Al-Kazemi announces an agreement with Saleh and Al-Halbousi to approve the election law in the first upcoming session


13-08-2020 08:32 PM

Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced, on Thursday, during his meeting with members of the Electoral Commission, in the presence of a number of ministers and security leaders, on an agreement with Saleh and Al-Halbousi to approve the election law in the first upcoming session.

In a speech received by Al-Akhbariya, Al-Kazemi stated that he “agreed with the presidents of the republic and parliament to vote on the election law in the first upcoming session, and to refer it to the president of the republic for approval.”

He indicated, “Work to find a solution soon to fill the void spaces of the Federal Court, to be prepared for a case that provides the conditions for the work of the Electoral Commission.”

He stressed the need to “look for companies that examine the election process that are sober and known for their integrity, and companies that were questioned in the last session should be avoided.”

He continued, “The train wheel has set off, and we have to prepare for the elections as if they will take place tomorrow, in order to be committed to our promise that we have made. The elections are a popular demand and the demand of the rational authority, as well as the demand of the political forces, and it is unreasonable that we have a chance to succeed and waste it.”

And between “we need cooperation with the United Nations to oversee the upcoming election process to be credible.”

He pointed out the importance of “that the same previous mistakes not be repeated in the upcoming elections, and we must give citizens confidence in them.”

He said, “The ministers instructed us to respond to any book issued by the Electoral Commission within 72 hours, at the maximum level, and there must be firmness in this matter, in order to overcome the obstacles facing the election commission.”

He added, “Iraq is recovering by holding elections and introducing a government that meets the needs and needs of the people, and this is a historic responsibility.”

He noted that “the upcoming elections are pivotal elections in building Iraq, because it is the people’s demand.”

He pointed out that “the elections will be held on June 6 next year, because it is a popular demand of the citizens, and we must work together to support these elections to advance the country, and to emerge in a new phase in the history of Iraq.”

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