It was sponsored by Al-Kazemi .. An American report reveals the content of the Iranian-Saudi talks in Baghdad

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Shafaq News / The American newspaper “New York Times” said, on Saturday, that the talks sponsored by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Saudi and Iranian officials, took place on April 9, indicating that the next meeting may be held in Baghdad this month “at the level Ambassadors. “

The newspaper says that it obtained this information from Iraqi officials, an Iranian official and an advisor in the Iranian government. This news comes after the Financial Times revealed earlier that talks held in Baghdad between Saudi and Iranian officials discussed several points of contention between the two countries, including the war in Yemen, and Iranian-backed militants in Iraq.

The “New York Times” said that the talks, sponsored by Al-Kazemi, dealt with the activities of Iranian-backed militias and the war in Yemen, according to Iraqi and Iranian officials.

An Iranian government advisor, speaking on the condition of secrecy, said that the talks included, the head of Saudi intelligence, Khaled Al-Humaidan, and the deputy secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Irvani. The American newspaper report indicated that Iranian officials want a solution to the Yemeni conflict, and to ensure that the Houthis have a role in sharing power in the government.

Iran also wants Saudi Arabia to back down from its campaign that seeks to expel Iran’s proxies in Iraq and Syria, and to stop pressing for sanctions against Iran, and not to normalize relations with Israel, as other Arab countries have done.

Reuters quoted “informed” sources in the Middle East on the 21st of last month as saying that Saudi Arabia and Iran are planning to hold more direct talks this month, without specifying a precise date.

Reuters quoted an official Middle Eastern official that “the April meeting was a very constructive meeting (..) in which many issues were discussed, mainly the Yemen crisis and the Iranian nuclear agreement.”

The agency quoted a foreign diplomat in Riyadh as likely to hold another meeting, at the end of April or early May.

According to the sources, the talks began after the visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to Riyadh, led by the head of Saudi intelligence, Khaled Humaidan, and the deputy secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security in Iran, Saeed Irwani.

The sources emphasized that the talks focus mainly on the Yemeni file, as a Saudi-led coalition is fighting the Iran-backed Houthi group, which has been the source of several attacks on Saudi Arabia with missiles and drones.

One of the sources revealed that Tehran had promised to use its influence to stop the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia, but that would be in return for Riyadh’s support for nuclear talks with Iran, which was confirmed by another informed source. Saudi Arabia has not officially commented on this news.

Two sources indicated that the two sides discussed the situation in Lebanon, given Riyadh’s concern about the growing influence of Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran.

Despite this, the diplomatic source pointed out that he had excluded an agreement at the moment, but it is likely that the talks would contribute to reducing tensions somewhat.—%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B3%D8%B9%D9%88%D8%AF%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D9%81%D9%8A-%D8%A8%D8%BA%D8%AF%D8%A7%D8%AF


America decides to return to the nuclear deal, and Israel prepares to “blackmail” it

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Shafaq News / The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, revealed, on Saturday, that Tel Aviv is preparing to ask the United States for compensation after the American administration decided its order to return to the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The newspaper stated that there are estimates by the military and political institutions in Israel that the administration of US President Joe Biden has decided to announce its return to the nuclear agreement as soon as possible, and that Israel has begun to prepare for the preparation of a list of security requests or compensation from Washington after the signing of the agreement.

She indicated that the bilateral discussions between the US and Israeli sides dealt with improving additional capabilities of the Israeli Air Force, while it was also agreed to prepare for a joint treatment of Iranian drones and missiles, which pose a threat to the two countries, especially Israel.

It is noteworthy that an Israeli delegation is in the American capital, Washington, to discuss the Iranian nuclear agreement, which includes the head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabat, the head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen, and the head of the Military Intelligence Division, Tamir Hayman.

Foreign labor causes the removal of hard currency from Iraq

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BAGHDAD – Mawazine News
The Labor and Social Affairs Committee confirmed, on Saturday, that foreign workers are causing the removal of hard currency from the country.
A member of the committee, Representative Sattar Al-Attabi, according to the official agency, said, “Most of the foreign workers in the country enter legally, but many workers refrain from leaving when their stay ends, which makes their presence illegal,” pointing out that “it is difficult to know how many The money that comes out of Iraq through expatriate workers because there is no statistic at the Ministry of Labor and the authorities concerned with the number of foreign workers.
Al-Atabi added, “The money they obtain is all coming out in hard currency, and this is a blow to the Iraqi economy,” noting that “the entry of that employment had a negative impact and caused an increase in the number of unemployed.”
He explained, “The Iraqi workforce is linked to family, transportation, housing and other matters, and it is completely different from the expatriate worker whose headquarters and residence are inside the workplace, and therefore his wages are lower,” calling on the government to “review the file of the expatriate workers and end the illegal presence of those who have expired. Establishing it with the aim of providing employment opportunities for the Iraqi workforce and the advancement of the Iraqi economy. ”
He stressed, “The government and the Ministry of Interior have launched several campaigns to deport those who have exceeded the legal periods of residence, but the numbers are still very large, in addition to the presence of concealment and concealment of foreign workers from some homes and owners of factories, stations and restaurants from the eyes of the Ministry of Interior.”
He stressed “the necessity of issuing strict directives that achieve direct communication between the ministries of labor and the interior to end this phenomenon, pointing out that” the number of foreign workers is estimated in the hundreds of thousands. “

The Foreign Minister will meet the Pope of the Vatican next Monday in Italy

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Baghdad / Al-Masalla: Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahhaf announced, Saturday, May 1, 2021, that Minister Fuad Hussein will meet the Pope of the Vatican next Monday, in the Italian capital, Rome.

In a statement received by Al-Masala, Al-Sahhaf said that an Iraqi diplomatic delegation headed by Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein went to the Italian capital, Rome, to hold a round of important meetings and dialogues with officials there, in the Vatican State, and in the Italian state.

And he added that the Iraqi foreign minister will meet the Pope of the Vatican and discuss with him the outcomes of his recent visit to Iraq.

He pointed out that the Iraqi government sees importance in the Pope’s previous visit, and what positive developments it can offer in the interest of both sides.

It is noteworthy that Pope Francis visited Iraq on the fifth of last March in a visit described as “historic”, during which he met with Iraqi government officials, clerics and community leaders, and the most notable meeting was that which he gathered with the supreme Shiite religious authority, Ali al-Sistani, in the province of Najaf.


Masrour Barzani stresses the survival of the international coalition in Iraq to counter ISIS

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Shafaq News / Today, Saturday, the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani issued a statement regarding the terrorist attacks launched by ISIS terrorists on the Peshmerga forces in the Bardi – Alton Bridge.

Barzani said in the statement, “We have always emphasized that ISIS still poses a real threat and danger in many regions of Iraq, especially in the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the regional government, taking advantage of the security vacuum in the administrative borders of those regions, and therefore we reiterate the importance of activating cooperation.” The joint security force between the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces there. “

He added, “Here we see that it is important for the international coalition to continue training and assisting the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army,” stressing the need for it to remain in Iraq to confront ISIS and end the continuing terrorist threats on the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general.

Earlier in the day, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, called on Parliament, the federal government, and the international coalition against ISIS led by the United States of America to move quickly to fill the security vacuum in the disputed areas, against the backdrop of the attack launched by the militant organization against the Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk.

Earlier today, a security source reported that seven Peshmerga forces were killed during an armed attack by ISIS in Kirkuk.

The attack targeted Peshmerga points in the hills between Debs district and the town of Elton Kobri – Barada -.

The security source told Shafaq News that the attack resulted in the deaths of seven Peshmerga victims, two wounded, and the burning of a security post.

The attack on the Peshmerga coincided with two armed attacks by ISIS militants on federal police sites in Kirkuk.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, that the first attack targeted the sites of the third division of the Federal Police in the Riyadh district, southwest of Kirkuk, while the second attack targeted the 11th Federal Police Brigade in the Hawija district.

He added that the attack resulted in casualties.

On Saturday, the official of the West Kirkuk axis for the Peshmerga forces, Nuri Hama Ali, revealed that reinforcements had been brought in from the Kurdish forces after an armed attack by ISIS that resulted in victims of the Peshmerga.

Hama Ali told Shafaq News that the ISIS attack caused casualties, including a captain, and two wounded.

He added that 2,000 Peshmerga had been brought in to the West Kirkuk axis, and the situation is now under control.

Earlier on Friday evening, a responsible security source reported that four casualties, including two army officers, had been killed in a successive attack by ISIS targeting a military patrol in the Tarmiyah district, north of Baghdad.

The dollar stabilizes as the Iraqi Stock Exchange stops trading due to the embargo

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Shafaq News / The main stock exchange in the Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiyah markets in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has stopped trading as a result of the comprehensive ban that was applied during the last period from Friday and Saturday.

The Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the main stock exchange in Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiya Market in Baghdad has stopped trading due to the implementation of the comprehensive ban.

He added that the selling and buying prices have stabilized in the exchange shops in the local markets, some of which have opened their doors in Baghdad, where the selling price reached 148,250 Iraqi dinars, while the purchase prices reached 147,250 dinars per 100 US dollars.

Our correspondent indicated that the stock exchange in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, did not witness any trading today either because there is an official holiday there.