Saleh and Abdul-Mahdi are looking to meet the legitimate demands of the people


Date of release: 2018/12/20 21:49 
President Barham Saleh discussed with Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi meet the legitimate demands of the people in all governorates.
The Presidency of the Republic said in a statement received by the agency of all Iraq [where] a copy of it today that “President Barham Saleh, discussed in Baghdad on Thursday evening, with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the most important events and political developments in the region. The region away from escalation and tension, and the need to rely on calm and serious dialogue to spare the region more conflicts. ” 
The president stressed the importance of supporting the government and its efforts to implement the governmental platform adopted by the political and national forces, pointing out “the importance of unity of national ranks and strengthening the cohesion among the national forces in order to achieve what citizens aspire to improve services and provide job opportunities.”
He called on “to meet the legitimate demands of our people in many of our provinces and cities dear For his part, the Prime Minister reviewed the security developments in the country and future plans to improve services to citizens.”


Parliament ends the first reading of the budget of 2019 deficit of 27 trillion dinars (expanded)


Date of release: 2018/12/20 20:42 
The House of Representatives in its twentieth session held under the chairmanship of Mohammed Halbusi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives on Thursday, in the presence of 246 deputies, the first reading of the draft budget law for the year 2019 and voted on the functions and competencies of its parliamentary committees, while hosted Minister of Electricity Loay Khatib.
At the beginning of the session, President Halabousi Park thanked Qusay al-Suhail for granting confidence to the post of Minister of Higher Education, wishing him and the new ministers success in their work. He called on Suhail to express his opinion on re-loading the loading system. 
In his response, Al-Suhail confirmed his support for all that serves the student and conforms to the law, pointing out his need to return to the rai to take a decision on the restoration of the loading system. 
He urged the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Suhail to re-work load system for students of the first stage in Iraqi universities. 
Later, Qusay al-Suhail, minister of higher education, Abdul-Amir al-Hamdani, minister of culture, tourism and archeology, and Nuri al-Dulaimi, minister of planning, were sworn in.
For his part, the Minister of Higher Education expressed his readiness to work on all that serves the interests of students and conforms with the legal frameworks, stressing its keenness to cooperate with the legislative institution, pledging to issue a resolution to serve the students, pointing out that the decision of loading is important if it was taken early. 
The President of the House of Representatives to host the Minister of Higher Education in the House of Representatives soon to discuss the status of higher education. 
In another matter, the Council voted on the validity of the membership of each of the deputies Jassim Hussein Mohammed Jabara and Manar Abdul-Muttalib Hashim and Samia Mohammed al-Ghalab after the submission of appeals on their membership. 
He called the President of the Council affected and opposition to resort to the Federal Court to appeal the decision of the House of Representatives. 
President Halabousi on behalf of the Council expressed condolences and condolences to MP Ammar Shibli for the death of his uncle.
The Council ended the vote on the amendment of the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, especially with regard to standing committees and their functions and competencies. 
On the other hand, the Council hosted the Minister of Electricity Luay Khatib to discuss the program of the Ministry for 2019. 
At the outset of the hospitality, President Halabousi welcomed the presence of the Minister of Electricity and the advanced owners in the ministry to the meeting of the Council, explaining that one of the priorities of the program of the government includes addressing the situation in the electrical sector. 
In turn, Luay Khatib, Minister of Electricity, thanked the House of Representatives for hosting and the participation of MPs in the Ministry’s plans to solve the electricity file, including great burdens and challenges, noting the preparation of a plan during the last 50 days, including the agreements concluded with the banks and finance, noting that the ministry is in the process of concluding agreements with the concerned authorities In the electricity sector in less than a month.
He pointed out that population growth is one of the most important reasons that lead to high demand for electricity as well as the country’s needs to improve the economic reality in addition to the high temperatures despite the addition of the ministry amounts of up to 2500 megawatts per year on production capacity, noting that the ministry needs a large investment and promising plan And the provision of fuel and diversification of sources such as reliance on gas and solar energy, noting that the few financial allocations represent a major challenge to the work of the ministry. 
The Minister of Electricity announced the completion of the ministry during the first quarter of next year to develop the strategy and plan of the ministry for the year 2019-2020 as well as the development of energy plan to extend until 2030, explaining that the ministry is reviewing the contracts concluded with collection companies and completion by the end of this year. 
The President asked Halabousi about the completion of the strategic plan of the Ministry for the year 2019 for submission to the House of Representatives
In response, the Minister of Electricity confirmed his intention to complete the plan of the ministry mid-next month. 
The deputies’ interventions dealt with the ministry’s preparations to restart the production plants that have been stalled for years in a number of governorates and secondary stations that have been imported for years and the stages of contracting with Siemens and other companies, the issue of covering the liberated governorates with grants and fixing the processing hours for Baghdad and other governorates. 
The interventions focused on inquiring about the ministry’s plans in case of emergency, the volume of production at Iraqi stations, the reasons for not investing the Iraqi labor and the preference of foreign workers, in addition to fixing the contracts on the permanent owners and finding out the reasons for the weak distribution stations in Najaf governorate. In the ministry and know the number of contracts lagging due to lack of liquidity.
The interventions focused on the session chaired by Dr. Bashir Haddad, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, on cooperation with Iraqi universities and benefiting from the experiences in developing the electricity sector in Iraq and the adequacy of the financial allocations allocated to the electricity sector in 2019 and the file of the collection and dealing with the Ministry of debts accumulated by the ministries and institutions Announced the ministry’s plan to develop the transport and distribution sector.
In his response to the interventions, the Minister of Electricity, Luay Khatib, said that the delayed preparation of the plan was linked to the delay of the formation of the government has been reviewed all offers to the Ministry of Electricity from international companies for the purpose of resolving within the next month, noting that the Iranian gas and the import of electricity provides up to 4,000 MW and difficult to dispense with This huge amount of processing of the ministry, pointing out that the urgent contracts concluded with the German company Siemens and US General Electric 2019 will prepare the final data for the cost and inform the House of Representatives.
Al-Khatib said that the Ministry of Electricity is reviewing the investment plans on solar energy and is working on completing an integrated plan to attract international companies in this regard. He pointed out that the major problems related to transport and distribution. The ministry will also complete the report on the work of the collection companies and protect the contracts within two weeks. 2019 amounted to two trillion dinars, while the collection in 2018 amounted to now about 350 billion dinars, indicating the pursuit of an agreement with other Chinese and global companies to develop infrastructure and the transformation of air networks to the ground. 
In this regard, Qassem al-Ani of the Department of Planning in the Ministry of Electricity that the Chinese loan will contribute to the development of power plants in the province of Salah al-Din, noting the existence of an emergency plan will be implemented in the summer next allocated 200 billion dinars.
For his part, Abdul Basset Al-Marsoumi of the Ministry of Electricity pointed to the specificity of the province of Najaf to provide the needs of the province and give priority, especially in the season of religious visits, expressing his hope to cancel the electricity debts caused by the population in the provinces liberated from the organization calling the terrorist, although the Ministry of Electricity froze the collection. 
In turn, the Speaker of the House of Representatives directed the parliamentary energy committee to hold a meeting with the Ministry of Electricity to discuss the work plan of the ministry in addition to holding another meeting between the Ministry of Electricity and the Finance Committee regarding the requirements of the allocations. 
At the conclusion of the hosting, Al Halbusi thanked the Minister of Electricity and his accompanying delegation for attending the meeting. 
The Council began reading the first draft of the federal budget bill for the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2019 for approval.
The revenues of the budget is estimated at (105569686870) {one hundred and five trillion five hundred and sixty-nine billion six hundred and eighty-six million and seven hundred and seventy thousand dinars} according to the calculation of the estimated revenues from the export of crude oil on the basis of the rate of 56 dollars per barrel and an export rate of 3 million and 880 thousand barrels per day, 250 thousand barrels per day for the quantities of crude oil produced in the Kurdistan region. 
As estimated expenditures by the amount of {133107616412} thousand dinars {one hundred and three trillion and one hundred and seven billion six hundred and sixteen million and four hundred and twelve thousand dinars}, while the total deficit planned {27537929542} thousand dinars {twenty-seven trillion five hundred and thirty-seven billion nine hundred and twenty-nine One hundred and five hundred and forty-two thousand dinars.
The head of the Halabousi Finance Committee taking into account the request of 120 deputies to calculate the rental allowance of occupants of state real estate inside and outside the Green Zone to support the budget. 
It was then decided to adjourn the meeting until next Saturday

the Iraqi parliament begins reading the budget of the country, which exceeds 100 billion dollars

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Twilight News / The House of Representatives began the first reading of the draft federal budget for the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2019.

The bill faces differences in regard to the share of the Kurdistan Region and financial demands for the province of Basra in the south of the country or areas liberated from the grip of Daash.

The new Iraqi government, headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, agreed on Sunday to send the draft of the 2019 budget to parliament to vote on it, estimated at 128.4 trillion Iraqi dinars (107 billion dollars), with a financial deficit of up to 20 billion dollars, Oil at $ 56, with oil revenues accounting for about 99 percent of Iraq’s income.

The price of Brent crude is about $ 80, while international investment banks expected to reach about $ 100 next year, pointing out that the price forecasts come in the possibility that US sanctions on Iran to reduce the global supply.

The share of the Kurdistan region and allocations Basra is the subject of serious dispute in the budget this year, before reaching the government of Haider Abadi previous to reach consensus with the main blocks in parliament to pass.

The budget of 2018 amounted to about 104 trillion dinars (88.1 billion dollars), deficit of 12.4 trillion dinars (10 billion dollars). The projected export revenues were calculated on the basis of the average price of $ 46 per barrel and an export rate of 3.8 million barrels per day.


Disruption of official working hours in Kurdistan next Tuesday

Date of release: 2018/12/20 19:00

(Arbil: Euphrates News) The Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Thursday, the disruption of official presence in the region next Tuesday on the occasion of the birth of Christ.

The official spokesman for the regional government, Sven Dzei, in a statement received by the {Euphrates News} copy of it today that it was decided to disrupt the official time on the occasion of the birthday of Jesus Christ, p congratulating all Christians in the region and Iraq and the world, hoping that the occasion is a source of mutilation cohesion And national unity.

“He added that” on Tuesday 25 December 2018, an official holiday in all government departments and institutions on the occasion of the birth of Christ. ”

URGENT Cabinet suspends three days on New Year’s Day

Date of release: 2018/12/20 19:14

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Cabinet decided to disable the official time for three days on the occasion of the New Year 2019.

According to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the holiday will be “on Sunday and Monday, 30 and 31 December, as well as on Tuesday, 1/1/2019 to celebrate the New Year holidays.”

He added that the holiday is also “for the legal inventory days of all state departments and ministries at the end of the current year 2018”

Hines to Abadi: UN will continue to support Iraq

05:47 – 20/12/2018

Reuters) – The UN’s representative in Iraq, Genin Hennes, confirmed Thursday that the world body would continue to support Iraq. 
“The latter received the representative of the new UN Secretary-General in Iraq, Jenin Hennes, and the accompanying delegation. At the beginning of the meeting, al-Abbadi blessed Hennes as head of the UN mission in Iraq,” the statement said. For his aspiration to continue the United Nations programs and support Iraq in the reconstruction and other programs. ” 
The meeting also discussed the future plans of the United Nations and its important role in Iraq, as well as a review of what has been achieved during the last period, and discussed the political situation and the importance of political and security stability in Iraq because of its impact on the provision of services to citizens as well as the completion of the return of the displaced and the reconstruction of cities “He said.
“Iraq has achieved great victory over terrorism and the country enjoys security stability, renounce sectarianism, unite the country and establish privileged relations with the world. We look forward to the completion of these achievements by the current government,” Abadi said. 
While Hines praised the leadership of Abbadi to Iraq during the last period, and stressed that “the United Nations will remain supportive of Iraq and its people.”

Trump defends his sudden decision, which also includes stopping raids on Syria

Trump defends his surprise decision, which also includes stopping raids on Syria
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US President Donald Trump on Thursday defended his surprise decision to declare victory over the Islamic state and withdraw US troops entirely from Syria amid criticism from some Republicans and the concerns of allies and some US military commanders. 
Trump said in a series of Twitter tweets early on that he was meeting a pledge made during his campaign in 2016 to leave Syria. He wrote that the United States was doing the work of other countries, including Russia and Iran, for no fee, and “it is finally time for others to fight.” 
Trump announced on Wednesday that he would begin withdrawing US troops of some 2,000 troops from war-torn Syria, but the White House did not set a timetable. 
Some Republicans vehemently criticized the move, saying they had not been informed in advance and the move would give Russia and Iran the biggest support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
US commanders, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters commanders on the ground were also concerned about the consequences of a quick withdrawal. 
Other officials also told Reuters that Trump’s decision to withdraw his forces from Syria would also end air strikes against a preacher there. 
“Going out of Syria was no surprise,” Trump wrote on Twitter. I have been asking him for years, and six months ago, when I publicly expressed my strong desire to do so, I agreed to stay longer. Russia, Iran, Syria and others are the local enemy of the Islamic state. We do their job. It’s time to go home and rebuild. ” 
“Do you want the United States to become a policeman in the Middle East, and to get nothing but precious lives and trillions of dollars to protect others who almost never do what we do? Do we want to stay there forever? It is finally time for others to fight. “

Fatah confirms agreement with reform to replace the candidates of the remaining five ministries



Information / special .. 
The alliance confirmed the opening, on Thursday, an agreement with the reform on the replacement of the candidates of the remaining five ministries. 
“The Alliance of Construction has reached understandings with the Alliance of Reform on the remaining five ministries,” MP Abdul Amir Najem told Al-Maaloumah. 
He added that “the talks yesterday, reached a final agreement to replace the candidates of the remaining five ministries, including the interior and defense.” 
Najm said that “has not been agreed on alternative names so far,” noting that “the next hours will be resolved the names of candidates and replace them with Saturday’s session next.”

Source reveals the establishment of US forces a fifth military base in Kurdistan



Information / Baghdad ..

A security source in the province of Arbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq, on Thursday, the establishment of US forces a new base is the fifth of its kind in the region, pointing out that the establishment of the base comes within the framework of increasing the number of US troops in the northern regions.

The source said in a statement to “Al-Maaloumah” that “American forces have established a military base in the area of ​​silk in Shaklawa district northeast of the province of Arbil, within the plan to increase the number of US troops stationed in the northern regions of the country.”

The source added that “this base is the fifth of its kind for US forces in the northern regions with the consent of the Kurdistan Regional Government on the establishment of these bases, which are under the administration of US forces,” noting that “the base of a large number of US troops equipped with various weapons, aerial”.

Local officials in Anbar province, west of Iraq, revealed in previous statements to Al-Maaloumah that American forces had established two new bases in Qaim district adjacent to the Iraqi-Syrian border.Ending 12 /

Washington’s policy extends for 90 days Iraq’s exemption from sanctions on Iran


Washington extends for 90 days Iraq's exemption from sanctions on Iran
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 49 minutes ago

The United States has extended for 90 days the deadline for Iraq to import electricity from Iran, allowing Baghdad to bypass sanctions imposed by Washington over Tehran over its nuclear program, a government source involved in the talks said on Thursday.

On Nov. 5, Iraq was exempted from 45 days of US sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program and was supposed to devise a road map that would eliminate Baghdad’s full reliance on Iranian electricity and gas.

A few days before the deadline, a delegation of Iraqi officials went to Washington to negotiate an extension of the grace period, two sources told AFP.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, stressed during his press conference last week, Baghdad’s intention to send a negotiating delegation to Washington.

The government source involved in the talks in Washington to AFP that Iraq is within the extension of the deadline for a period of 90 days, so that Iraq can continue to buy Iranian electricity and gas.

Asked whether the United States had pressed the Iraqi delegation to engage in a partnership with US companies to fill the gap, the source said the issue was part of “complex discussions.”

A power shortage that often leaves homes without electricity for up to 20 hours a day is a key factor behind weeks of major protests in Iraq during the summer.

To overcome this shortfall, Iraq imports up to 28 million cubic meters of natural gas from Tehran to its factories and directly buys 1,300 megawatts of Iranian electricity.

This dependence is uncomfortable for the United States, which sought to curtail Tehran’s influence and re-impose sanctions on Iran’s financial institutions, shipping lines, the energy sector and oil products.

Last week, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry discussed sanctions with Iraqi oil and electricity ministers in Baghdad, saying Baghdad had to open doors to US companies to achieve energy independence.

“Working together, the United States and Iraq can develop oil, gas and water industries,” Perry said.

The Ministry of Electricity of Iraq to the possibility of stopping the import of Iranian electricity within two years, but the issue of gas import is the most difficult. It needs Tehran gas until it has the capacity to extract its gas or invest gas burned during the extraction of oil.

According to the World Bank, the waste of burned gas in Iraq is about 2.5 billion dollars a year, enough to bridge the gap in the generation of gas from Iraq.

Another source familiar with the negotiations document, AFP, that the United States seeks to convince Iraq in partnership with “General Electric” and Baker Hughes “and” Orion “to invest gas burned.

“The United States is telling Iraqi officials that it is a lucrative operation for the three parties,” he said, adding that they “stop relying on Iran, invest their gas and benefit American companies in this process.”