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SULAIMANI — An advisor to Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said on Sunday (May 23) that the recent agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the federal budget law will be implemented and the former does not have any will not to transfer the latter’s share. 

During an appearance on NRT’s Tawtwe interview program, Hussein al-Hindawi said that Kadhimi has expressed his support to the implementation of the 2021 Federal Budget Law as it is.

He said that there are some legal obstacles in the Kurdistan Region’s budget share in the law which officials are making efforts to resolve. 

On March 31, the Council of Representatives passed Iraq’s annual budget, which included a financial agreement between Erbil and Baghdad.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is supposed to receive 9.5 trillion Iraqi dinars ($6.5 billion) from the budget, which will be disbursed in monthly increments, in return for submitting 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day to Iraq’s oil marketer SOMO for export and a portion of the income derived from customs duties at international border crossings with Iran and Turkey.

The federal government will be able to cut off funds in the event of non-compliance.

Neither side has begun sending money or oil yet. 

A delegation from the KRG is expected to visit the Iraqi capital this week to address the impasse.


In the document … Minister of Finance in Parliament, Monday next week

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Baghdad Today – Baghdad 

The House of Representatives set, Sunday, the date for the questioning of Finance Minister Abdul Amir Allawi. 

According to a document obtained (Baghdad today), “The Presidency of the Council of Representatives attributed the date to the questioning of the Minister of Finance in the Parliament session on Monday next week.”

Talabani: We will visit Baghdad soon … and announce his agenda

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Talabani: We will visit Baghdad soon ... and announce his agenda

{Politics: Al-Furat News} The Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, stressed today, Sunday, the necessity of continuing the Kurdistan region’s relations with Baghdad. 

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Talabani told reporters during his inspection of the 100-metric road project {Baban Road} in Sulaymaniyah, “We will have a visit to the federal capital, Baghdad, in the near future, to discuss problems with the relevant authorities on the draft federal budget law.”
And he stressed “the necessity of continuing the Kurdistan Region’s relations with Baghdad,” adding, “We have pledged to be part of a strategic part of the country.”
Talabani stressed, “The necessity for us to have an influential position and presence in crucial issues such as the budget, and for the relations between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad to be continuous.”
Ammar Al-Masoudi

The Central Bank launches the {Scorecard} project

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The Central Bank launches the {Scorecard} project

{Economic: Al Furat News} The Central Bank of Iraq has completed the Scorecard Project for Environmental, Social and Governance Standards in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) affiliated with the World Bank Group to address regulatory issues in the banking sector.

A statement of which {Al Furat News} received a copy of it stated that “The Central Bank of Iraq has adopted the application of corporate governance in banks as a goal within the strategic plan for the period (2016-2020) to strengthen the control and supervision systems based on international best practices in this field as well as keeping up with developments taking place. In banking services. ”
And that “the Scorecard project represents (the quantitative measure) of environmental, social and governance standards.”
He pointed out that “work has started on this project at the end of 2019, as pilot tests for the scorecard were conducted during the period (2020-2021) with the participation of all commercial and Islamic banks operating in the Iraqi banking sector.
The project will be launched through a hypothetical meeting on 26th. From the current May, in the presence of relevant local and international institutions, relevant authorities and representatives of the Iraqi banking sector,
Ammar Al-Masoudi

After the holiday, the stock exchange trades shares of 32 companies with a financial value of 22 billion dinars

EconomyIraqi Stock Exchange 2021-05-23 07:59A-AA +

Shafaq News / The Iraq Stock Exchange announced today, Sunday, in its first trading session after the holiday, the trading of shares of 32 companies with a financial value of more than 42 billion dinars.

The market said in a report seen by Shafaq News; “The number of companies whose shares are traded today amounted to 32 companies, while the shares of 49 companies were not traded because the prices of purchase orders do not coincide with sales orders, while 19 companies continue to be suspended for not providing disclosure out of 103 companies listed in the market.”

He added that “the number of traded shares reached 41 billion and 971 million 254 thousand shares, with a financial value of 42 billion, 363 million and 589 thousand dinars through the implementation of 436 transactions,” noting that “the ISX60 traded price index closed at 587.72 points, recording a decrease of 0.03%.” About closing it before the Eid. “

He added that “the most profitable companies were Al-Karkh Games City, with a change of 8.55%, followed by Baghdad for public transportation, with a change of 8.47%, while the most losing companies were manufacturing dates with a change of -2.42%, followed by Al-Kindi for the production of vaccines, with a change of -2.30%.”

It is noteworthy that the Iraq Stock Exchange organizes five trading sessions a week from Sunday to Thursday, and 103 Iraqi joint stock companies are listed in it, representing the sectors of banking, communications, industry, agriculture, insurance, financial investment, tourism and hotels.