Baghdad celebrates New Year’s Eve celebrations

08:40 – 31/12/18

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Baghdad witnessed, this evening, mass celebrations on the occasion of the New Year’s Day.

“Thousands of Iraqis took part in the Baghdad areas celebrating the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.”

“The areas of Mansour, Karrada and Zayouna were the most intense in terms of celebrations,” he said, noting that “revelers use pyrotechnics very much during the celebrations.”

He noted that “the security forces are widely deployed to secure celebrations.”


Halbusi enters the line of stripping Abadi from his residence: Wait for what is happening to the rest

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47 minutes ago

“The Office of the Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Halboussi issued a response to the extradition of former Prime Minister Haider Abadi, his residence and the knowledge of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“In this regard, the Information Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Al Halbusi, would like to clarify that the President of the Council has no knowledge of the number of positions occupied by Mr. Abbadi or other officials, according to information that it has been distributed in the past period, In the state institutions with many of those roles. ”

“The House of Representatives will have a position; to regulate the mechanisms of occupancy of state real estate in order to achieve returns to the public treasury, and not be permissible according to political calculations.”

The leader of the coalition, “Nasr” Ali al-Sunaid told Shafak News earlier in the day, an “attack” led by the official responsible for the protection of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the house of Abadi in the Green Zone.

The Green Zone includes the Council of Ministers, the Parliament as well as the embassies and diplomatic missions in Iraq and enjoys tight security.

The leader of the coalition Ali al-Sunaid, told Ashqaf News that “the official of the protection of Abdul Mahdi, called” Azad “, acted in a cowardly manner and attributed to Abdul Mahdi how he agrees that he is responsible for his protection acting, attacked the house of Abbadi and stormed him, although Abadi a month and a half handed over his residence , With the knowledge of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi. ”

He explained that “the incursion took place not with the presence of Abbadi. He left the headquarters for a long time, but the protection of the slave returned to the headquarters because there are some purposes belonging to Abadi and they went to fetch it. When they go, the headquarters is closed and protected. “He said.

The leader of the victory coalition that “the lack of control of Abdul-Mahdi on the protection of the official, puts many question marks and large, how will control the situation of the country.”


PM Barzani on New Year’s Occasion: Kurdistan is Home for All Religious, Ethnic Groups


PM Barzani on New Year's Occasion: Kurdistan is Home for All Religious, Ethnic Groups

ERBIL – Kurdistan Region is home for all diverse ethnic and religious groups, Kurdistan Region PM Nechirvan Barzani said, pointing out that even though the majority of the people in the region are Sunni Muslims, all other religions enjoy full freedom in the area.

PM Barzani made the comments in a congratulatory message on Monday to the people of Kurdistan on the New Year’s Eve, in which he also sent his wishes to all the components, including Muslims, Christians, Yezidis, Kakayis, Shabaks, Zardashtis, as well as all the nations who peacefully live together in the Kurdistan Region.

“On the New Year’s occasion, I extend my warmest greetings to all. I hope the upcoming new year will bring happiness and peace to the people of Kurdistan. I wish they will overcome all obstacles on their ways and will be able to achieve their goals,” Barzani said in a statement.

URGENT Abdul-Mahdi: Corruption shakes the image of the state and we will consider him an enemy like a preacher


Date of release: 2018/12/31 19:37 
The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, said that the aim of restructuring the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption is to enable it to take deterrent measures and unify the efforts of the supervisory bodies in the context of a new work capable of confronting any party or person whatever its position and act as a state In exposing corruption and protecting society, citizens and public money alike. “
“Abdul Mahdi chaired the first session of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, which was held today, in the presence of the heads of the prosecution, the judicial supervision, the Financial Control Bureau, the Integrity Commission, the Inspector General of the Ministry of the Interior and a number of advisers,” the statement said. 
He added that “this measure comes in implementation of what we pledged in our government platform, which was approved by the House of Representatives and became the duty of implementation, and in the face of it must enjoy the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption sufficient administrative and legal powers to control the file of corruption and knowledge of its citizens and shortcomings in follow-up, In order to achieve clear outputs and prevent the severe damage that has become a shake of the image of the state and society and the reputation of citizens in general, and must put an end to this decline and consider corruption as an enemy such as a terrorist gang.
The Supreme Council for Anti-Corruption discussed mechanisms of action and agreed on the timing of the start of proceedings in accordance with the new contexts.

Barzani sends a message to the international community to put an end to the problems and renew the request for Baghdad

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48 minutes ago

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani on Monday to form a new government of the Kurdistan Region “strong and effective”, while renewing his request to resolve the differences and outstanding issues between Arbil and Baghdad through dialogue and understanding, called on the international community to put an end to the problems of terrorism and extremism in the region.

Barzani said in a congratulatory message on the occasion of the New Year: “Our people are now living in a new phase, and in order to achieve their lofty goals and noble values for which they have struggled for decades and made great sacrifices, they need to protect the gains made and increase their strength and growth. The past, through the exercise of democracy, renewed its desire for change and a strong Kurdistan, so it is necessary to achieve that desire within the framework of a strong and effective government that has the confidence of the people. ”

“Throughout the struggle, the people of Kurdistan have sided with peaceful means and dialogue, and now we renew our desire to pursue dialogue and understanding in order to solve all problems with Baghdad,” he said.

Barzani said that “I take this opportunity to express my concern about the fate of the Kurdish people in Syria, hoping that the current developments and changes there will not cause further displacement and suffering of the Kurdish people in Syria, and we declare with certainty that the existence of violence and denial.

He called on all parties to understand that our region can not bear all these problems, violence, terrorism, extremism, instability and domination, and that it is the duty of the international community to put an end to this anarchy, that the innocent peoples in the region should not again be harmed, traumatized and destroyed.


Dollar rise in Baghdad

Release date: 2018/12/31 10:35

Baghdad: foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Monday morning, a rise in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad 1200 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.

The prices of selling and buying dollars in banking companies were:

the selling price of one dollar 1205 dinars, or 120 thousand and 500 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar is 1195 dinars, or 119 thousand and 500 dinars per hundred dollars.

Prices of foreign, gold, oil , currency, {even the preparation of this news}:

Euro Global Price: 100 EUR = 114.25 USD

GBP Global Price: 100 pounds = 126.85 dollars

Turkish Lira world price: $ 100 = 527.10 Turkish Lira

price of an ounce global gold = 1279.77 dollar

price Brent crude oil = $ 54.19, the

price of a barrel of US crude oil = $ 45.92