A comprehensive curfew comes into effect in Baghdad and the provinces

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A comprehensive curfew comes into effect in Baghdad and the provinces

{Umniah: Al Furat News} A comprehensive curfew has come into effect in the capital, Baghdad, and the provinces. 

The Joint Operations Command announced earlier Tuesday that the comprehensive curfew will start from 12:00 pm at night. 
It also announced several important decisions, most notably cutting bridges linking Al-Karkh and Al-Rusafa, with the exception of two bridges, closing all roads, even with the Kurdistan region, allowing only the transportation of fuel and goods, closing the entrances to the capital, Baghdad, and allowing only those who are exempt from the ban. 
The joint operations decided to prevent gatherings and close malls to allow only goods to enter through outlets, to exclude media professionals and employees of service departments from the curfew, to allow bakeries and shops to sell goods until seven in the evening, and to allow licensed pharmacies during the curfew.

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Sistani’s office expects the first day of Eid al-Fitr

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Baghdad Today – Baghdad
The office of the religious authority, Ali al-Sistani, expected the first day of Eid al-Fitr.
The office said in a statement, “It is expected that the crescent of the month of Shawwal will be seen next Thursday with the naked eye, and next Friday will be the first day of the blessed Eid al-Fitr.”


The Kurdistan Region suspends official working hours for one day on the occasion of Eid

Kurdistan RegionKurdistan RegionbreakingEid holiday 2021-05-11 14:24A-AA +

Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Regional Government decided, on Tuesday, to suspend official working hours for only one day on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

The Regional Government’s Media and Information Directorate said in a statement received by Shafaq News that it had been decided to suspend the official working hours on Thursday on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

She indicated that working hours will be resumed in the region’s official institutions, starting next Sunday, given that Friday and Saturday are the weekend every weekend in the region.


Full text of the briefing by the United Nations Representative in Iraq 5 months before the October vote

2021.05.11 – 21:03
Full text of the briefing by the United Nations Representative in Iraq 5 months before the October vote

Baghdad – People  

Jenin Hennis Blasshardt, the representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Iraq, stressed the importance of holding “credible elections,” on Tuesday, and while describing the calls for boycotting the elections as a “risk that would be a heavy price”, she pointed out that many members of the protest movement are being persecuted in light of widespread impunity. Of punishment.  

Blashart stated in her monthly briefing to the Security Council, followed by “People” (May 11, 2021), that “we are now five months apart from the very important national elections scheduled for October 10, and those elections were a basic demand of the protest movement, but many Its members are still subjected to persecution in light of widespread impunity. The assassination of prominent activist Ihab Jawad Al-Wazni two days ago by unknown gunmen in front of his home in Karbala is another tragic example of this.  

She added, “The killers and perpetrators now believe that they have silenced a voice. The truth is that they inflated it. Our hearts sympathize with his loved ones and all those who have lost their friends and families in the struggle to make their voices heard,” explaining that “the promise to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic is close to reach with the start of the vaccination campaign.” At the same time, Iraq, like many other countries, suffers from a recent sharp increase in the number of cases throughout the country.  

She pointed out that “high oil prices have provided a simple outlet in the budget, but the economy is still in dire need of structural reform, and while Iraqi leaders call for stability as a prerequisite for progress, violent attacks against civilian and military targets continue to worry about regularly, and these are only examples.” Little to the daily suffering in Iraq. ”  

“As we speak now, and for the second year in a row, Iraqis are forced to revive the month of Ramadan, and soon they will celebrate Eid, taking into account the restrictive precautionary measures as much as they are necessary, and I would like to take this occasion to express once again my sincere condolences to those who lost their friends and family members in the fire,” Blashardt added. Tragic in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad last month. ”  

She stated, “On March 31, after months of intense political negotiations, the House of Representatives approved – after a long wait – the Federal Budget Law for 2021, while any budget is considered a conciliatory action, we note that efforts to control public spending and investment in the private sector were thwarted when The budget law is subject to parliamentary review. ”  

The statement continued, “One of the matters of concern also is that the budget is still heavily dependent on the oil sector, which accounts for nearly 80% of the government’s revenues according to 2021 estimates. Despite the increase in oil prices since that time, the lack of stability has occurred in the year 2021.” 2020 has wreaked havoc on the gross domestic product, as it turned the surplus into a deficit, and put pressure on public debt and foreign exchange reserves.  

The statement emphasized that, “Looking beyond the Coronavirus pandemic, the economic outlook will depend on both structural reform and oil markets. Needless to say, one of these two components is under Iraq’s control. Simply put: Continuing dependence on oil is not a sound strategy, rather it is far from being. About that. ”  

She pointed out that “in this regard, we can mention that modest but even slight progress has been achieved regarding the implementation of the recent” white paper “program for economic reforms in Iraq, as the Ministry of Finance worked on disbursing urgent loans to small and medium enterprises, and the implementation of some private sector investments began. In the sectors of infrastructure, health care, education and tourism. ”  

The UN representative in Iraq said, “But we do not over-emphasize the importance of tangible results for the population, just as one cannot overlook the need for transparency, good governance and integrity in achieving these results. Project into private pockets. ”  

The relationship between Baghdad and Erbil  

Plasschaert continued her intervention by saying, “As you heard me say before, we are still in the development of ad hoc compromises. Despite some sporadic successes in the form of one or two specific agreements, we still urgently need a long-term constitutional path forward, and the parties remain. Expresses its willingness to sit at the negotiating table, but in the absence of a regular and structured institutional dialogue, sustainable progress will remain elusive.  

She added, “An example of this: The budget I was just referring to includes a deal on revenue sharing between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, which was reached after lengthy negotiations, but – here again, evil is in the details. The vague wording opens the door to different interpretations and accusations.” Mutual non-commitment, now, this does not bode well for the future of relations between Baghdad and Erbil, and it is also worrisome in the context of the upcoming elections, as differences can easily be used to inflate divisions. ”  

“I hope that the Kurdish calls for intensified UN mediation will bear fruit. But for that to happen, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq needs the support of the federal authorities as well. One thing is clear, and that is that the very important relationship between Baghdad and Erbil urgently requires dialogue,” she said. “A sustainable strategy as well as clear-cut implementation mechanisms. I must admit that my experiences so far are not optimistic in this regard.”  

In a separate context, she mentioned, “The efforts made recently by the Kurdish presidency in seeking to build a greater Kurdish unity are commendable and calls for optimism. The union is only as strong as the links between its components, and these ties are strengthened through reconciliation and cohesion in local communities.”  

With regard to the elections:  

“As I mentioned at the beginning, only a few months separate us from an important event in the modern history of Iraqi democracy, and I am happy to point out that all necessary laws have been enacted, including the Federal Supreme Court Act. Our technical support to the Independent High Electoral Commission continues -” Blashardt stated. We are committed to helping Iraq conduct these elections. ”  

She explained, “After saying this, I renew the call to all Iraqi stakeholders to adhere to the integrity of the electoral process. The world is watching. Political pressure, interference, intimidation and illegal financing are all of the most damaging factors that harm the credibility of the elections, and thus the turnout to participate in them, and as I mentioned earlier. , Candidates, campaign organizers, the media and voters must all be free to exercise their democratic right before, during and after the elections, pointing out that “in order for the elections to be credible, misinformation must be combated, and accountability must replace intimidation. “.  

“The Iraqis have said it loudly and clearly as they call for these elections, and many of them are paying the dearest price: This is not the time when we let them down. Failure to organize credible elections would generate massive, lasting and widespread anger and disappointment, which may be the case,” she added. It is causing more instability in the country at a time when it is in dire need of strength and unity. ”  

And she added, “Now, to avoid any misunderstanding, let me stress once more: that the October elections are led by the Iraqis, and they are the ones who own their affairs and will always remain so. This means that the Iraqi authorities and the concerned authorities assume full and final responsibility, and as I have told you many times: accountability remains in place. It concerns serious crimes and human rights violations are limited – very, very limited. ”  

She noted that, “Despite public statements expressing the intention to ensure accountability and establish investigative committees, only a few trials have taken place related to the killing and serious injury of protesters. No information has been published about the patterns of violent attacks on demonstrators and critics, which were attributed to them. What has been termed “unidentified armed elements.”  

“Now, this climate of continued impunity for serious crimes and human rights violations – such as targeted killings, kidnappings, and intimidation – can only encourage perpetrators, increase confidence in the state and raise real concerns before the October elections.”  

“On a different level, but also of concern: that is, developments in the Kurdistan region in the past year. These developments raise concerns about the curtailment of freedom of expression. Critics of public authorities have not only been intimidated, restricted movement and arbitrarily arrested, but some have been charged with defamation. Others were recently tried under national security laws. ”  

Kirkuk and Sinjar  

With regard to Kirkuk, she indicated, “We have – for two years – been facilitating dialogue between representatives of the Kirkuk components, but no agreement has yet been reached. I would like to take this opportunity to urge all concerned parties to exert their utmost efforts and conclude a fair agreement without further delay, The people of Kirkuk deserve to live in stable and prosperous conditions. ”  

Regarding Sinjar: “Representatives of the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government are engaged in discussions about the security provisions of the agreement that was reached last October. These provisions have not yet been implemented, hindering progress in administration and reconstruction. Here, too, there is a negative feeling. Due to the absence of institutional dialogue and the implementation mechanism between Baghdad and Erbil, which fuels misconceptions and mistrust. ”  

She noted that “one of the brightest developments is the passage of the Yazidi Women Survivors Law. Providing compensation to survivors, and legal recognition of the atrocities committed by ISIS against women and girls as genocide and crimes against humanity, reaffirms the need to hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes, progress is being made.” In fighting ISIS remnants with international support at the request of Iraq, but terrorism still claims many innocent lives. ”  

She asserted, “What is also of great concern is the fact that rockets and improvised explosive devices are still a constant in Iraqi life. The reckless and sinister armed entities continue their efforts to destabilize the country. By non-state actors, which may have devastating effects. ”  

And she indicated that, “looking at the region and outside, I have been saying several times: The Iraqi government is firmly committed to playing a constructive regional role, rather than falling victim to external tensions, and we are currently witnessing initial signs indicating that this commitment has borne fruit, and indeed, Iraq possesses great potentials.” To play the role of an honest broker, which enhances peace and stability in the region, but in order for it to truly succeed – and here I risk repeating what I have said – this should coincide with concrete measures that focus on restricting all weapons under the control of the state, “explaining that” on a larger scale, I would like I call again on all parties to respect the principles of state sovereignty and territorial integrity. ”  

Turning to the humanitarian situation, Blashart said, “The past seven months have witnessed the closure or re-classification of sixteen camps for the displaced, which affected about 50,000 Iraqis. These camp closures, which were often carried out within a short period of time, did not always allow the establishment of Families make the necessary preparations to return safely to their areas of origin. ”  

“It goes without saying that when the camps are closed before the conditions are created for their return, Iraqis face the dire consequences of that. There are families who are rejected by their indigenous communities and local authorities refrain from providing protection for them and are stranded due to security escorts on the way, and are exposed even to physical attack. It is not the path towards healthy, stable communities, and the position of the United Nations remains unchanged: We fully understand and support the work of the Iraqi authorities aimed at ending the displacement, but permanent solutions must be devised in order to succeed in that. ”  

Plasschaert stressed, “In other words: the focus should be on solving the displacement problem, rather than on closing the camps.”  

“With regard to the issue of missing Kuwaitis and nationals of other countries, and missing Kuwaiti property, including the national archives: Since my previous briefing to this Council, the remains of eight other Kuwaitis and one of the nationals of other countries have been identified. Kuwait also handed over to Iraq the remains of an Iraqi soldier, which are: The first transfer of its kind since 2013. ”  

She expressed “my sincere condolences to all the families of the missing who have waited so long to obtain information about the fate of their loved ones, despite the challenges related to the Coronavirus pandemic. The persistent efforts of the governments of Iraq and Kuwait, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Tripartite Committee have resulted in common progress, and I sincerely hope that This cooperation will achieve more positive achievements in the coming months. ”  

She stated, “In conclusion, allow me to stress once again the importance of holding” credible elections, “since at this critical juncture, transparency and the rule of law must prevail, as a trustworthy electoral process accompanied by free and broad participation can help direct The country is towards the secure and prosperous future that the Iraqis deserve. The way to express someone’s voice or choice is through the ballot box. ”  

She asserted, “This basic democratic practice requires that every voter, candidate, journalist and activist play their role. Boycotting the elections, and thus staying outside the electoral process, is a risk and the price can be high. My best wishes to everyone who is celebrating despite the restrictions imposed. ”


Al-Kazemi confirms that the Saudi investment file in Iraq has been pushed forward, and Bin Salman informs him of an order

PoliticsSaudiMustafa Al-Kazemi 2021-05-11 12:12A-AA +

Shafaq News / The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed, today, Tuesday, the importance of pushing the file of Saudi investments in Iraq forward.

Al-Kazemi’s office said in a statement received by Shafaq News, “The latter received the Deputy Minister of Defense, Deputy Chairman of the Military Industries Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prince Khaled bin Salman and the official delegation accompanying him. During the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of developing relations between the two brotherly countries, In various economic and political fields, as well as security cooperation in the field of war on terrorist remnants of ISIS.

Al-Kazemi pointed to “the importance of activating the positive results that resulted from the last meeting of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Committee, and pushing the file of Saudi investments in Iraq forward, in the field of reconstruction and various other sectors.”

He explained that “the current stage of bilateral relations is witnessing fruitful steps, in the interest of the two countries, enhancing security and stability in the region and consolidating sustainable development in it,” stressing his directives to “security leaders in the Ministry of Defense urgently to enhance security cooperation with their Saudi counterparts in a way that serves the stability and internal security of the two countries.” .

For his part, bin Salman conveyed the greetings of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to Al-Kazemi, and his aspiration to strengthen bilateral cooperation and consolidate relations at various levels.

He also clarified the king’s directives to all the Kingdom’s agencies to open up to Iraq and to strengthen joint cooperation in various fields.


The Sunni Endowment announces the first day of the blessed Eid al-Fitr

Political| 06:00 – 05/11/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
announced the Sunni endowment in Iraq, the first day of the blessed Eid al-Fitr.
A source in the endowment said in an interview with Mawazine News that “the crescent of the month of Shawwal could not be seen.”
He added, “Therefore, tomorrow, Wednesday, will be the completion of the month of Ramadan, and Thursday, the first day of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr.” Ended 29 / h


Major General Tahseen: The curfew will start this evening and with strict measures


Baghdad / Al-Mawred News 

The Joint Operations Command announced, today, Tuesday, that the curfew decision will take effect from today for a period of 10 days, and with strict procedures.
The spokesperson for the leadership, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, said, “The implementation of the curfew decision will start from eight in the evening today until Ten days “and
indicated that” there is no intention to lift the curfew during Eid, or to reduce its procedures in Baghdad and the provinces. ”
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers issued a statement Thursday (May 06, 2021) explaining the details of the decision to impose a curfew for a period of ten Days from the current May 12 to the 22 of the same month,
and the statement issued stated that “the Cabinet has circulated its decision to all concerned authorities regarding the total curfew (for the period from 12/5 to 22/5/2021) and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, which it approved at its last session.”
He added, “The decision stipulated the closure of malls, restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, cinemas, parks, event and wedding halls, swimming pools, massages, etc.”
The statement indicated that “the council excluded from the ban the categories that must be moved during the days of the comprehensive ban (employees of the Ministry of Health, security forces, and circles of service), as well as pharmacies and shops selling food and shops of fruits, vegetables, ovens and allow them to exercise their work until seven pm ”
the decision on the ” exclusion of citizens within the geographical area to take vaccines in immunization outlets for the continuity of vaccination the largest possible number of citizens And to ensure that the vaccine doses are taken on the specified dates for them. “
The recommendations approved by the Council of Ministers stressed “preventing the setting up of human gatherings of all kinds, stopping urban education in schools, institutes and colleges, and making it electronically remotely, with the continuation of the decision of the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety, which includes excluding only the ending stages, and for medical and medical colleges. In the (practical) attendance study, two days a week only, “according to the statement
The statement added, “The decision also stipulated a ban on travel to and from India and to other notice, with the necessary coordination and health measures taken to return the Iraqis stranded there, while the ministries of finance, the interior and the Civil Defense Directorate take their role, each according to his specialization in providing the necessary sums of money and the Interior and the Civil Defense Directorate.” Its role, according to its specialization, in providing the necessary sums to rehabilitate the infrastructure in relation to the requirements of occupational safety, and to define clear duties for the personnel of the protection of facilities within the health institutions, including the follow-up of safety and safety measures in general health departments in the governorates.
The decision stressed “the emphasis on all ministries and agencies not associated with a ministry, governorates and non-governmental institutions, especially the nature of the crowded presence of auditors on the necessity to take measures that would oblige their auditors to present a negative examination result for disease (Covid 19) when receiving the disease review card. For its employees and its spread among the auditors.
The decision included “the affirmation of ministries and bodies not associated with a ministry, governorates and all non-governmental institutions to take adequate measures to urge their employees to vaccinate, and to emphasize the loyal community forces of all religious men, clan sheikhs, educated and active people to assume national responsibility and morality and to intensify awareness of the danger of disease and the importance of vaccination.” Media channels, governmental and non-governmental institutions and all civil society organizations make all efforts to urge citizens to adhere to preventive measures and encourage citizens to take vaccinations in health centers and accredited hospitals, and to emphasize the Ministry of Interior and the National Security Agency, and to lead operations in Baghdad to support health teams in their monitoring rounds to follow up on implementation Preventive measures in public places, restaurants, malls, cafes, and others during and outside the official working hours.
The text of the decision affirmed, “the continuation of the exclusion of the excellent football tournament from the procedures of the Coronavirus pandemic, allowing it to continue without an audience, as well as other sporting events and activities that cannot be postponed.”


Source: A high-ranking Saudi delegation is visiting Baghdad today

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Source: A high-ranking Saudi delegation is visiting Baghdad today

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) A responsible source revealed, today, Tuesday, that a high-ranking Saudi delegation will visit the capital, Baghdad, this evening. 

The source said, “The Saudi delegation will be headed by a high-ranking government figure, and this is the first visit of its kind.”

He added, “For security reasons, the visit was not announced earlier, and the name of the delegation and its head is not allowed to be revealed.”

On the seventh of May, the American New York Times revealed a high-level Saudi-Iranian meeting in the capital, Baghdad, this month.

It is noteworthy that diplomatic moves and talks are taking place in the Middle East during the recent period, even between the most adversarial parties in the region.

The most prominent of these moves were the negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Iran that were held in Baghdad under Iraqi auspices, and which are expected to continue, according to the American newspaper “New York Times”, which revealed an upcoming meeting between Saudi and Iranian officials, which may be held in Baghdad this month “at the level of ambassadors.” .

In addition to Iraq’s sponsorship of the Saudi-Iranian dialogue, Baghdad also sponsors talks between Washington and Tehran, as Bloomberg reports, citing informed sources.

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Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad after Eid

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Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad after Eid

{Local: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Tuesday, a Kurdish delegation’s visit to Baghdad. 

The deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Shirwan Mirza, said, according to Kurdish media, that “a technical delegation from the Kurdistan region will visit the federal capital, Baghdad, after Eid Al-Fitr, to discuss the mechanism for implementing Article (11) of the budget law for the current year.”

Mirza explained, “Article (11) does not stipulate the delivery of crude oil to the Kurdistan region, but the specified quantity,” indicating that “we want to know the mechanism for implementing this paragraph. Will it be calculated by clearing and deducting the oil from the region’s share of the budget and spending the remainder, or depositing The region has sold oil in a bank account for the benefit of the federal government. “

He stressed, “The mission of the delegation that will visit Baghdad is to agree on the mechanism for implementing Article (11) of the Federal Budget Law.”

The deputy added, “According to the statements of the Federal Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the federal government is about to end the distribution of the sections of the exchange included in the budget, including the Kurdistan region, and therefore he announced that the region’s dues will soon be sent,” explaining that “the region is waiting to send its share of the budget for this month.” .

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