A meeting chaired by Al-Kazemi discusses security coordination between the federal forces and the Peshmerga

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Shafaq News / The Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi chaired, on Sunday evening, an expanded security meeting that included the leaders of the federal security services and the Peshmerga, in the presence of the Ministers of Interior, Defense and Finance.

During the meeting, they discussed developments in the security events that Iraq had witnessed during the past hours, and discussed security plans to confront and limit security breaches, and to extend security and stability throughout the country, and the meeting also discussed coordination between the various federal security forces and the Peshmerga forces, especially in areas of joint responsibility.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces issued several directives to the security forces, on top of which is activating the intelligence and security effort, as well as activating pre-emptive operations to counter the movements of ISIS terrorist gangs and dry up their sources and destroy their incubators.

The Peshmerga forces, north of Kirkuk, on Friday night – Saturday, were attacked by ISIS elements, killing and wounding the victims.

The attack on the Peshmerga was one of a series of violent attacks carried out mostly by ISIS militants north of Baghdad and Kirkuk.

The Peshmerga forces withdrew in October 2017 from what are known as disputed areas after tensions with Baghdad following the independence referendum, creating vacuums in these areas that ISIS members exploit from time to time to launch attacks.

The blanks extend from the Syrian border to the north at Nineveh Governorate, through Salah al-Din and Kirkuk governorates, to Diyala on the Iranian border.

Last year, the two sides formed four joint coordination centers to exchange information and fight ISIS remnants in the areas of security vacuums between them, but no actual joint action has taken place on the ground, and the ISIS militants are still moving easily in those areas.



Shelling near an American base at Baghdad International Airport and the C-RAM system repelled a missile

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Shafaq News / On Sunday, a security source said that a missile attack had been thwarted at a military headquarters of the US forces within Baghdad Airport, which has witnessed multiple strikes since the beginning of the year before last.

The source told Shafaq News that the bombing was done by Katyusha rockets that landed within the vicinity of the military base.

He added that the US forces activated the C-RAM missile defense system, which repelled one of the missiles heading towards the base.

There was no immediate information on casualties as a result of the bombing.

And frequent missile attacks by Iraqi militants loyal to Iran on the American embassy in Baghdad and military bases that include the international coalition forces against “ISIS” terrorist, especially the American ones.

The frequency of these attacks has increased since the assassination of the commander of the Iranian “Quds Force”, Qassem Soleimani, and the leader of the Iraqi “Popular Mobilization” organization, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, in a US air strike in Baghdad, on January 3, 2019.


Tehran: We are not confirming the news of an agreement on a prisoner exchange deal between Iran and the United States

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Baghdad – Mawazine News

Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht Rawanchi said today, Sunday, that his country “does not confirm the news of the agreement on a prisoner exchange deal between Iran and the United States.”

Ruanchi: Tehran has always emphasized the comprehensive exchange of prisoners between the two countries.
Rawanchi’s statement comes against the background of the Iranian TV and Al-Mayadeen channel publishing a report earlier today that Tehran and Washington have reached an agreement to implement a four-for-four prisoner exchange deal, with the United States releasing seven billion dollars of frozen Iranian funds.
For its part, the US State Department denied the news, published by the official Iranian TV, that Washington and Tehran had reached an agreement to exchange prisoners and freeze part of the Iranian funds frozen in the United States.
On Sunday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters: “The reports that an agreement was reached on a prisoner exchange are not true.” Ended 29 / A87


Reports of two rockets falling near a US base at Baghdad International Airport

05/02/2021 20:35

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Baghdad / Obelisk:

Reports of two rockets falling near an American base at Baghdad International Airport


The Iranian currency continues to improve … and Iraq will release frozen assets soon

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Money exchange in Iran / AFP

An exchange store in the Iranian capital, Tehran (AFP)+Line

The Iranian currency continues to improve under the influence of the optimism surrounding the indirect nuclear talks between Tehran and Washington in Vienna by the parties to the nuclear deal. While the Iranian Minister of Energy, Reza Ardakanian, revealed that Iraq will soon release the first batch of Iranian assetsfrozen by the US sanctions.

The value of the Iranian riyal rose during the exchange market transactions in Tehran today, Sunday, to 219 thousand riyals against one dollar, gaining about 945 riyals from yesterday’s trading, Saturday.


The Iranian currency also increased against the single European currency, registering 270,000 riyals to the euro. In a field survey of the “New Arab” in the foreign exchange markets in Tehran, it was noted that speculators and citizens are selling their foreign currencies in larger quantities than in previous days.

Hamid Reda, who works in the currency market, said that the main reason behind the decline in demand for currencies and the increase in supply is the “positive” news that comes from Vienna about the results of the nuclear talks, and talk about US approval to lift sanctions on vital economic sectors.

Reda added to “Al-Araby Al-Jadeed” that news of the possibility of releasing Iranian funds frozen abroad is the other reason that contributed to the reduction of foreign currency rates and the increase in the value of the riyal.

He continued that despite the rapid developments in the currency market, there is a cautious anticipation among money changers and speculators, awaiting confirmation of news from Vienna about the results of the talks.energy

The parties to the nuclear agreement had concluded the third round of their talks in Vienna on Saturday, and delegations returned to their capitals for consultations, provided that the talks would resume next Friday.

In an interview with Iranian television, the head of Iran’s negotiating delegation in the Vienna talks, Abbas Araghchi, said that these discussions have become “more mature, and the differences and discussions have become more clear and transparent,” stressing that they are “moving forward despite the disagreements.”

Araghchi revealed that “according to the agreement reached so far, the sanctions that affected the economic sectors such as energy, industry, cars, insurance and ports should be lifted,” noting that there are differences over sanctions against Iranian entities and persons.

He added that “there is agreement to remove most of these entities and people from sanctions, and negotiations are continuing on this topic,” but he continued, “We cannot expect the date of reaching the agreement, but the form of the agreement will inevitably be in accordance with the positions of the Iranian regime, indicating that” the other party (America ) He has his positions, we have ours, and approximating the positions is not easy. “

The head of the Iranian delegation indicated that the talks had entered the stage of preparing the text in some areas, pointing out that this caused a very slow work in the negotiations.

Although the Iranian riyal recorded an improvement of about 20% after the start of negotiations in Vienna from April 2 to this day, this did not prevent the rise in commodity prices. energy

Iran is experiencing a difficult economic situation against the background of the comprehensive sanctions it is facing, which are described as historical and unprecedented, as they targeted all joints of the economy and did not exclude a sector since the withdrawal of the administration of former US President Donald Trump from the nuclear deal on May 8, 2018. 

 For his part, Iranian Energy Minister, Reza Ardakanian, revealed today, Sunday, after his meeting with his Iraqi counterpart, Majid Mahdi Hantoush, in the capital, Tehran, that Iran will pay from its frozen assets in Iraq, the first batch to import the Russian vaccine against the new Corona virus. 

Ardakanian said, according to the Iranian “IRNA” agency, that part of the Iranian dues to Iraq will be spent on the purchase of Russian vaccines, in coordination with Moscow.

He explained that the Iraqi Minister of Electricity’s recent visit to Iran came to hold talks on financial arrangements to pay dues for the export of Iranian gas and electricity to Iraq. 

The Iranian minister and his Iraqi guest did not disclose the amount of Iranian funds frozen in Iraqi banks due to US sanctions and pressure, but media reports had previously revealed that it amounted to about $ 5 billion. 

During the past three years, Tehran conducted negotiations with the Iraqi side to collect the proceeds of its energy exports to Iraq in cash, but it did not succeed in reaching a conclusion.


Iran talks about a prisoner exchange deal with America

Iran talks about a prisoner exchange deal with America

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Shafaq News / Iranian and international media reported, on Sunday, that Washington and Tehran have agreed to a deal to exchange prisoners between the two countries.

The media quoted Iranian officials as saying that “Tehran will release four Americans accused of espionage, in exchange for the release of four Iranians held in the United States, in addition to paying seven billion dollars of frozen Iranian funds.”

Iranian TV reported this news, without explicitly confirming it, and there was no confirmation from the US authorities.


Washington reveals the fact that it reached an agreement with Tehran on a prisoner exchange

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Shafaq News / The US State Department denied, on Sunday, the news published by the official Iranian TV that Washington and Tehran had reached an agreement to exchange prisoners and freeze part of the Iranian funds frozen in the United States.

Earlier on Sunday, Iranian and international media reported that Washington and Tehran had agreed to a deal to exchange prisoners between the two countries.

The media quoted Iranian officials as saying that “Tehran will release four Americans accused of espionage, in exchange for the release of four Iranians held in the United States, in addition to paying seven billion dollars of frozen Iranian funds.”

Iranian TV reported this news, without explicitly confirming it, before the US authorities denied it, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Iraq is the seventh richest country in the Arab world and the 105th in the world

EconomyIraqThe richest country in the worldIraq GDP 2021-05-02 09:10A-AA +

Shafaq News / Iraq ranked seventh in the Arab world, and ranked 105 globally out of 140 countries listed in the list of the richest countries in the world for the year 2021 in terms of per capita share of GDP, according to the American CEO World magazine.

The magazine said in a report seen by Shafaq News: The State of Qatar ranked first as the richest Arab country, while it ranked 10 in the world, as the per capita share of Qatari GDP reached 59,143 thousand dollars, followed by the UAE 26 globally with a share of 35,171 thousand dollars, Kuwait 39 globally with a share of 25,290 thousand dollars and Bahrain 41 in the world, where the per capita share reached Of the GDP, 24,294 thousand dollars, then Saudi Arabia 43 globally, with a share of 22.7 thousand dollars, and Oman 51 globally, with a share of 16,212 thousand dollars, and Iraq came in seventh and ranked 105 globally, with a share of 4,632 thousand dollars.

Globally, Luxembourg was the richest country in the world in 2021, with a per capita GDP of 131,782 thousand, followed by Switzerland with a share of 94,696 thousand dollars, then Ireland with a share of 94,556 thousand dollars, then Norway with a share of 81,995 thousand, and the United States of America came in fifth place, with a per capita share. With a gross domestic product of 68.309 thousand dollars, while the Ivory Coast state tops the list with 2567 thousand dollars, preceded by the state of Honduras, 2586 thousand dollars.

What is meant by the gross domestic product is the market value of all final goods and services locally in a country, that is, what is produced within the country during a specific period of time, and helps in measuring the standard of living of the individual. Thus, the total income increases, and ultimately the per capita income increases.


The National State Forces Alliance) … a new coalition that brings together al-Abadi and al-Hakim



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

The victory coalition led by Haider al-Abadi announced, on Saturday, the formation of a new electoral alliance with the Alliance of State Forces and the forces involved in their destruction under the name of the “Alliance of National State Forces.”  

The coalition said in a statement, “After constructive talks and sharing the political vision towards the state’s crises and ways to save them, it was agreed, with the grace of God, to form a political electoral alliance between the Victory Coalition and the Alliance of State Forces and the forces involved in their destruction, under the name (Alliance of National State Forces).”  

He added, “The new alliance is a national, national political force that believes in the state and works to consolidate its principles and structure, and works to enhance the prestige and sovereignty of its legitimate institutions towards all the internal and external crises surrounding it.”  

He continued, “The new alliance hopes that the upcoming electoral process will be fair, fair and faithfully representative of the will of the people, and establish a sound political life that saves the system and the state from its crises in the service of the country and the citizen.”  

He concluded, “We will work for the state versus non-state, and we will fight for the safety of the homeland and the prosperity of the people, and God Almighty is behind the intention.”  

In turn, the new alliance “National State Forces” said in a statement that “I announced in Baghdad today the formation of a new political alliance called the Alliance of National State Forces through the merging of the Alliance of State Forces and Victory.”  

He added, “The new alliance is headed by Ammar al-Hakim, while Haider al-Abadi will assume the presidency of the leadership council of the alliance, and the new alliance includes political and other forces emanating from the October movement.”  

He stated, “The new coalition adopts an approach to building and strengthening the state, leading to building a state, effective institutions that take upon themselves to consolidate the foundations of law and order and serve the community.


Electricity Minister: We reached good agreements with Iran to supply energy and repay debts

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2021/05/02 13:17

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The Minister of Electricity, Majid Mahdi Hantoush, announced, on Sunday, September 2, 2021, that good agreements had been reached with the Islamic Republic of Iran to provide Iraq with the energy it needs in the field of electricity and gas.

Hantoush said in a press conference on the sidelines of his meeting with Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian, that cooperation between Iran and Iraq is very good.

The minister indicated that he discussed with the Iranian side all the mechanisms and solutions for energy supply and the emphasis on continuous cooperation, and the payment of debts in the gas and electricity sectors.

He added that this year we were able to cover the consumption of 22 thousand megawatts of electricity in Iraq, while at the peak of electricity consumption, this number will increase from 22 thousand megawatts to 28 thousand megawatts, and if we compare the per capita electricity consumption in Iran and Iraq, the Iraqi citizen consumes six times as much. It is consumed by the Iranian people, and this is due to the high temperature in Iraq.

He continued: The Ministry of Electricity in Iraq conducted, in this regard, a comparison between the amount of energy consumption in Tehran and Baghdad with the Ministry of Energy in Iran.

He pointed out that energy supplies from Iran are continuing continuously, and the problem that we faced was in the field of supplying fuel to power stations, explaining: Of course, during this visit, we reached good agreements on this issue and methods of payment.

And the Iraqi Minister of Electricity arrived in Tehran on Saturday, to meet with officials from the Iranian oil and energy ministries.

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