of the associated gas in the oil fields and the importance of extending a gas pipeline to the 1000 station. Kwashi electricity in Dohuk governorate and many other projects.


The Minister of Finance signs the contract for the customs automation system … that will maximize revenues and limit corruption and smuggling operations

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2021/05/27 17:42

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Baghdad / Al-Masala: Minister of Finance Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi signed, on Thursday, May 27, 2021, in Baghdad a document finalizing and updating the system of the General Customs Authority with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD. 

Allawi said during the signing ceremony, that our country needs to improve the standards of public administration in all state departments and that the Ministry of Finance is committed to providing the best international practices in all its units and we are implementing an important program with the United Nations to improve financial management systems. 

Allawi added that this step is one of the many steps in the path of reform and development that must be implemented. 

Allawi stressed that the ministry is determined to implement the ASYCUDA electronic customs data system in the General Authority of Customs, which was provided free of charge with the fruit of the efforts of continuous meetings and meetings with the United Nations conference, and the efforts resulted in the adoption of a team of United Nations experts the process of installing the system and training the customs authority and approved in more From 80 countries to contribute to simplifying customs procedures. 

This measure will contribute to developing customs departments and improving their performance, which in turn achieves effective management as well as achieving financial sustainability and diversifying the economy in accordance with the principles of integrity, transparency and combating corruption. 

 The ministry seeks to convert customs departments into important sources to support the state treasury, after oil revenues. 

This system will work on documenting and exchanging customs information between countries, combating customs smuggling, in addition to standardizing documents and data among state institutions. 

While the Director General of the Customs Authority, Sadiq Howeidi Abbas, confirmed, on Thursday, that the ASYCUDA system will work to establish a database for customs work.

Abbas said during a press conference, “The ASYCUDA system will work to establish a database for customs work,” noting that “the system was presented to the parliament and it was agreed upon.”

“The ASYCUDA system will maximize the revenues of the authority, help exchange information with other institutions, reduce errors in the work of the authority, speed up the completion of transactions, and curb corruption and smuggling operations,” he added.


Details of the decision to send an international team to monitor the progress of the Iraqi elections

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Baghdad Today- Follow up
On Thursday, the UN Security Council voted unanimously to extend the mandate of its mission in Iraq and expand it to include monitoring the legislative elections scheduled to take place on the tenth of next October, at the request of the authorities in Baghdad, and it calls for “the presence of a strengthened and strong United Nations team with additional staff,” Before the upcoming Iraqi elections, to monitor the day of the Iraqi elections with as wide geographical coverage as possible. “
The mission, known as the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), will continue until May 27, 2022, according to a resolution drafted by the United States, which states that the international organization’s assistance should come “in a way that respects Iraqi sovereignty.”
A diplomat told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity, that Baghdad “wants more”, including a “full monitoring mission” for the elections.
But the diplomat said what the council had agreed upon was in line with its usual practices, adding that some members were reluctant to accept a larger role, fearing that the UN would end up taking too much responsibility for the vote.
According to the resolution, UNAMI is to “participate, encourage, coordinate with and provide, as appropriate, logistical and security support to international and regional observers from third parties invited by the Iraqi government.”
The mission will also be asked to “launch a United Nations strategic message campaign to educate, inform, and update the Iraqi electorate on election preparations and United Nations activities in support of elections before and on election day,” as stated in the text.
During the recent council meeting on Iraq, which was held by video link, the UN Special Representative for Iraq, Jeanine Hennes Blashardt, asked the authorities in Baghdad to “preserve the integrity of the electoral process.”
The UN envoy warned that “failure to hold credible elections will lead to great, permanent and widespread anger and disappointment, which in turn could further destabilize the country at a time when there is a great need for strength and unity.”


Plasschaert talks about closed-door talks in Iraq

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Shafaq News / The head of the United Nations mission in Iraq, Jenin Hennis Blasshardt revealed, on Thursday, that there are discussions taking place behind closed doors regarding the political process, noting the need for their results to remain “behind the doors”, while warning that the Iraqis have lost confidence in the political process.

“Political accountability is very important and any leader who is unable to fulfill his duties must resign,” Blashart said in a briefing before the UN Security Council, seen by Shafaq News.

She added, “It is easy to demand a resignation, but we have to ask: What does that resignation solve, and what if the next person is unable to make progress in the position?” It is better for it to remain so. “

She indicated that her meeting with the Chief of Staff of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Abu Fadak al-Muhammadawi, “comes within the framework of communicating with all parties.”

Blashardt pointed out that “the United Nations contributes to many activities such as dialogues between Baghdad and Erbil and community reconciliation. The United Nations family in Iraq includes a lot in its departments and provides services such as relief. We understand that many want the mission to provide more, but Iraq is not a poor country.”

She added, “The United Nations provides advice and advice. Iraq is a sovereign country, and any government is responsible to its citizens,” noting that “it is easy for many parties to hide behind the United Nations and blame it.”

And she continued by saying, “Everyone who wants to express his opinion can do so, which we emphasize again and again. There are many politicians with whom we have good cooperation and some politicians express their opinion as if the United Nations is undermining the sovereignty of Iraq.” We are expected to perform miracles. “

She warned, “The United Nations is a multilateral organization, and we work on the basis of that. We believe that it is our duty to act on the basis of facts and move away from ideas of conspiracies. We must differentiate between blaming the United Nations and impunity.”  

“What we witnessed in 2019 of the demonstrations was due to the lack of political and economic solutions, we communicated with the demonstrators, we communicated with the government as well, we monitored the situation and issued many reports, and many of our activities were far from the public’s eyes,” Blashardt added. 

She stressed that “the demonstrations have been going on since 2019 and the demand for accountability is important, and progress should be made in this. We have published multiple reports on demonstrations, the use of violence and impunity, and we continue to monitor the situation and communicate with everyone.”

Blashardt warned that “the Iraqi people have lost faith in the political process, and the state of popular anger in Iraq should not be underestimated,” noting that “the demonstrators have lost their patience and want immediate change and will continue to demonstrate and go out on the street.”

Regarding the assassinations and the disappearance of demonstrators and civilian activists, Blashardt said, “Investigations into assassinations are still without results, and we will issue a report on killings and assassinations in Iraq soon.”

“The armed forces will push Iraq into the abyss, and corruption cannot be eliminated in Iraq overnight,” she concluded.


The meeting of the presidencies concludes with a warning of a “dangerous transgression” of the state’s prestige

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi presidencies warned, on Thursday, that the continuing security turmoil and the encroachment on the state’s authority and its right to control security and military decisions represents a “dangerous transgression” of the state’s authority and prestige.

This came in a meeting held at Baghdad Palace, which included the presidents of the republic, Barham Salih, the cabinet, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, and the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faeq Zaidan.

A statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic received by Shafaq News stated that “the meeting discussed the recent developments and the dangerous repercussions resulting from them,” referring to the deployment of forces from the Popular Mobilization Forces in central Baghdad to pressure the government to release the arrest of the leader in the crowd, Qasim Musleh, who was detained on charges of terrorism.

The meeting affirmed, according to the statement, that “the recent events in the country have a negative impact on the national efforts aimed at achieving security and stability and preserving the prestige and sovereignty of the state, and for the national project adopted by the people’s forces and political and social actors in order to get the country out of the current crises and challenges in preparation for conducting fair and equitable elections.” .

The meeting stressed that “the continuing security turmoil and encroachment on the state’s authority and its right to hold the security and military decision represents a serious violation of the state’s authority and prestige in enforcing the law and protecting the security of citizens, and exposes the stability of the country to real risks, which calls for an active presence of the position of the various political forces in order to confront this. Escalation and support for the state in confining weapons in its hand, closing ranks, stopping sedition, and taking unified, serious and decisive stances to remedy the crisis.

The meeting also stressed the necessity of respecting the decisions issued by the judiciary and respecting the procedures of state institutions in legal accountability, not to be subjected to decisions of the judiciary outside the constitutional frameworks, and to adhere to exclusively legal procedures and contexts, in order to uphold the rule of law and the principle of citizenship in a state that protects its people and guarantees the rights of all citizens without discrimination. “.

The presidencies of Iraq stressed, “the holding of parliamentary elections next October, which are of great importance as they come after a popular movement demanding reform, and after the accumulation of crises, mismanagement and widespread corruption, the holding of elections is a constitutional and national duty and it should not be hesitant in it, as it should be a means for getting out of problems and challenges.” The current situation that the country is suffering from and represents the peaceful path of change. “

And she continued by saying, “In order to achieve this goal, the necessary conditions necessary for the electoral process must be met, and the implementation of standards of integrity and transparency in its various stages must not be waived and the broad participation guaranteed, in order to ensure the free will of the Iraqis to choose their representatives away from fraud, manipulation and pressure, and for the election outcomes to be a reflection.” True to the will of the people and their choices. ” 

On Wednesday, the capital, Baghdad, witnessed tension after a special security force arrested Qassem Musleh, the leader in the crowd according to a court warrant related to terrorism, which angered leaders in the Popular Mobilization Forces, the development of the spread of mechanisms and elements of the crowd heavily armed in and around the Green Zone, and surrounded some government headquarters To push for Musleh’s release.

The next day, the US National Security Council announced “strong” support for Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s actions to impose the rule of law in the country.

There were conflicting reports about a reformed release by the Iraqi security authorities, and his handover to the security of the Popular Mobilization Forces.

And Qasim Musleh was the commander of the “Tafuf Brigade” in the Popular Mobilization Forces, and in 2017 he assumed the position of commander of the Hashd operations in Anbar.