The religious estate in Iran: Our financial situation is very critical


 12/29/2019 08:41:56
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Shafaq News / The official of the Department of Education in Religious Hawzas in Iran, Mahdi Rustom Ahmadinejad, described the financial situation of religious institutions and institutes in financial terms as “very critical”, revealing that there are many projects that have not been implemented and were put on the ground because of lack of funding.
“The financial situation of religious reservations in the country is very critical, and there are many projects that have not been implemented and have been put forward,” Rustam Ahmadinejad said during the conclusion of the meeting of the directors of scientific seminars and their deputies in the Yazd governorate in central Iran. On the ground aside because of the funding. ”
He pointed out that some professors who give lessons and lectures in these classes do not receive enough money, and this dilemma must be resolved, pointing out that “we have some students in the classes, there is no clarity about their situation, and they are still benefiting from the advantages of financial classes.”
Mahdi Rustom Ahmadinejad called on all religious schools and institutes to review and update the student roster to prevent any misuse caused by taking advantage of the financial advantages of the estate.

In recent years, many reports have been published in the media about the deteriorating financial situation of religious schools and students in these schools throughout Iran, while school officials say that funding for these schools is insufficient and the government must provide more funding for these schools. .

Two years ago, reports revealed that more than 70,000 women were studying in religious classes in Iran.

The number of seminary schools for women in Iran stands at 500, while the number of men’s seminary students in Iran is 150,000 people, 80,000 of them in the city of Qom in central Iran, which is the stronghold of the Shiite authorities and the Hawza.
foreign students

The Department of Communications and International Affairs at the Mustafa International University (for non-Iranians) in the city of Qom says that the number of students in this university reaches 30 thousand students, from 120 foreign nationalities.

Mustafa International University is seen as not only a religious institute, but rather it is used for political, security and intelligence purposes, by recruiting foreign students from various countries to expand Iranian influence in accordance with the principle of exporting the revolution.


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