the Iraqi Council of Ministers takes a number of decisions related to the budget and registration of cars

Twilight News

6 minutes ago

Shafak News / The Cabinet issued a number of resolutions in its ordinary session held today under the chairmanship of Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

The Council approved the financing agreement for the Samawah and Dhi Qar plants for the Ministry of Electricity and to reduce the customs fee of the plastic granules to zero, while complying with environmental protection conditions.

The Council of Ministers discussed again the draft law (Supreme Council for TVET) as an authority to assess the needs of the labor market and coordination between the relevant ministries, and was directed by the Board of Counsel to study and reformulate it and take the comments received from the ministries concerned.

The Council discussed the recommendation of the minutes of the meeting on the detection of the iron and steel plant with the aim of merging the three supervisory bodies into one body and giving two weeks to the ministries concerned to unify the visions in order to achieve this goal.

The Cabinet reviewed the issue of registration of vehicles in order to help ease the traffic momentum and regulate the traffic. The recommendations of the committee to reconsider the decision of the Council of Ministers and its financial requirements were re-presented.

The Council of Ministers voted on an amendment to the general budget tables for the year 2019. It also re-presented the issue of suspending the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the former Prime Minister for the period from 7/1 to 24/7/2018, provided that the ministries complete their work in seven working days.

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