It is confirmed Al-Nuri Grand Mosque will be rebuild.



In the document .. Abdul Mahdi proposes four solutions to resolve his cap


Editorial date: 2018/12/17 23:48 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to the presidency of the House of Representatives, four solutions to the need to complete the cabinet cabins.
“According to the document, got the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of them,” Abdul-Mahdi addressed a letter to the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbousi, a proposal to submit the names of candidates for the remaining ministries to vote to be accepted or rejected and in the case of the latter will progress within {24-48 hours] Alternative “. 
Abdul Mahdi also proposed to vote on (5-6) agreed ministries and postpone the rest, and resolve the order of the postponed ministries either by consensus or by giving the right of nomination and the right to refuse. 
The third proposal is that the two major blocs agree to submit new names in whole or in part and submit them to the prime minister for agreement. The fourth proposal holds the agreement of the two main parties to leave the subject of names to the prime minister and the House of Representatives to accept or reject them in part or in full.
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Education announces a new mechanism for the payment of salaries of employees starting in 2019


Release date: 2018/12/17 22:45 
The Ministry of Education – the Directorate General of Finance, announced the launch of the salaries of employees next month through the bank {Master Card} in implementation of the Council of Ministers for the year 2017, said Batul Mahdi Obaid, Director General of Finance Agency.
The director of public relations and media in the ministry, Firas Mohammed Hassan said in a statement, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “The master card allows the holder access to the bank account 24 hours and anywhere in the world to withdraw money from the card holder without the need To do any of the banking operations are recognized where the draw is directly on the ATMs available locally and globally and bearing the slogan of MasterCard and the holder of the MasterCard card can also buy through the Internet.
“The settlement of salaries of employees helps to save automatically and access to various services of bank loans in addition to the services provided by the banks where the settlement of salaries (advances, housing loans) and cooperation with tourism companies and the installment and reduction of tourism trips, Installments by adding the Internet service for distribution to the employee’s bank account. “

Iraq’s policy urges a quarter of a million refugees in Germany to return voluntarily


IRAQ URGES A quarter million refugees in Germany to return voluntarily
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 one hour ago

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim on Monday urged companies and the business sector in Germany to actively participate in the reconstruction of liberated areas of a pro-Western organization.

The Iraqi minister stressed during his meeting with his German counterpart Haikou Mas, who is currently visiting Iraq, that “Iraq’s interest in relations with Germany and the need to develop them and the important and vital role played by Germany in its support of Iraq in the face of terrorism during the last period through the international coalition as well as the outstanding support of Germany in international forums In the field of nominations, and we hope that Germany is one of the countries actively involved in the reconstruction of liberated areas of gangs. “

A year after the “Islamic State”, known as the “Islamic State”, was defeated, the Iraqi government called on its refugee citizens in Germany to return voluntarily to the country.

In this context, the Iraqi Foreign Minister said during his meeting with his German counterpart that he hoped that “citizens return voluntarily to Iraq.”

The Iraqi minister pointed out that the security situation has become “very good and stable”, according to the minister, and that his country has become secure and therefore “we call on our citizens to return voluntarily to the country.”

In his turn, the German Foreign Minister expressed his hope for further development and prosperity in all economic, security and military fields, especially in the field of energy and projects belonging to the German Agency for International Cooperation and the full support of Iraq and its government by his friends in Germany to ensure the unity, security and sovereignty of Iraq.

The German minister reiterated his country’s position on Iraq’s support to prevent the return of the former to its former strength through fruitful action to defeat it militarily and politically.

We must work to prevent the strengthening of his return in secret by all means and under all circumstances to prevent the threat of terrorism in Iraq and in the region and also in Europe, “Minister Haiku Mas said.

With hundreds of thousands of Iraqis fleeing the country, more than 100,000 of them have fled to Germany. The German government is currently documenting the presence of about 245,000 Iraqi refugees in Germany, according to federal government sources in Berlin.

URGENT Parliament votes tomorrow to complete ministerial cab


Date of release: 2018/12/17 22:26 
{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The House of Representatives holds its usual session of the (19) tomorrow, Tuesday, by voting on the completion of the ministerial lineup.
A statement to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it, “The agenda of tomorrow’s session will include consideration of appeals filed on the validity of the membership of some deputies.” 
He added, “also includes tomorrow’s schedule to complete the vote on the ministerial lineup,” noting that “the meeting will be held at 12 noon.”

Halabousi ends visit to Saudi Arabia and returns to Baghdad


Release date: 2018/12/17 23:05 
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi, arrived Monday evening, to the capital Baghdad.
“Al Halbusi arrived in Baghdad after concluding his official visit to Saudi Arabia,” a statement from his office said.

Dutch Foreign Minister confirms to Abdul Mahdi the intention of his government to increase cooperation with Iraq

09:16 – 17/12/2018

Baghdad, Mawazin News

The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, that Iraq is on the threshold of a new era of stability and development and expand its relations with all countries of the world, which stood with him in defeating and urging the continuation of this cooperation in the stage of construction and reconstruction.

“Abdul Mahdi, according to a statement of his office received / A copy of which was received during a meeting with Dutch Foreign Minister Steve Block and his accompanying delegation on the desire of the Iraqi government to develop relations between the two countries in all fields, first and foremost to benefit from the experiences of Dutch companies in reconstruction efforts after Iraq passed the most serious challenges and defeated terrorism in unity and solidarity of its people “He said.

For his part, Dutch Foreign Minister Tahani, the Dutch Prime Minister and expressed his government’s intention to increase cooperation with Iraq in all areas, especially the economic side and willingness to contribute actively in its reconstruction.

The Dutch minister praised “Iraq’s success in overcoming the most difficult challenges,” stressing “his country’s support for Iraq and stand with his government to consolidate stability and support its plans to achieve the aspirations of its people in economic and urban prosperity.”