Trump’s plan to withdraw from Syria


Date of release:: 2018/12/31 0:37 Trump's plan to withdraw from Syria
The Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, said the president, Donald Trump, had reassured him about his plan to withdraw US troops from Syria and his commitment to defeat a militant organization at a meeting at the White House on Sunday.
“We talked about Syria,” Graham told reporters outside the White House after the meeting, “some things I did not know which made me feel more comfortable with what we’re doing in Syria.” 
Graham is a powerful figure on national security policy and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, although he is an ally of Trump but opposes some of his decisions on foreign policy. 
“We still have some differences, but I will tell you that the president is seriously considering Syria on how to withdraw our forces, but at the same time we are in the interests of our national security,” the South Carolina senator said. 
For its part, the Pentagon said it was considering plans “for a planned and thoughtful withdrawal,” a source familiar with the matter said one option was a 120-day withdrawal period.
Earlier, Trump ordered the withdrawal of 2,000 US troops from Syria and asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for the withdrawal of about 7,000 troops based in Afghanistan. 
US troops have already withdrawn from Syria and entered northern Iraq. 
The Trump decision on Syria and Afghanistan is a turning point in US foreign policy and could open the door to a series of unforeseen events in the Middle East and Afghanistan. 
The military withdrawal comes from Syria, coinciding with the Russian Foreign Ministry’s description of the US presence in Syria as “illegal”, saying it has become a serious obstacle to the settlement of the Syrian crisis.

Abdul-Mahdi comment on Trump’s visit and the fact that the US bases [expanded]


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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Reiss commented on the Council of Ministers Adel Abdul-Mahdi on the US President’s visit to the base of Al-Assad in Anbar on the 26th of this month.
“The visit of US President Donald Trump has raised some questions and words, and there is talk that President Trump came to visit a US base in Iraq and this is a mistake, we do not have a US base in Iraq,” Abdul Mahdi said at a weekly press conference on Tuesday. “We were told by Trump to visit Trump and to make our visit official and specific.” 
“The American side is to inform the government of Trump’s visit, but Baghdad has stipulated that the visit should be official and specific to an agenda,” he said, adding that “there are Iraqi bases that include the Americans, and there are no purely American bases in Iraq.” The US ambassador who praised the balanced Iraqi position on Trump’s visit. “
He added that “the summary of the matter that the US side that morning told us that President Trump wants to visit Iraq and welcomed this and we said the first two conditions to come to Iraqi soil and receive an Iraqi reception as is the case with any foreign official and secondly to set the agenda on specific topics Because the time of the visit is short and the meeting for a short period and does not allow the treatment of many things agreed by the American side. ” 
Abdul Mahdi said that “in the afternoon of the same day was contacted and we knew that the US president will not leave the area of ​​presence of US military, and we said that this is not possible Prime Minister and his delegation will not move to a camp, but the opposite is true that the president to come to receive him as the head of a friendly” .
“The American side confirmed that the measures were organized in Washington and it is difficult to change them and there will be no bilateral meeting and they suggested replacing it with a telephone call, and this is all that has happened, a fundamental issue that reflects the Iraqi will and a position that respects friendly relations.” 
On the level of the visit of Jordanian Prime Minister Omar al-Razaz to Baghdad, Abdul-Mahdi said that “the Iraqi government has a package of important and useful agreements with Jordan and will be activated soon.” 
“There are those who say that Iraq has a [Sufa] agreement and Iraq does not have this agreement, neither with the United States nor with any other country, so that an official or commander-in-chief of armed forces can come to visit his base,” Abdul-Mahdi said.
He also expressed his hope that next year will be full of achievements and prosperity for the Iraqi people in all its aspects, stressing “the need for a complete change of economic structure in order to reduce dependence on financial budgets in development,” noting that “there is a large and growing global momentum towards Iraq “.is over

the Iraqi Council of Ministers takes a number of decisions related to the budget and registration of cars

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Shafak News / The Cabinet issued a number of resolutions in its ordinary session held today under the chairmanship of Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

The Council approved the financing agreement for the Samawah and Dhi Qar plants for the Ministry of Electricity and to reduce the customs fee of the plastic granules to zero, while complying with environmental protection conditions.

The Council of Ministers discussed again the draft law (Supreme Council for TVET) as an authority to assess the needs of the labor market and coordination between the relevant ministries, and was directed by the Board of Counsel to study and reformulate it and take the comments received from the ministries concerned.

The Council discussed the recommendation of the minutes of the meeting on the detection of the iron and steel plant with the aim of merging the three supervisory bodies into one body and giving two weeks to the ministries concerned to unify the visions in order to achieve this goal.

The Cabinet reviewed the issue of registration of vehicles in order to help ease the traffic momentum and regulate the traffic. The recommendations of the committee to reconsider the decision of the Council of Ministers and its financial requirements were re-presented.

The Council of Ministers voted on an amendment to the general budget tables for the year 2019. It also re-presented the issue of suspending the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the former Prime Minister for the period from 7/1 to 24/7/2018, provided that the ministries complete their work in seven working days.

Parliamentary Finance: Iraq’s debt exceeded 126 billion dollars and the central bank to support the budget

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The member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Mohammed al-Darraji, that the debt of Iraq exceeded 126 billion dollars, calling on the Central Bank to support the budget with treasury bonds and raise the price of the dollar.

“The budget law is very far from the approach of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi,” Darraji told Al-Akhbar And the budget adjustments are very small and development projects are absent ‘.

He added that ‘the final accounts of previous governments have not reached the parliament until the moment and the new government to claim them.’

He said Darraji that ‘the debt of Iraq exceeded 126 billion dollars and this is very dangerous,’ noting that ‘the central bank to support the budget through treasury bonds and raise the price of the dollar’.,15700022,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700214&usg=ALkJrhjiakbzIFg2MyR744CjgeiM6sK4Kg

Parliamentary Finance holds a meeting tomorrow on the budget amendment



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The Finance Committee of the parliamentary, on Sunday, its intention to hold a meeting on Monday to distribute the roles of the committees on the amendment of the financial budget, noting that the expected amendments will be very slight because of the fiscal deficit.

“The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives will hold a meeting on Monday to distribute tasks among its members in the amendment of the draft financial budget law,” committee member Ahmed Hama said in a statement.

Hama added that “one of the sub-committees will ensure direct communication with the competent ministers on the budget and basic projects.”

Hama said that “the amendments to the budget will be very slight because of the size of the deficit as well as the allocation of most of the money to the security ministries,” likely to “finalize the budget amendment during the next two weeks.” Ending / 25 d

المالية النيابية تعقد اجتماعا غدا بشأن تعديل الموازنة

 Secretariat of the Council of Ministers: the inclusion of two occasions within the law of public holidays

Secretariat of the Council of Ministers: the inclusion of two occasions within the law of public holidays

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The Cabinet approved a recommendation to the House of Representatives to amend the draft law on public holidays.

“The amendment provides for the addition of 12/25 of each year a public holiday on the occasion of the birthday of Jesus Christ,” the Cabinet Secretariat said in a statement.

The statement added that “the law was sent to the House of Representatives by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and includes another amendment to consider the day of liberation of the land of Iraq from the gangs Da’ash terrorist corresponding to the tenth of December the National Day of the Republic of Iraq, and an official holiday of each year.